Amar Bank Launches Senyumku a “Digital-Only Bank” using Google Cloud

Amar Bank Launches Senyumku a “Digital-Only Bank” using Google Cloud

by July 3, 2020

Amar Bank announced its collaboration with Google Cloud in introducing Senyumku, which they described as a digital-only bank launched in the Cloud. The collaboration is supported by FIS Cloud and Infofabrica, to enable the bank to utilize data analytics intelligence and machine learning so as to provide a more efficient personalized customer experience.

Since the regional launch of Google Cloud in Jakarta, Amar Bank has used Google Cloud technology for various business uses such as launching various products and features, big data architecture, AI and analytics, and others.  Amar Bank said is on a path of continuous digital transformation to meet the needs of its customers and deliver maximum financial services.

With Google Cloud investing in local infrastructure, Amar Bank is able to procure its services. In accordance to local regulations, banks are not allowed to use cloud solutions or data centers domiciled outside Indonesia.

Vishal Tulsian

Vishal Tulsian

Speaking on his cooperation with Google, Vishal Tulsian, President Director of Amar Bank revealed,

“We appreciate Google’s move in launching the regional Google Cloud in Indonesia. Google Cloud provides the best Cloud solutions for our business, starting from the Kubernetes cluster solution with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) which allows us to manage and scale up services easily and cost effectively. Coupled with Google Data Analytics and AI solutions that are key to providing a better customer experience.


Vishal added,

“With Google’s credibility and good security standardization, Senyumku has become the first digital-only Indonesian bank to be launched on the Cloud by promoting speed and security. What distinguishes Senyumku from other digital banks is the support of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which uses intelligence in managing information so that it can encourage customers to increase their savings. This allows Senyumku to be responsive to the dynamic behavior of customers. We hope that the presence of Senyumku can be a solution for the community to help them develop savings habits and manage their finances wisely, “

Featured image credit: Amar Bank

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