SC Ventures Rolls Out Bank-Agnostic Supply Chain Finance Platform

SC Ventures Rolls Out Bank-Agnostic Supply Chain Finance Platform

by February 15, 2022

SC Ventures, Standard Chartered’s innovation, fintech investment and ventures arm, has announced the launch of Trade and Supply Chain Connect (TASConnect).

TASConnect is a bank-agnostic supply chain finance platform that provides end to end automation, visibility and control of organisations’ trade and supply chain ecosystems.

The platform will be based out of Singapore to give organisations and their ecosystems better access to liquidity and working capital management.

TASConnect will help organisations to efficiently simplify complex connections with their multiple value-chain partners, including suppliers, buyers and banks.

Each organisation is also provided with an independent data tenancy and a customised site hosted in the cloud, thereby conforming to a high standard of security.

At launch, TASConnect will offer accounts payable and accounts receivable management solutions, focusing on large corporate organisations.

As part of roadmap, TASConnect is adding capabilities powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain, along with ESG traceability to bring greater value to businesses.

Lenovo is one of TASConnect’s pioneer clients.

Alex Manson Standard Chartered

Alex Manson

Alex Manson of SC Ventures said,

“We work closely with corporates to understand their business and challenges.


TASConnect is a result of the client co-creation process that aims to realise value by connecting ecosystems with trust and trade.”