Modalku’s Co-Founder Iwan Kurniawan Steps Down After 8 Years

Modalku’s Co-Founder Iwan Kurniawan Steps Down After 8 Years

by February 14, 2024

SME digital financing platform Modalku’s Co-Founder Iwan Kurniawan announced that he will be officially stepping down from his leadership role after nearly eight years.

Iwan, who spearheaded the company from its inception in 2015 until June 2023, transitioned out of his role following a meticulously planned year, continuing as a board member and advisor until October last year.

He said in a LinkedIn post,

“I have utmost gratefulness for Kelvin Teo, Reynold Wijaya, the rest of the management and over 1,400+ FSMK [Funding Societies | Modalku] leaders & team members (past & present), fellow board members, investors, mentors and the fintech/startup/business community whom I have the fortune of collaborating with, for their support throughout this journey pioneering digital lending in Southeast Asia.”

Reflecting on his journey, Iwan remarked on the personal and professional growth he experienced, evolving from a 26-year-old entrepreneur with limited knowledge and skills to leading a substantial team through various challenges and milestones, including market entry, mergers and acquisitions, sales, marketing, and risk management.

Since departing Modalku, Iwan has been pursuing a Master’s of Education at Harvard University. He added that his interests lie at the confluence of cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and adult learning and performance. Currently, he is involved in several research projects, product prototyping, and policymaking in this field.


Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik