Saladin Joins Forces with ZaloPay to Digitise Insurance Offerings

Saladin Joins Forces with ZaloPay to Digitise Insurance Offerings

by March 14, 2024

In a step towards digitising insurance services in Vietnam, Saladin Technology Insurance, under the auspices of 10X Consulting and Technology Co., Ltd., has formed a strategic partnership with ZION Joint Stock Company, creators of the ZaloPay e-wallet. This collaboration was formalised at a ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City on 29 February 2024.

Following the collaboration’s inaugural success in 2023 with the introduction of the Payer Insurance product on the ZaloPay platform — a unique offering allowing users to add a small insurance fee to their monthly bill payments for potential large-scale compensation — the partnership has broadened its focus.

The introduction of various travel insurance options, available directly through the ZaloPay application, exemplifies this expansion. These insurance products, designed to cater to different aspects of travel, underscore the partners’ ambition to integrate insurance seamlessly into the travel planning process.

To date, these integrated insurance services have extended financial protection and support to nearly 40,000 ZaloPay users, highlighting the initiative’s reach and impact. The partners anticipate introducing further products in 2024, aiming to cover more aspects of consumer needs under the principle of providing timely, relevant, and affordable insurance solutions.

These initiatives leverage the ZaloPay platform’s broad service and payment ecosystem to streamline the insurance purchasing process, making it more accessible to users. Beyond the linked insurance offerings on ZaloPay, the partnership enables the use of the ZaloPay wallet for a wider array of insurance needs, including personal, family, and business coverage, through the platforms of Saladin.

At the launch event, Le Thi Thanh Van, Co-founder and General Director of 10X Consulting and Technology Co., Ltd., highlighted the evolving consumer landscape in the digital economy, underscoring the importance of understanding and meeting consumer needs.

She pointed out Saladin’s focus on utilising technology to make insurance solutions more accessible and cost-effective, with ZaloPay emerging as an integral partner in this journey.

Through this partnership, Saladin aims to reach consumers more effectively, offering tailored insurance products that resonate with their lifestyles and needs, facilitated by ZaloPay’s comprehensive super app.



Featured image credit: Edited from Saladin