New Partior Whitepaper Tackles Cross-Border Transaction Challenges

New Partior Whitepaper Tackles Cross-Border Transaction Challenges

by November 15, 2023

Partior has recently published its ‘Transforming Financial Market Infrastructure‘ whitepaper, focusing on enhancing global payment infrastructures. The whitepaper addresses issues in current payment systems, especially in cross-border transactions, and proposes solutions.

Since being established in 2021, Partior has gained traction among top-tier financial institutions such as J.P Morgan, Temasek, DBS, and Standard Chartered Bank.

The whitepaper critically evaluates the challenges in messaging-based market infrastructures, particularly in wholesale cross-border payments. It highlights key issues such as cost inefficiencies, sluggish transaction speeds, lack of transparency, and restricted access.

New Partior Whitepaper Tackles Cross-Border Transaction Challenges

A key aspect of the whitepaper is its exploration of distributed ledger technology. This technology is presented as a means to improve payment platforms, potentially leading to more efficient and programmable payments.

The whitepaper also explores the potential applications of a unified ledger in various financial sectors, including global clearing, foreign exchange settlements, liquidity marketplace optimisation, and corporate digital accounting.

Partior plans to further discuss pivotal themes covered in the whitepaper at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023, held from 15 to 17 November. Interested parties can find Partior’s booth within the Temasek booth in Hall 2 for more information.