Sumsub’s New Free Tool Helps Users Detect AI-Generated Images

Sumsub’s New Free Tool Helps Users Detect AI-Generated Images

by October 23, 2023

Identity verification firm Sumsub has released a new tool called For Fake’s Sake to help people to detect deepfakes and synthetic fraud in images.

According to Sumsub, For Fake’s Sake is the first tool of its kind to be developed by a verification provider and made available to all for free download and use.

It is a set of four machine learning models that can estimate how likely it is that an uploaded image was created artificially.

Sumsub says that For Fake’s Sake is still under development, but it has already been shown to be effective in detecting typical image alterations.

The company also says that the tool can be used in conjunction with other methods of content analysis to identify AI-generated images.

Sumsub said that the number of deepfakes increased by 84% in Great Britain, 250% in the U.S., more than 300% in Germany and Italy, and 500% in France in the first half of 2023 compared to the second half of 2022.

The number of AI-generated identity fraud cases also increased significantly in Australia (1300%), Vietnam (1400%), and Japan (2300%) during the same period.

Sumsub will leverage feedback from the AI research community to further improve the models’ capabilities in the future.

Vyacheslav Zholudev

Vyacheslav Zholudev

“We’ve dedicated substantial efforts to combat the menace of deepfakes and the adverse impacts of synthetic fraud by constantly upgrading our existing solutions and developing new features, including the newly enhanced deepfake detector of our liveness tool.


Offering top-quality product to customers is one thing. But it is equally vital we commit to maintain a transparent public discourse on the multifaceted threats posed by deepfakes, from impersonation of real individuals online, theft of personal data, the dissemination of misinformation, social engineering, and more.”

said Vyacheslav Zholudev, Co-founder and CTO of Sumsub.