Uncover Asia’s Fintech Pulse with 5 Reports and Whitepapers

Uncover Asia’s Fintech Pulse with 5 Reports and Whitepapers

by August 29, 2023

In a rapidly changing financial landscape, knowledge is power. As businesses navigate the complexities of disruption, staying informed about the latest trends, strategies, and technologies is essential for survival and success.

In this guide, we’ll explore a selection of reports and whitepapers that promise to provide invaluable insights into various domains, from finance and technology to fraud management and fintech development.

Unlocking resilience in the era of disruption



The financial world is no stranger to disruption. The Mambu Cloud Migration Guidebook comprehensively examines how personal lenders, SME lenders, and neobanks have survived and thrived amidst disruption.

It meticulously examines growth trends in the pre-pandemic, pandemic, and post-pandemic eras, revealing the drivers for performance differences.

This whitepaper goes beyond theoretical musings by presenting real-world case studies that provide actionable insights. By delving into the strategies employed by these successful financial institutions, the guide offers a roadmap for others to prepare for ongoing disruption.

The key takeaway is clear – resilience and adaptability are paramount in an uncertain environment.

Safeguarding your business in the age of fraud


Generative AI technologies have ushered in a new era of innovation, but with it comes potential risks. The Jumio Generative AI Guide delves into the flip side of this technology, highlighting its susceptibility to fraud and disinformation.

As generative AI becomes increasingly sophisticated, it becomes alarmingly easy for malicious actors to exploit its capabilities for nefarious purposes. This whitepaper highlights the various risks associated with generative AI, elucidating how businesses are vulnerable and what steps they can take to shield themselves from misuse.

By offering insights into consumer perceptions, regulatory considerations, and practical strategies, this guide empowers financial organisations to proactively protect their operations and reputation in an era of AI-fueled fraud.

Navigating digital banking challenges



In an era where digital banking is becoming the norm, providing seamless and secure online experiences is a top priority. The Ekata Achieving Effective Fraud Management Guidebook addresses the intricate challenges banks face in simultaneously delivering frictionless onboarding and transaction processes while combating the ever-evolving landscape of fraudulent activities.

By exploring the increasing demand for online banking services, the guide underscores the significance of robust fraud management strategies and the crucial role of customer identity verification solutions.

The whitepaper navigates the intricate balance between user convenience and security, offering insights that can help financial institutions build a competitive advantage in a rapidly digitising world.

Pioneering enhanced customer experiences



Finance and technology are converging in fascinating ways, none more evident than in retail. The PayPal Reimagine Checkout eBook delves into how emerging technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence are revolutionising the customer shopping experience.

This whitepaper underscores the importance of personalisation, social engagement, and sustainability in creating meaningful customer connections.

The guide offers actionable strategies for businesses to enhance their checkout processes and overall brand value by showcasing how brands leverage these innovations to redefine customer engagement and loyalty. Navigating the evolving retail landscape requires adaptability; this whitepaper provides the roadmap.

Paving the way for financial inclusion

Fintech Philippines Report 2023


The fintech landscape is not a one-size-fits-all scenario; different countries present unique opportunities and challenges.

The Fintech Philippines Report 2023 delves into the Philippines’ fintech sector, highlighting its potential to bridge the financial inclusion gap.

With a significant portion of the population still unbanked or underbanked, the Philippines offers fertile ground for fintech solutions to make a tangible impact.

This whitepaper explores the state of the fintech industry in the Philippines. It delves into the regulatory developments led by institutions like the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

By dissecting key trends and regulatory advancements, this report serves as a guide for fostering a digital financial ecosystem in the Philippines.

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