First FinTech Accelerator in the Philippines

First FinTech Accelerator in the Philippines

by August 2, 2016

A SPACE Philippines invites any individual or startup currently building or looking to create innovative products in the financial services vertical to take _PASSPORT to FinTech. This trip is the first trip to be launched under A SPACE’s _PASSPORT program.

The PASSPORT Program will take a passionate, entrepreneurial mind on a journey towards innovation success. Aspiring entrepreneurs, teams, and businesses are invited to undertake “trips”. Each trip takes up to three months, and each trip gets progressively more sophisticated. At the end of each trip is a Destination. Each Destination becomes increasingly more valuable to the aspiring entrepreneur. With enough Trippers (participants), the ecosystem benefits from more startups, more talent, and more success.

a space -passport to fintech

Financial Technology (FinTech) companies are generally startups aiming to disrupt traditional financial systems and corporations that rely less on software. FinTech has been growing steadily the past years, with Filipino FinTech startups, such as PawnHero, Qwikwire, and Satoshi Citadel Industries, gaining international attention.

John Bailon, the co-founder and CEO of Satoshi Citadel Industries, shares, “These are exciting times for the Philippines as we leapfrog over outdated systems and embrace new and better financial technologies such as digital currencies and electronic wallets in solving the age old problem of financial inclusion. The stars are aligned for financial technology disruption in the country, with geographical limitations, economic growth trajectory and social characteristics all lining up to fuel it.

With FinTech becoming an emerging trend, aspiring entrepreneurs and startups hoping to get in the game are invited to take _PASSPORT to FinTech. The trip consists of a series of interrelated events or “stopovers” designed to educate, connect, and elevate those who are interested in the disruptive technology opportunities for financial services.

These stopovers include a foundational bootcamp, workshops, a debate, and other events and activities all designed to teach how to launch or grow a FinTech business, or understand the impact of FinTech on the business you have. The stopovers will be held at A SPACE Greenbelt and A SPACE Palet. All speakers are selected based on the strength of their work and expertise in FinTech. Speakers include John Bailon of Satoshi Citadel Industries, Ray Refundo of Qwikwire, and Miguel Warren of Payoneer and Christian König .

A SPACE is currently looking for partners, trippers, and scholarship providers. For more information, go to A SPACE Manila