GBG Sets up Intelligence Center to Help Financial Institutions to Combat Fraud

GBG Sets up Intelligence Center to Help Financial Institutions to Combat Fraud

by January 21, 2021

Identity data intelligence specialist GBG has announced the launch of its GBG Intelligence Center.

The center is intended organisations better validate, verify and assess profiles, behaviours and intent of individuals and entities across branch, web, mobile and app, and transform raw data points to data intelligence, to enhance fraud detection and accuracy.

It provides access to solutions to handle emerging fraud typologies like social engineered first-party fraud, identity fraud, identity theft and cybercrimes.

Capabilities in GBG Intelligence Center include GBG proprietary solutions like Loqate for international address validation and greenID for international biometric, facial and identity verification, and technology partners like CredoLab, which GBG has invested in, for alternate digital credit scoring.

The GBG Intelligence Center consists of nine categories of fraud detection enhancement capabilities connected to carefully curated technology and data partners.

The nine capabilities on the solution platform today are; address validation, biometric verification, digital credit scoring, document authentication, email and IP assessment, endpoint security, identity association, identity verification and well as phone assessment.

Users can procure a license key for their desired capability and activate the capability as they need. Using the Workflow Manager, users can design and orchestrate their desired process to improve fraud detection.

FIs typically spend 30-35% of their time procuring and integrating new technology, which reduces their speed to launch new financial services.

For organisations who are already using GBG’s fraud engine, integrating the intelligence center provides them with the nine additional fraud prevention measures which they could trigger easily.

So far, seven customers using Instinct, GBG’s digital onboarding solution, have deployed the GBG Intelligence Center.

Dev Dhiman, APAC Managing Director of GBG shared,

Dev Dhiman, APAC Managing Director of GBG

Dev Dhiman

“The GBG Intelligence Center not only provides layers of on-demand fraud prevention capabilities, but it also creates huge efficiency gains for financial organizations funneling an immense amount of data into a single platform. With these efficiency gains, organisations will be able to transform data into actionable insights and intelligence for better decision-making.


By connecting to our Digital Risk Management and Intelligence platform and its extensive partner ecosystem, financial institutions are able to scale and future-proof themselves against emerging financial crimes. With a rise in online financial fraud during the pandemic, we have seen how data intelligence in endpoint security, identity association, email validation, and phone assessment capabilities have helped mitigate these potential threats. Developing a pre-emptive fraud solution is fundamental in addressing unforeseeable threats that continue to shift and grow.”


Featured image credit: Edited from Pexels