Moomoo Singapore Reaches One Million Users in Three Years

Moomoo Singapore Reaches One Million Users in Three Years

by April 16, 2024

Moomoo Singapore, an investment platform and wholly owned subsidiary of Futu Holdings, has surpassed one million users, just three years after its launch and initial expansion into Southeast Asia.

According to Moomoo, among the various offerings that have garnered attention is the Cash Plus money market fund.

It was introduced to cater to the demand for products that combine liquidity with competitive returns and quickly become Moomoo Singapore’s fastest-growing product.

Additionally, Moomoo Singapore recently partnered with Fullerton Fund Management to launch the T+0 SGD Money Market Fund, the first retail SGD cash fund in Singapore with enhanced intra-day liquidity.

This fund, investing in high-quality Singapore government-related bills and bank deposits, offers same-day settlements, enhancing liquidity for investors.

Gavin Chia

Gavin Chia

Gavin Chia, CEO of Moomoo Singapore said,

“It has been a remarkable journey for all of us at Moomoo Singapore, and we are pleased to share this wonderful news with our valued clients and partners. This achievement would not have been possible without their unwavering support and confidence.


We saw a demand from investors in Singapore for smarter and more customised investment and wealth management solutions, and this paradigm shift has presented us with the opportunities to serve their needs.”

Moomoo’s focus extends beyond financial products to include financial education, employing artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance users’ financial literacy and decision-making abilities.

Following its recent expansion into Malaysia and the introduction of new investment options like U.S. Treasuries and Japanese stocks, Moomoo Singapore is looking to consolidate its position in Singapore as well as to expand further in the region.

As it targets its next million users, Moomoo Singapore said that it will continuously enhance its platform with new products and features.