Digital Asset Manager TradeTogether Offers Robo-Advisory for Accredited Investors

Digital Asset Manager TradeTogether Offers Robo-Advisory for Accredited Investors

by September 22, 2021

Singapore-based digital asset management startup TradeTogether is on track to launch a series of pocket fund strategies for accredited investors to invest in the cryptocurrency space.

Its robo-advisory solution helps clients pre-select their portfolios through an application. At the same time, their team of fund managers focus on delivering targeted returns for customers based on their risk preferences.

Geoff Ira will serve as Chief Executive Officer and Jordan Ko as Chief Strategy Officer of TradeTogether.

The duo were former colleagues at SC Ventures and has a combined experience of three decades in the corporate and investment banking and IT industries.

They have been involved in the digital assets space since 2013 and only recently began to develop their passive asset investment engine when they founded TradeTogether to help their clients achieve consistent returns in the crypto space.

Their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is currently in the beta stage. The founders seek to kickstart their activities under the supervision of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and in accordance with the Securities and Futures Act.

So, for the time being, this will be done through private placement restricted to institutional and accredited investors.

According to Geoff – who was instrumental in implementing the New Payment Method Policy and Payment Services guidance in 2019 at Standard Chartered – it is prudent to proceed step-by-step when offering a range of products in the new digital asset management space.

Geoff Ira

Geoff Ira

‘’We have to go about it on a point-by-point basis, and work in compliance with the regulator from an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) risk point to ensure customer protection to licensing.


Mitigating that volatility with our Investment Model is at the core of our market offerings, and I think Investors will be pleased with the potential.”

Looking at the potential of their methodology, Jordan explains,

Jordan Ko

Jordan Ko

‘Our investors are interested in securing consistent, reliable, medium- to long-term returns.


Like any traditional product in the financial sector, they want their portfolio to be managed by a core group of experts, by traders and bots that are monitoring the crypto market 24/7 to capitalise on upsides and minimise downsides.”

TradeTogether said that potential upsides that it offers are huge – with a risk-based capital mindset targeting from 12 percent to 35 percent with bonus payouts depending on investor risk appetites over 12 months.

The company has acquired substantial VC funding with a total value of US$500,000 from few investors.

While much of the products and dashboard interface will only be available in December 2021, the beta testing phase is in course.

The management team is looking forward to kick-start through a small personal offer, subject to MAS’ approval.