Singlife Achieves 35% Reduction in Data Analysis Costs with Qlik

Singlife Achieves 35% Reduction in Data Analysis Costs with Qlik

by November 30, 2023

Singapore’s homegrown financial firm Singlife has announced a partnership with Qlik, provider of a business analytics platform, to step up the speed of its digital claims process.

Through Qlik’s cloud data integration and visualisation capabilities, Singlife employees gain access to 360° real-time customer insights, including claim processes and call centre service inquiries.

These insights aimed to empower employees to make informed decisions, reduce friction, and elevate the customer experience.

This move has reportedly already resulted in a more efficient claims process and a 35% reduction in data analysis costs, benefiting over one million customers in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

The company has already developed over 300 business intelligence applications, both customer-facing and internal, using Qlik Sense for complex analytics tasks.

These tools have empowered customer service agents to deliver more tailored advice and services, enhancing the overall customer experience. Moreover, Singlife is utilising Qlik Application Automation to automate reporting functions and various back-end tasks.

Singlife also shared plans to migrate its business analytics infrastructure to the cloud by 2024 as part of its cloud-first strategy. Singlife will leverage Qlik’s Singapore cloud region for data storage and deployment, aiming to improve operational performance and compliance while reducing costs.

Richard Vargo

Richard Vargo

“Running data analytics using Qlik and the cloud provides us with new customer insights faster and the cost efficiency we need, which is essential for an agile business like ours.


We are excited about exploring Qlik’s machine learning solutions to make predictions and plan decisions even faster and more accurately in the future.”

said Richard Vargo, Group Head of Products, Propositions and Transformation, Singlife.

Geoff Thomas

Geoff Thomas

“Singlife is setting an inspiring example in Singapore’s insurance and financial services industry, demonstrating how cloud technology can revolutionise customer service, reduce costs, and fuel innovation.


Singlife’s success underscores the incredible potential of harnessing data in the cloud with Qlik.”

said Geoff Thomas, Senior Vice President, Qlik Asia Pacific and Japan for Qlik.