Paysend Leverages Currencycloud Partnership for Worldwide Expansion

Paysend Leverages Currencycloud Partnership for Worldwide Expansion

by March 28, 2024

London-based fintech Paysend has expanded its partnership with Currencycloud, a provider of B2B embedded cross-border solutions, to extend its international money transfer services worldwide.

The collaboration between Paysend, that specialises in international fund transfers, and Currencycloud, which facilitates business in a multicurrency environment, will enhance the former’s foreign exchange and treasury operations.

This partnership will position Paysend as a primary facilitator of cross-border monetary transactions in various regions, including the US, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific.

As a part of the agreement, Paysend will offer its customers the ability to use multicurrency wallets capable of holding up to 34 different currencies within a single application.

Additionally, the integration with the Swift network will broaden Paysend’s global reach, providing users with more options for international payments.

The expansion also targets the remittance market in the UK, EU, Canada, and the USA, capitalising on Currencycloud’s expertise in collaborating with digital remittance companies.

This move aims to make international remittances more affordable, transparent, and widely available, allowing Paysend users to send money to over 180 countries through both Swift and local payment networks.

Looking ahead, Currencycloud will support Paysend in launching new consumer products and services planned for late 2024.

Ronnie Millar

Ronnie Millar

Ronnie Millar, CEO and co-Founder of Paysend said,

“We’ve worked with the team at Currencycloud for several years now and our partnership keeps going from strength to strength.


I believe the secret to our success together is that we share a vision for making the global money transfer landscape simpler and more inclusive.”.

Piers Marais

Piers Marais

Piers Marais, Head of Product for Currencycloud said,

“Remittances are a vital cross border flow that well exceed even international aid budgets.


Paysend bringing their technology and expertise into this space is a huge boost for the sector, and we’re proud to be on the growth journey with them”.


Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik