IoT News From Asia and Around The World

IoT News From Asia and Around The World

by September 28, 2017

Every week, we bring you the best IOT news from Asia and around the world. This week, it’s been all about drones that carry people – aka passenger drones. Would you dare ride on one?

AK-47 maker whips up giant drone you can ride on –

Also, you’ve got to give this a read – Silicon Valley Elitist Starts Religion To Worship Artificial Intelligence As God – We wish we were making it up!

In general:

Blockchain: the Evolution of the Internet, IoT and Circular Economy, Part 1 –

10 Blockbuster Acquisitions That Helped Companies Get Ahead In IoT In 2017 –

‘IBM reintroduced artificial intelligence to the world’ –


The digital future of work: What skills will be needed?-

AI, big data, IoT technologies driving education spend –

How I taught myself AI in the last 2 months –

The Role of AI Technologies in Humanizing Digital Banking –

Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service and the Bad Guys –


Smart Things:

Are You Ready To Have Your Brain Connected To the Internet? –

How IoT and big data improved Toyota’s manufacturing process –

Today In Data: The Wearables Crossroad –

Data and Security:

Healthcare industry next to be targeted by massive cyberattacks via the “Internet of Things” –

I asked Tinder for my data. It sent me 800 pages of my deepest, darkest secrets –

What Is IoT Security & How Can It Keep Your Small Business Safe? –

SAP wants to build a blockchain-based ecosystem for the internet of things –

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