Singapore Graduate Employment Survey 2016; Computing is Top

Singapore Graduate Employment Survey 2016; Computing is Top

by August 1, 2016

We see some drastic changes in the starting salaries of degree holders compared to previous year. Computing graduates from NTU and NUS are now among the top 10 highest paid graduates.

It also seems that biz and computing double degree students are highly sought after. We believe this is due in part to the expansion of fintech industry in Singapore which sees an increase in the demand of students with grasp of both business acumen and technology understanding. With increasing number of entrants and developments going on in this sector, we do not expect this trend to reverse anytime soon.

On the supply side in the job market, startups looking to hire the top graduates from local unis must be prepared to dangle a big enough carrot for them. The salary figures in this infographic represents the 75th percentile of students, in other words, the student who command a higher than average salary.

It provides a good benchmark if you are planning to attract the elites. As the startup scene booms in Singapore, one must be prepared to go head on against giants such as Google with deep pockets in talent acquisition. It helps to have VC funding but one must also bear in mind that these top graduates are not just motivated by money.

Take the case of Jack Ma, founder of Alipay who gave all his initial employees equities as a form of motivation. One thing is sure, startups will become an increasingly attractive option for local graduates.

Graduate Employment Survey 2016