Google Wallet Is Now Available in Singapore as a Standalone App

Google Wallet Is Now Available in Singapore as a Standalone App

by July 21, 2022

Google Wallet is now available as a standalone app for the Singaporean users as a complementary experience to Google Pay.

This digital wallet for Android and Wear OS standardises the way users save and access essential items such as vaccine cards, event tickets, boarding and loyalty passes.

The new Google Wallet provides granular settings and Android security features that have already been used to such as authentication, biometrics and encryption so that users can customise their own privacy experience.

At launch, Google Wallet can be used to access flight tickets from national carrier Singapore Airlines, e-cards from partners like Watsons and National Library Board, and also store the user’s vaccination certificate.

In the future, Google Wallet also plans to support mobile driver’s license, car keys, hotel keys and office badges.

Google said in a statement:

“In the last two years, we have seen a rapid increase in digitisation of every essentials that we carry in our wallets. What started with payment cards has expanded to airline tickets, loyalty passes, event tickets and vaccine cards.


We are launching Google Wallet as a core part of the Android experience and provides fast access to a growing suite of digital items that exists in your wallet today.”