DBS Resolves PayNow Transaction Delays

DBS Resolves PayNow Transaction Delays

by September 28, 2023

DBS Bank has announced that all FAST/PayNow transactions affected by the delay on Tuesday (26 September) have been processed and transaction histories have been updated as of 11:50pm on Wednesday (27 September).

In a series of Facebook updates, DBS provided updates on the status of the delay and its efforts to resolve the issue.

On Tuesday at 6:02pm, DBS announced that some customers were facing delays in their FAST/PayNow transactions. The issue was supposedly rectified at 4.30pm.

However, a large number of users commented on DBS’ Facebook post to say that they were still facing issues.

At 7:30pm, DBS updated that there were still delays in processing FAST/PayNow transactions and asked for customers’ patience and understanding.

Less than two hours later, DBS announced that FAST/PayNow services had returned to normal and that transactions affected by the delay were being processed.

On 27 September 2023 at 15:25, DBS updated that it was aware that some customers still had FAST/PayNow transactions that were affected by the delay and that it was progressively clearing the transactions and expected to complete them by the end of the day.

DBS has not disclosed the cause of the delay.