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Big Data / AI



6Estates is an AI company that focuses on back office intelligence automation with unstructured data in finance domain. We combine AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to provide AI-powered process automation solution for Trade Finance, Credit Assessment, Audit and Compliance.
A spin-off from 8-year old NkanExT Research Centre, a collaboration between National University of Singapore & Tsinghua University of China, 6Estates develops state-of-the-art AI technology encompassing Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, and Knowledge Graph (KG).


This Singapore-based startup combines the best domain knowledge in big data, artificial intelligence and credit scoring to bring the next-gen data-centric platforms to transform traditional and emerging industries across the Asia Pacific. It provides offerings in anti-fraud detection services, AI Consultancy services, and lead generation platform that relies on data and analytics. Recent Funding: The data-driven financial technology startup raised $50 million in a Series B funding round which was backed by Chinese investors, including Vision Capital, GSR Ventures, and Zhen Fund. Is an AI cum data management platform that aims to democratise credit-scoring through the use of AI, facial and speech recognition and call data anaysis functionalities.


AImazing is a tech start-up that specializes in digitizing offline receipt data which empowers businesses to make strategic decisions. The start-up enables any smartphone to conduct mobile payments, by using soundwaves. They offer an SDK for mobile wallets or any relevant applications, to encrypt and transfer information between devices, with sound. The AImazing solution captures offline receipt data from your Point of Sale (POS) terminal and transforms it into easily understandable insights for your decision making without any integration to your existing POS system. This changes the way data is used and decisions are made. Start using real-time data to scale up your business. AImazing was founded in 2015 and is based in Singapore.


Aureus Analytics is a predictive analytics and big data-based customer intelligence and experience platform for insurance companies and banks, that helps them retain customers and upsell/cross-sell to them. The AI-enabled platform by Aureus enables insurers to deliver a superior customer experience while enabling greater customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value. They extensively leverage AI and machine learning technologies to deliver actionable insights at the point of decision. They also have cloud-based analytics products that enable insurers to leverage vast amounts of internal and external data to deliver a superior experience to their customers. Recent funding: The startup recently raised $7,50,000 as closing investment from Connecticut Innovations, a US-based venture capital arm. The investment is part of a total fundraiser of $3.1 million.


Blue Fire AI is an AI company which works mainly with companies dealing with the Capital Markets. They provide insights into many Investment Banks, asset managers, and intermediaries across 50+ countries. To drive sales, measure and track asset performance, or simply monetize information. Blue Fire AI focuses on providing revenue generating signals for the capital markets industry. It delivers asset intelligence through all market data, published financial reports, news articles, public relations statements, product launches, investor communication, analyst transcripts, and broker reports. It is based on mining mandarin content on financial markets across prime financial news sources and social media channels as complement to market data. Blue Fire AI was founded on 2016 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, China.


Credify provides software solutions to elevate trust in digital transactions.


AI credit scoring – CredoLab provides subscription-based tools and value-added services that enable consumer lenders to reduce the cost of risk, increase operational efficiency, and enhance profitability using big data and traditional datasets. It offers value-added services in the areas of retail risk management consulting, risk-based pricing, custom scorecard development, and data mining. It has operations in the Southeast Asian region.


CriAT is a Singapore-registered FinTech company specializing in Deep Credit Analytical Technologies. It provides Deep Credit Analytics products and services to financial institutions through utilizing innovative AI and machine learning technologies combined with established econometrics and statistical inference. The CriAT core team comes from the senior roles of the Credit Research Initiative team at the National University of Singapore.


Next Generation Financial Data Management Software


Finquest is a platform delivering personalised connections to its clients in the Asian mid-market M&A and direct investment space.


Flowcast provides an enterprise-grade AI solution to banks in automating and improving credit decisions and monitoring.


HedgeSPA is the provider of a core investment platform and indices


InfoTrie aims to leverage Big Data technologies to change the way unstructured data is consumed in Finance today. InfoTrie offers cutting-edge technology to analyze the humongous flow of financial industry information.


Lynx Analytics is a predictive analytics outlet run by quantitative marketing scientists and industry experienced data scientists. A brainchild of a group of INSEAD students and professors, Lynx Analytics uses a lot of technologies such as graph analytics, AI and machine learning. Its award-winning technology is deployed by leading communication service providers, and an increasing number of other data-rich enterprises – with the primary aim to regain control over customer satisfaction and drive critical business impact.


Moneythor is a software company founded in 2013. Moneythor offers banks and fintech firms a toolkit to enhance their digital banking services, with a prime focus on the generation of data-driven personalized and contextual recommendations for their customers.

Moneythor’s data solution continually cleans, augments and enriches disparate and often uncategorized data, and then follows by generating proactive recommendations, insights and nudges. The solution has been deployed by large international banks such as ANZ, CIMB, Credit Mutuel Arkea, DBS Bank and Standard Chartered, fintech firms such as Raiz as well as digital banks such as Orange Bank among others.


Optimai specializes in providing financial IT solutions for stockbroking and asset management companies.


Provide technologies services to financial institutions.


PropertyQuants helps its clients to harness data at scale, to find the best real estate investments globally.


SQREEM uses data analytics and AI to identify and understand previously unrecognized consumer behavioral patterns, to enable governments and financial institutions to actively and passively detect financial crimes, fraud, and malfeasance through anomaly detection. Processes vast volumes of trade, logistics and capital markets data, to provide deep market and industry business analytics covering hundreds of thousands of metrics.


Silot provides banks with AI-powered solutions to make them smarter and more efficient. Founded in 2017, Silot has raised S$12.2 million (US$8.8 million) to date, and its customers include Krungsri Bank and Nobu Bank. Silot specializes in using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and knowledge graph technology to work with banks around Southeast Asia, radically transforming these institutions to be smarter and more efficient. Our solutions go beyond task automation or rote processing. We aim to empower banks with unprecedented discovery and decision-making ability using AI that can learn, with the ultimate goal of helping banks transcend into a new era of intelligent banking.


Trusting Social builds the next generation of credit score based on social data, to make lending faster, cheaper and friendlier. Trusting Social provides consumer credit score based on social, web and mobile data. Their solution enables lenders in emerging markets to lend to billions of “financially invisible” consumers who are not covered by credit bureaus. It was tested and proven to be more accurate, faster and cheaper than existing solutions.



Value3 is a B2B FinTech offering Capital Markets AI-platform for independent, predictive and automated credit ratings, research and analytics.

Blockchain / Cryptocurrency



Altonomy is a trading, advisory and asset management firm specializing in cryptocurrency and digital assets. It is the first-ever dedicated sell-side trading desk to provide institutional-grade liquidity solutions, OTC trading, advisory and asset management services under one roof.


Anquan Capital is a private investment company and venture builder which has launched a group of deep technology and product companies since inception in 2015 ; Zilliqa, Treasure Cloud and Aqilliz


Binance is the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume. Trusted by millions worldwide, the Binance platform is dedicated to increasing the freedom of money for users, and features an unmatched portfolio of crypto products and offerings, including: trading and finance, education, data and research, social good, investment and incubation, decentralization and infrastructure solutions, and more.


Bitget established in 2018 and headquarter located in Singapore, it is a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.

Bitget has completed a US$10 million Series B financing led by world’s top game company SNK and co-invested by Anlan Capital in July 2020, and now it is valued at US$ 1 Billion. Bitget ranks top 5 worldwide with US$ 2 billion daily average trading volume and it has listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Bitget is committed to becoming a reliable exchange, providing users with better services and products.


Bluzelle is a smart, in-memory data store technology. It can used as a cache or database. Bluzelle is highly available, durable and globally distributed. No operational overhead or configuration necessary. Bluzelle is suited for gaming and media.

Bluzelle combines decentralized technologies with edge computing so businesses never suffer from data breaches, network failures and performance issues.


Broctagon Fintech Group is a multi-asset liquidity and technology provider headquartered in Singapore with over 10 years of established global presence in China, India, Russia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. With our decade of serving satisfied clients in 50 countries, Broctagon is well-equipped to elevate companies through performance-driven and flexible turnkey solutions such as our liquidity aggregator technology, brokerage technology solutions, and enterprise blockchain development.


Bsquared – We are a globally connected technology enabled liquidity provider, working with brokerages, exchanges, banks, payment providers, trader and funds around the world to deliver seamless execution in major digital assets and fiat currencies.


Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange offering trading on perpetual contracts with up to 100x leverage. Established in 2018, Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives platform that supports both inverse and linear perpetual contracts. Registered in the BVI, Bybit’s users come from all over the world, ranging from individual retail clients to professional traders.


Coinhako is known for being the easiest platform to buy Bitcoin and Digital Assets in Singapore, and Asia. Low Cost, Local Currency Trading, Easy Setup. Founded in 2014, Coinhako is a leading wallet service, in Singapore, for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. The company was established with the aim to improve the access of digital currencies for mainstream consumers in Singapore and the greater Asia-Pacific.


CoinMoola utilises and implements the best security practices in the current industry so that you will not have to worry about your cryptocurrencies!


Founded in 2017, COINSTREET PARTNERS is an award-winning, AI-powered, global decentralized investment banking group, and a financial service and asset management firm for tokenized assets & digitized securities.

As a leading player in Digital Asset and FMT (Finance, Media & Technology) areas, Coinstreet focuses on five business segments: (1) Digital Asset Investment Banking, (2) Digital Asset & Wealth Management, (3) Global Distribution Coordination, (4) Asset Tokenization & (5) Security Digitization Management Solution, and Decentralized Finance & DLT Solution.


The Most Secure Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

COINUT (COIN Ultimate Trading), a cryptocurrency exchange platform, was designed to make it easier, faster, cheaper & most secure for anyone to trade cryptocurrencies & fiat currencies globally. It is extremely easy to start trading because we allow direct deposits of SGD & cryptocurrencies (BTC / ETH / LTC / ETC / XMR / USDT / ZEC) into our platform and start trading. Our lowest fees and fast processing speed encourage continuous trading.


A platform to buy assets in affordable fractions. The place for owners to liquidate assets with speed.

On CommX’s asset tokenisation & exchange platform ‘Tokify’, we work with asset owners such as galleries or real estate, to help them sell art or real estate in affordable fractions, & boost asset sales using a blockchain-enabled platform that can fractionalise and tokenise any physical asset for sale to investors, making assets more affordable.


Contour is building the world’s open trade finance network. By focusing on collaboration and leveraging new technologies we are dissolving the barriers to seamless trade. Our networks of banks, corporates, services and partnerships enable the instant flow of trusted data across the world’s trade routes and current fragmented ecosystems.


Copernicus Gold is a stored value facility, based in Singapore, that issues digital gold linked to a physical store of gold. The company has created a ‘gold standard’ as a currency instrument, that enables anyone, anywhere, to acquire, save or pay with digital gold.

Buying digital gold is beneficial because the costs of acquisition, storage and to on-sell gold are lower as the purchase price is calculated at optimal and favourable market rates.

Available as an app, Copernicus Gold is a cloud based multi-currency platform built on proprietary private blockchain to enable secure, transparent and safe real-time transactions at the speed of several hundred transactions per second.


The Next Generation FinTech Solution COSS stands for Crypto One-Stop Solution and represents a cryptocurrency exchange platform, which encompasses all features of a digital economic system based on crypto. The COSS platform serves as a one-stop shop for multiple cryptocurrency-related services bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses.


Based in Republic of Singapore and founded in February of 2014, Intellect Mkt. Pte. Ltd. is a crypto currencies wallet platform where merchants and consumers can transact with the new digital currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, etc.

Our mission is to provide a world class transparent, deeply liquid and safe environment for users to trade crypto-currencies, as well as to accept crypto-payments by online businesses in an efficient and easy to use manner.

That’s why we guarantee your Bitcoin, Litecoin and virtual currency investments three things: Security, Scalability, and Liquidity. A sophisticated platform architecture, conceived and built for maximum scalability and data security, lies at the heart of the CRXzone exchange — all backed by 24/7, best-in-class monitoring.

CRYPTO.COM was founded in 2016 on a simple belief: it’s a basic human right for everyone to control their money, data and identity. serves over 5 million customers today, providing them with a powerful alternative to traditional financial services through the App, the Visa Card, the Exchange and DeFi Wallet.


CYBAVO is a leading cybersecurity company based in Singapore focused in offering insured and compliance-ready institutional-level private key custody and management solutions for enterprises and financial institutions.

Our company was founded in 2018 by a team of experts from cybersecurity, blockchain and financial industries and our digital asset custody technology currently protects dozens of companies globally.

We are members in leading industry associations like Global Digital Finance, Singapore Fintech Association and the MPC Alliance.


Powered by Nasdaq’s world class trading engines, CTX offers an open and regulated trading platform for the token economy. We are an alternative asset exchange that provides a transparent and regulated trading platform for institutional and accredited investors to issue and trade qualified securities tokens.

Securities tokens trading on our platform are backed by traditional assets such as securities, real estate, artworks and/or diamonds.

Our trading architecture is powered by Nasdaq’s world class trading and market surveillance engines. We are now applying for license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore and expect to go live in 4Q 2020.


DeFiChain is a blockchain that is enabling DeFi (Decentralized Finance) on Bitcoin. The DeFi Foundation is responsible for issuance of tokens to users and groups to speed up adoption


Empowering everyone to easily create a digital-native fund. Professionally managed by qualified keyless portfolio manage.


At Digix, we are building an ecosystem that aims to be the 21st century gold standard on the Ethereum blockchain, through the launch of our first product, the gold backed token DGX.

We first aim to democratise access to gold by having digital gold easily accessed by the average person. The use cases for operationally secure and transparent digital gold are endless.

ECXX.COM is a premium Digital Assets Platform in Singapore. We are built in Sunny Singapore! Our mission is to shine as the beacon of a professional digital assets exchange from Singapore to the region steeped in great customer service. Our vision is to be the #1 professional digital assets platform in Asia.


Blockchain-based cooperative banking for international SMEs and high-risk online merchants. Everex develops a hybrid GPR bank card on V/MC rails offering global issuances and same day settlements in USD Stablecoins for cross-border money transfers and online payments. Everex holds 6 years track record of Blockchain R&D and was the first company to introduce the application of Stablecoins in low-cost instant payment settlements in 2016.


Finterra is the cloud based financial service platform designed for you to harness all of your financial power into a seamless, integrated platform, whilst you take advantage of Finterra’s growth.


The world’s first hybrid liquidity aggregator. Regulated and secure, FXF’s platform is designed to offer best rates and prices from the world’s leading CeFi and DeFi protocols through one connection, one account and one KYC process.


At GCOX, we aim to be the first fully-licensed celebrity tokens exchange that will tokenise the popularity of celebrities. This allows fans to gain unparalleled access to their celebrities via our various exclusive platforms. With this, we hope to create a popularity index that is truly driven by open market forces powered by the blockchain technology. Thus, bringing business fundamentals to the world of blockchain.


Genesis facilitates billions in digital currency trades, loans and transactions on a monthly basis. Our team combines decades of experience at top Wall Street investment banks with a deep understanding of cryptocurrency markets. Our platform provides a single point of access for digital asset trading, derivatives, borrowing, lending, custody and prime brokerage services.


Hashstacs is a blockchain development company and technological solutions provider for the financial world. Hashstacs enables financial institutions to realise new revenue generating and operational efficiency use cases.


Hodlnaut is the leading Crypto Borrowing and Lending Platform based in Singapore whose mission is to provide financial services to cryptocurrency users. The platform currently has over $100 Million USD of Digital Assets under Management and is growing at an average of 20% month on month.

Hodlnaut is a certified Fintech by the Singapore Fintech Association, an accreditation recognized by the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore). Hodlnaut is also currently undergoing license application under the PS Act 2019 (by the MAS) and is looking to become the first regulated entity in Singapore within the Crypto Borrowing and Lending Space.


Huobi Group is the leading global blockchain asset financial service provider. With a mission to make investing in alternative assets more efficient and adaptable, the company is committed to providing customers with safe, professional, and honest services based on the core principle of putting the customer first.

Established in 2013, Huobi has become one of the world’s largest digital asset exchanges with an accumulated trading volume of US $1 trillion. Having once accounted for half of the world’s digital asset transactions, Huobi now serves more than 5 million users in over 130 countries around the world. With compliance teams in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia and other countries and regions around the world, Huobi is able to provide safe and reliable digital asset trading and management services to its customers. To date, Huobi Group has also invested in more than 10 upstream and downstream companies. Its investors include ZhenFund, Dai Zhikang and Sequoia Capital.


Established in 2013, Independent Reserve is an Australian institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange with an orderbook enabling Australian and NZ clients to securely trade, invest and hold digital currencies. Our mission is to provide a pro-regulation platform with the highest security to access cryptocurrencies. Independent Reserve’s foundation is a strong and experienced executive team, with a broad range of skills in corporate leadership, financial markets, software engineering, and regulatory compliance.


Indorse is an enterprise SaaS platform. Enterprise companies use the Indorse platform to build great tech teams, upskill their workforce, and enable innovation. Our all-in-one platform is focused on tech & coding skills and is based on a community of leading industry experts.


Infinito is a leading Japanese blockchain technology house with over 300 experts and 3+ years of professional experience in the field of cryptography and blockchain technologies. We help businesses of all scales easily realize blockchain values to their business. Infinito builds and operates an Ecosystem of products, solutions, and services, either ready-made or custom tailored, to help businesses and developers seamlessly implement, develop, and run blockchain applications securely, efficiently and compliantly. At the same time, Ecosystem consumers can access and enjoy these innovations with utmost convenience and safety. Infinito Wallet, our universal mobile wallet app, prides itself on being widely appraised as one of the world’s most powerful cryptocurrency wallet solution for the safe storage and usage of crypto assets.


InfoCorp Technologies is a fintech company that provides the infrastructure to accelerate financial inclusion to unbanked and underserved communities through the use of blockchain technology.


JED is a leading technology company that builds trade and supply chain solutions powered by blockchain technology.


Distributed Data Provenance for Finance, Industry, and Enterprise. At Keychain we believe that every development team should be able to leverage the power of blockchain technology. We believe the companies and individuals should be able to protect their data and identities in the digital world. We believe that the balance between privacy and regulation / social stability lies in embracing self-sovereign, censorship-resistant identity for humans and for machines.


The lack of financing for small and medium sized merchants in Africa hurts people.

It hurts many of them by depriving them of the ability to do business beyond basic levels. Traders sell less than they could, and make less money than they should, because they don’t get support from lenders to finance their trade in goods. Whatever they buy, typically has to be paid for in cash.

It is hard to capture the full extent to which this puts a squeeze on the lives of people. Less money means less and lower quality calories. It means less to spend on housing, education, medicine, and communication. Overall, it also means more unproductive gaps between productive trading days, while traders wait for the arrival of goods they have purchased in cash.

The mission of the Kommerce project is to make working capital more easily available to traders in Emerging Markets.


Kryptos-X is a digital asset market platform that allows consumers and institutions to buy and sell digital assets and currencies.


KyberNetwork is a system that allows the exchange and conversion of digital assets. They offer payment APIs and a contract wallet that also allow users to seamlessly receive payments from any tokens. KyberNetwork also enables derivative trading.


Founded in 2014, Ledger is a leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. Headquartered in Paris, Vierzon, New York and Hong Kong, Ledger has a team of 170 professionals developing a variety of products and services to safeguard cryptocurrency assets for individuals and companies – including the Ledger hardware wallets line already sold in 165 countries.


Liquid is a cryptocurrency platform providing liquidity to the crypto economy. Quoine is a Financial Technology (Fintech) company headquartered in Japan with offices in Singapore and Vietnam. Founded in 2014, our core product is Liquid, a highly sophisticated cryptocurrency trading platform supporting fiat and dozens of cryptocurrencies. Liquid is one of the largest exchanges in Asia. Quoine is reinventing banking and financial services around one of the most revolutionary technology breakthroughs since the Internet, the Blockchain. Our ultimate mission is to revolutionize banking and financial services and to bring financial services to the un/under-banked. To reach our goal, we are building the ultimate banking and finance platform using exciting cutting edge technologies.


Luno is a leading global cryptocurrency company with over 5 million customers in 40 countries and a team of over 350. Headquartered in London, Luno operates across Africa, South East Asia and Europe. Luno’s products and services make it safe and easy to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies.


Founded in February 2019, Matrixport is your gateway to a digital economy where you can trade, entrust, invest, and borrow crypto assets all in one place.


Make crypto payment easy.  MugglePay is a peer-to-peer payment solution to accept money global. MugglePay provide SDK for merchants to accept crypto.


Blockchain payments – The first of its kind, NZIA’s decentralized wireless payment system provides an alternate payment infrastructure for CBDC that augments existing payment networks.


OMG Network: leading value transfer layer for ETH/ERC20 tokens. 1st production-grade layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution which allows fast, cheap and secure (as Ethereum) movement of digital assets


Based in Singapore, Onchain Custodian is offering an insured, secure, convenient and compliant platform for the safekeeping of investing of institutional digital asset holdings with incomparable user experience. Our solution is flexibly built to meet the possible futures of crypto custody.


We put the power in your hands to buy, sell and use digital currency. We believe that the digital currency world should be user-friendly, simple to operate and instant for anyone, anywhere in the world.


The OpenChain Project defines the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program.


Paxos is on a mission to modernize finance by mobilizing assets at the speed of the internet.

Paxos is building a future where all assets—from money to commodities to securities—will be digitized and can move instantaneously, 24/7. Settlement risk will cease to exist, so trillions of dollars of trapped capital can go to work in a global, frictionless economy.

Today, as the first regulated Trust company with blockchain expertise, Paxos is uniquely positioned to mobilize and custody assets digitally.


The hybrid portal enables independently bridge conventional banking to a blockchain generation. PayRay operates in the field of working capital financing, established in Lithuania from July 2018. We provide fast and flexible working capital financing solutions.


Propine is building a safe, regulated, and certified future for digital securities with the support and partnerships of reputed private, quasi-governmental and governmental organisations to create an ecosystem of trust, quality and compliance.

Propine is positioned to become the first independent digital securities custodian in a highly regulated environment. With the Capital Market Services Licence in the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s regulatory sandbox, we are leading the way towards a new world of possibilities for institutional investors. Besides custody, we provide end-to-end securities services including but not limited to entitlement checks, facilitating settlement, facilitating corporate actions, asset servicing, investor reporting, cap table management, statutory reconciliations and regulatory reporting.


As the first-of-its-kind technology, Provenance combines the distributed, trustless, and immutable characteristics of blockchain with the functions of ledger, registry and bilateral exchange for assets and markets. To date, over $1B in assets have been traded on Provenance.


Pundi X helps transform retail businesses with its blockchain-based point of sale solution. See how you can buy, sell and accept all payment methods including cryptocurrency with the powerful XPOS


QCP Capital is a digital asset trading firm based in Singapore. The firm manages proprietary investment and trading strategies with a focus on quantitative methods, arbitrage and derivatives. In addition, QCP runs a large over-the-counter trading desk and provides digital asset trading services such as treasury management solutions and market-making operations. QCP has a strategic focus on Southeast Asia but also operates in the UK, Japan and Australia.


Qume – one of the only crypto derivatives exchange operating under a regulated framework. Qume has the lowest latency in the industry and has been built for high frequency trading akin to trading systems in traditional markets.


R3 is an enterprise software firm that is pioneering digital industry transformation. We deliver purpose-built distributed ledger technology for all types of businesses in all industries.

Developed in collaboration with our ecosystem, our enterprise blockchain platform Corda is transforming entire industries by digitalizing the processes and systems that firms rely on to connect and transact with each other. Our blockchain ecosystem is the largest in the world with more than 350 institutions deploying and building on Corda Enterprise and Corda. Our customers and partners have access to a network of leading systems integrators, cloud providers, technology firms, software vendors, corporates and banks. To ensure our customers derive the greatest value from their investment, we provide services and support to shorten time-to-market, as well as guidance on implementation, integration and building ecosystems based on a blockchain platform.


Republic Protocol is an open-source decentralized dark pool exchange. It facilitates cross-chain atomic trades on a hidden order book over the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks. This system creates a trustless trading system for large block orders enabling ERC20, Ethereum and Bitcoin pairs to be executed with minimal price slippage and provides protection from front-running.


Ripple provides one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain technology. By joining Ripple’s growing global network, financial institutions can process their customers’ payments anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost-effectively. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset XRP to further reduce their costs and access new markets.

Founded in 2012, Ripple’s vision is to enable a world where value moves as seamlessly as information flows today—an Internet of Value. Ripple is the only enterprise blockchain company today with products in commercial use. Ripple’s global payments network includes over 300 customers across 40+ countries and 
six continents.


The smartest platform to participate in the growing digital asset economy.By providing a secure and robust technological infrastructure, RockX makes it possible for anyone to access efficient and reliable mining and staking services, and capitalize on the emerging global asset class. Led by a team of industry veterans and blockchain experts, RockX aims to make digital assets more accessible and rewarding by providing user-friendly services and products for the cryptocurrency sector


RootAnt is a technology enabler of Banking as a Service, specializing in Embedded Financing for enterprises, connecting enterprises and financial institutions with new digital financial products for easier, cheaper and faster financing services in various contexts. RootAnt Investment as a Service technology is accelerating the transformation of financial services. The platform connects current financial systems with Internet, Cloud, Data analytics and AI technology. The first “Cloud Transaction Banking” Fintech, to enable financial institutions and corporates with digital&open banking technologies. RootAnt provides digital banking technologies and scenario-based new financing product design to banks and non-bank financial institutions.

The company’s open banking technology makes the financial institutions integrated and open, connecting with ecosystems.


Rublix is building a networking platform where participants can access trusted trading information from verified experts. Our goal is to
help traders enhance their skills, confidence and profitability in any industry that they trade in.


Founded in 2014, SFOX, San Francisco Open Exchange, is the first and leading U.S. cryptocurrency prime broker that provides reliable and secure global trading and custody solutions to traders, investors and institutions such as exchanges, money managers, funds, banks and payment companies. The platform offers a simple, reliable, and secure way to access global crypto currency markets within milliseconds, global market data and analysis, and blockchain infrastructure and to generate better returns with its best price execution and smart order routing when trading top tier digital tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum. SFOX has become a trusted partner for over 200,000 traders, funds and businesses.


Sparrow is the leading options trading platform, providing the simplest way to control risk and monetize your digital assets. Our revolutionary platform empowers institutions and individuals to trade options that are settled by smart contract.

Headquartered in Singapore, Sparrow offers customizable options settled by smart contract in an intuitive and easy-to-use trading interface. We also provide professional traders trading APIs for maximum performance. Sparrow aims to serve the needs of all traders by providing a wide range of industry-leading trading tools.

SPOONS.AI develop a new technology and innovation for the finance industry, blockchain lending platform that builds on the peer-to-peer model of blockchain and incorporates traditional lending to create a time-efficient, seamless system.

With the combination of Artificial Intelligence, that powers everything from machine learning and natural language processing to blockchain tools to run the infrastructure at optimal efficiency.


Secured yield solutions for crypto asset investors. Institutional and retail clients around the world service with us for various yield needs on cryptocurrency assets.


Starbase is token funding platform. We provide crowdfunding platform + ICO consulting for innovative projects to launch their ideas.


Switcheo is the world’s leading DEX platform. Buy or trade crypto like Ethereum, Neo and more. Switcheo builds platforms that break new ground. We bring you finance without limits, for lives without limits. Whether you’re a battle-weary trader or are just making your first purchase, there’s nothing cryptic about crypto on Switcheo. Leading the pack with multiple world firsts, your time spent with us will be a worthwhile investment.


TenX is a company specializing in cryptocurrency payments. It provides cards and wallets to enable the spending of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin in real situations even if the teller only accepts fiat currency via Visa. Just launched in January 2019 to the Singaporean market, the TenX Pay cards caused a surge in the token’s prices. TenX helps make cryptocurrency expendable anywhere & anytime


Tokenize is a Singapore based digital currency trading platform. Tokenize is a team that aspires to build the next generation digital currency exchange that supports established and emerging digital currencies. Tokenize is a team that aspires to build the next generation digital currency exchange that supports established and emerging digital currencies.


TripleA is the future of payment: the freedom to choose however you want.
Crypto payment is fundamentally about choice.
It’s about the customers’ choice to pay however they want.
It’s about the merchants’ choice to receive however they want.
Our crypto payment gateway makes this choice accessible for everyone, so that everyone can benefit from the privacy, security, and simplicity of blockchain.


Upbit Singapore is powered by Upbit,the global top exchange with world-class blockchain technology, regulatory expertise and operational know-how.


VeChainThor is the public blockchain that derives its value from activities created by members within the ecosystem solving real world economic problems.


Wirex is a digital payment platform with a mission – to make crypto and traditional currencies equal and accessible to everyone. We’re making fintech simple. Our innovative mobile app and next-gen Wirex card lets you buy, store, exchange and spend a wide variety of conventional and digital currencies quickly and securely, with no hidden fees and zero fuss.


Provider of a blockchain as a service platform for small business lending. A combination of technologies,ie. BigData, loan portfolio analytics, Banking APIs, neural network monitoring and blockchain portfolio securitization is used


Bring your customers seamlessly in and out of the crypto world. XanPool is an internationally compliant fiat-gateway software solution for exchanges, wallets, and other cryptocurrency businesses. We offer local payment methods with no chargebacks and easy integration to your platform.


XinFin (XDC) is an open-source hybrid blockchain platform. Combining the best attributes of both private and public blockchain XinFin offers a scalable, secure enterprise-grade blockchain that is well suited for highly-regulated industries and commercially sensitive data.


Zilliqa is a high-performance, high-security blockchain platform for enterprises and next-generation applications. Developed through academic research and helmed by a team of experienced scientists, engineers, venture creators and leaders in the financial services, Zilliqa addresses limitations in scalability and security, enabling real-world usability across a variety of industries, including finance, digital advertising, and gaming. In 2019, Zilliqa became the first public blockchain platform to be built on sharded architecture, with smart contracts written in the platform’s secure-by-design programming language, Scilla.



ACTIVE.AI is a service platform that connects consumers with their banks via micro conversation. Active AI provides a SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence to improve customer engagement solutions for banks, wealth institutions, and financial companies. It provides a conversation banking platform that uses advanced NLP and machine intelligence, enabling customers to have natural dialogues over messaging, voice or IOT devices. The chatbot can fetch balances, view transactions, and make payments. With the help of the automation platform, customers can easily communicate with their concerned companies without any hassle. This Singapore-based Fintech startup uses artificial intelligence to deliver conversational banking services where they use it to redefine their digital strategy for the future while bringing automation and ensuring insightful customer engagement. It uses NLP and machine learning to enable customers to have natural dialogues over messaging, voice or IoT devices. With AI, they are enabling banks to be ready for the conversational era. Recent funding: In 2017, the company raised $8.25 million in a series A round led by Vertex Ventures, the venture capital arm of Singapore’s sovereign fund Temasek.


Bringing insurance to the underserved through innovative technologies.

InsureVite is a Singapore-based insurtech startup aiming to bring insurance to the underserved.

InsureVite’s proprietary platform enables everyone in the insurance ecosystem to benefit from higher productivity, lower operational and capital expense, as well as to transform the customer journey and experience. We strongly believe that insurance is an essential good for all and nobody should be uninsured or underinsured


Kasisto was founded in 2013 with the vision of enabling companies to engage and transact with their customers through intelligent conversations, anytime, anywhere. Kasisto’s conversational AI platform, KAI, offers enterprises a comprehensive AI technology stack combined with industry-specific domain expertise to make bots and virtual assistants well versed in the businesses they serve. As an SRI International spin-off, Kasisto leverages decades of research and development in artificial intelligence. KAI Banking enables financial institutions to add virtual assistants and smart bots to their mobile apps and leading messaging platforms. With an emphasis on great user experience, KAI-powered virtual assistants and smart bots are easy to implement, customize and maintain.

PAND.AI is an artificial intelligence startup that specialises in deep natural language processing. We develop the underlying algorithm that powers “smart chatbot”​, i.e. the ones that understand the semantics of an entire sentence and retains contextual memory, thus making conversations more “human-like”​. We are currently serving Global Fortune 500 companies across Asia.


A.I. Driven Conversational Voice Interaction With A Human Touch.

WIZ is a fast growing startup deploying cutting edge conversational voice AI technology into large corporations throughout Southeast Asia. Backed by globally leading venture capital funds, we are rapidly expanding our humanistic AI conversational solutions across industries. With offices in Singapore, Nanjing and Jakarta, our diverse team of scientists, researchers, linguists, dialogue designers have cross-functional expertise, and are constantly pushing the boundaries of humanistic AI conversation for ASEAN languages.




We are a pioneer direct insurer born in 2010 with the aim to provide people an alternative to buying insurance direct versus through brokers and middlemen which is prevalent in Asia vs in USA or Europe. The business blossomed and flourished over the years delighting customers across Singapore and Thailand. In 2014, DirectAsia was acquired by Hiscox Insurance, a leading and admired specialty insurer in the London Stock Exchange to further committed to serving customers in Asia.


EnjoyCompare is a comparison site focused on credit cards, loans, home loans, car insurance, travel insurance and broadband comparison in Singapore. With EnjoyCompare, users can review the latest products and services to find the best deals. EnjoyCompare is the most comprehensive comparison website specializing in finance and utility services. Our easy to navigate website is geared to empower users to find the best deals, while ensuring brands have the opportunity to be part of the decision making funnel.


We loved serving our users as Credit Card Compare from 2008 to 2020. Since acquiring Finty in 2018, we’ve been preparing to offer more options to compare a broader range of products. Taking on the Finty name reflects who we are today: a company that provides the best offers, education, apps, and tools needed to save money and earn rewards.


GoBear is a financial services and data platform whose mission is to improve your financial health. We empower consumers with the know-how, tools, and financial products to meet their needs.

Our financial services platform comprises an online financial supermarket, digital insurance brokerage, and digital lending all built on a strong foundation of alternative data. To date, we have served over 55 million users searching for more than 2,000 personal financial products.


In the confusing and sometimes opaque world of insurance, Insurance Market acts as the pathfinder for consumers to find the insurance best suited to their needs.

As an online insurance broker, Insurance Market brings customers a reliable, smooth digital insurance experience, offering personalised choice, clarity, convenience and control.


Loan Owl, a leading loan comparison and matching provider, announced the expansion of its services aimed at small and medium scale enterprises (SME).


MoneySmart Group is South East Asia’s leading personal finance portal helping consumers compare loans, insurance, and credit cards.

At MoneySmart, we’ve made it our mission to simplify your personal finance decisions. As everyday consumers ourselves, we understand your expectations, hopes and concerns and we’ve built in Singapore and in Indonesia as the go-to, all-in-one portals for personal finance.


Shenton Brokers makes it easy for you to compare and buy the insurance policies that best fit your needs and circumstances, at the most competitive price.

We specially curated a digital platform that generates customised, direct and transparent insurance solutions. Our team of experienced industry professionals employ powerful automated algorithms to deliver a quote in under 60 seconds.


Launched in May 2015, is committed to helping consumers find the right financial product. In a constantly changing and often times confusing financial landscape, we strive to make it easy for consumers to understand products like credit cards, personal loans and insurance and what suits them best. By learning to research, compare and apply for products on our platform, we aim to help consumers in Singapore improve their financial health, saving them both time and money in the process.


We create a single platform to provide product information that’s personalized to each SMEs business profile for easy comparison. Through Smart-Towkay, we will make it easy for SMEs to simplify and find alternatives in their business banking needs that are most suited to their business profile. In the process, we save them time and money.

At Smart-Towkay, we know your questions and concerns when taking up financial products with the banks, thus we are building a growing community financial experts to provide useful tips, news and tricks through our Blog. We work closely with Singapore’s most reputable banks, insurer, government agencies, legal firms and Peer to Peer lending platform to connect SMEs to the partner best for you.


Symbo is an all-lines composite insurance broker with HQ in Mumbai, India. Our platform is powered by industry leading proprietary technology to facilitate.

Symbo Insurance allows you to search, compare and buy various life & general insurance products online. We utilise the latest advancements in technology & design to constantly improve the insurance buying process.


We’re a team of analysts that reviews and analyzes data, facts and research for the most salient and relevant insights to help readers make decisions.

Core Banking



We’re CREALOGIX, a global fintech organisation with over 700 employees globally. Our technology enables some of the world’s largest banks and wealth management firms to drive innovation – but it’s our people who make the difference. Our success is built on their expertise, team spirit and passion. Our goal is to deliver great technology to make our customers’ lives easier and more profitable. We want to shape the future world of fintech!


At Finastra our purpose is to unlock the power of finance for everyone. We build and deliver innovative, next-generation technology on our open Fusion software architecture and cloud ecosystem. We’re one of the world’s largest FinTech’s working with over 9,000 customers, including 90 of the top 100 banks globally. Our scale and reach allow us to build long-lasting relationships that put our customers and their customers first.


Mambu gives financial institutions a powerful competitive edge by allowing them to rapidly create, launch and service any lending or deposit portfolio through a modern SaaS banking platform.

Built from the cloud up, Mambu is a powerful alternative to the costs and complexity of traditional core banking systems or custom in-house solutions.


Meniga is a digital banking platform that helps banks, businesses, and individuals manage their financial data.


OneConnect(“The Company”) aims to build the world’s leading technology-as-a-service platform for financial institutions. The Company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2019 (“OCFT”), National High-Tech Enterprise. The Company integrates extensive financial services industry expertise with market-leading technology to provide technology applications and technology-enabled business services to financial institutions. These solutions enable our customers’ digital transformations, which help them increase revenue, manage risks, improve efficiency, enhance service quality and reduce costs.


Sunline is the leading banking software and technology services company in China. Public listed in year 2012 and ranked in 2017 Forbes China Top 100 Potential Enterprises, Sunline has more than 4000 employees worldwide serving more than 400 banking and finance customers. As the leading financial IT service provider, Sunline is continuously reinventing its solutions by integrating latest technology trends with industry best practices to provide comprehensive and secure financial solutions.


Founded in 1993 and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX: TEMN), Temenos AG is the world’s leader in banking software combining the richest packaged functionality and the most advanced cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, AI and API-first technology. We are passionate about helping financial institutions of all sizes, in all sectors, around the world, to dramatically accelerate their digital transformation.


Thought Machine has built the next generation of core banking platforms.

Thought Machine is one of the UK’s leading fintech companies and is undergoing a period of rapid expansion.

Our mission is to cure one of the banking industry’s primary problems: its reliance on outdated IT infrastructure. Nearly every bank is stuck on a legacy IT platform, which cripples their ability to innovate and give their customers the type of service they deserve.


Tongdun Technology is a professional third-party intelligent risk management and decision-making service provider headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. By integrating artificial intelligence into business scenarios, Tongdun Technology offers solutions in intelligent user analysis, intelligent risk management, intelligent antifraud and intelligent operation to clients from various industries including financial industry, internet business, logistics, healthcare, retail, smart cities and government bodies. Over 10,000 corporate clients have chosen Tongdun Technology’s products and services.

Crowdfunding / Crowdlending



BRDGE is a MAS licensed digital lending platform that connects small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore with retail and institutional lenders. Since 2014, we have been enabling growth for SMEs and creating wealth for lenders.

SeedIn serves two main groups of customers:

BUSINESSES SeedIn is committed to support local businesses, helping them achieve their potential, through alternative financing solutions. By reducing cash-flow gaps, the capital growth of local businesses can be enhanced. They can expect lower cost of credit than other traditional alternative financing companies and shorter fund-processing period.

INVESTORS SeedIn provides attractive risk-adjusted annualised returns from 7%, which come in the form of Monthly Repayments. Investors can invest with a peace of mind with SeedIn as we provide a platform for investment reviewing and monitoring of potential crowdlending projects.


CoAssets is a real estate opportunity and crowdseeking platform that makes it easy for aspiring real estate developers and fundraisers to connect with investors on exclusive and undervalued investment opportunities. CoAssets enables them to engaged investors across national/regional boundaries and maximizes their exposures to alternative sources of funds.

Real estate deal-makings are still a very manual process, whereby a fundraiser has to call (or cold-call) other potential investors and his/her success depends largely on his/her personal network. By using a platform approach, we seek to disrupt the old way of doing business. CoAssets helps individual fundraisers to reach out to much bigger group of investors, across different nationalities.


The CapBridge Financial private markets solution helps companies and investors unlock value via a uniquely integrated primary syndication and secondary trading approach.

Members of CapBridge Financial operate out of global leading financial hub Singapore and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”).


Capital Match is a leading lending and invoice financing platform for SMEs in Southeast Asia. We provide SMEs with affordable working capital from professional investors.


We are a peer-to-peer lending online platform that lets Singapore-based SMEs obtain financing from investors. We are an intermediary that brings borrowers looking for debt financing and investors looking for debt investments together. With Crowd-genie, businesses can raise funds from many people, and get the ability to get funds quickly and in a more convenient manner.


We aim to provide Singaporean SMEs with access to working capital funded by accredited investors. With a firm belief in forging long-term partnerships with our clients, we emphasise on communication and transparency in every transaction. We focus on the quality, rather than quantity of the invoices we work with, to provide the most rewarding experience possible for everyone involved.


We are a Singapore incorporated company, founded and wholly owned by Singapore business leaders. We connect businesses  to investors who have the cash to liberate working capital. Businesses can sell their valid invoices for work completed or delivery of goods and investors who purchase these invoices online – provide fund more quickly, more responsively and more efficiently than traditional trade finance banks.


Ethis is a global fintech company focused on Ethical crowd-investments and donations. We operate investment platforms approved by regulators in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Dubai, and also run a charity platform Global Sadaqah.

Having started from Singapore in 2014 to match crowd-investment with Social Housing development projects in Indonesia, today our platform serves a growing community of 30,000+ members comprising ordinary people, high-net-worth individuals, corporates and government entities from more than 100 countries.


Finaku is a fintech startup focuses on collective investments into micro entrepreneurs, which aims to boost greater productivity & social impact.


FundedHere was founded in Singapore in 2015; it is the first MAS-licensed home-grown crowdfunding platform that offers equity and lending based crowdfunding to the masses.

Equity crowdfunding is a financing mechanism through which investors are investing in the start-ups in exchange for equity holdings. Such share holdings will entitle them to future capital gains as well as dividends declared by the start-ups. Lending-based crowdfunding is where investors lend money to a company and receive the company’s legally-binding commitment to repay the loan at pre-determined time intervals and interest rates.

The primary objective of FundedHere is connecting investors to startups in Asia, getting good entrepreneurial ideas funded and offering attractive returns for investors.


Funding Societies | Modalku is the largest SME digital financing platform in Southeast Asia. It is licensed in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, and backed by Sequoia India and Softbank Ventures Asia Corp amongst many others. It provides business financing to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which is crowdfunded by individual and institutional investors. In 5 years, it has helped finance over 2.4 million business loans with over S$1.5 billion in funding. It was given the MAS FinTech Award in 2016, the Global SME Excellence Award at the United Nations’ ITU Telecom World in 2017, Brands for Good in 2019, recognised by IDC as amongst the 5 fastest growing FinTechs in Singapore, and the Stevie® Award in 2020.


Fundnel is Southeast Asia’s largest private investment technology platform, powering private capital markets for the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors.

At the core of its deal-making expertise lies a proprietary engine, underpinned by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. The algorithms syndicate sell-side opportunities to the buy-side and has uncovered USD6 billion worth of deals for over 14,000 investors.

Fundnel is headquartered in Singapore with a growing presence in 5 countries across the Asia Pacific.


FundTier is a licensed online crowdfunding platform that provides alternative financing to different tiers of businesses by connecting them with individuals and businesses looking for alternative investments.


HGX is a private exchange formed by an alliance of leading capital market intermediaries to facilitate cross-border issuance and trading of securities.

We are an alliance of leading capital market intermediaries and we welcome all licensed or registered market participants to join us.


Kapital Boost helps Asian small businesses grow BIG. Our Singapore-based hybrid crowdfunding platform levels the playing field by providing liquidity for goods and capital purchases for SMEs. In return, these deals give our crowdfunding community potentially high short-term returns.


Minterest is an award-winning digital investment platform founded in 2017. We lead the way by delivering risk-adjusted returns to our growing base of investors through unlocking real estate and corporate investment opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. Minterest combines the depth of the team’s financial expertise with the breadth of financial technology into building tomorrow’s financial eco-system – one that serves rather than rules.


MoolahSense is Singapore’s first digital lending platform.

We aim to connect established businesses seeking loans for capital expansion, equipment purchases or other needs to the broad investor community. We are motivated in addressing the gaps in access for funding and investing for small businesses and everyday investors. We hope to contribute towards fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and to promote a more inclusive financial system.


SimplyGiving is Asia’s award winning leading online social giving website providing non-profits and their supporters with powerful fundraising, crowdfunding & donation tools.

These web-based tools make it easy and safe to give online, on-the-go (mobile giving) or through social networks like Facebook.

SimplyGiving currently operates in 20 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, reaching more people than any other online giving network in Asia.


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Financing is a new way for SMEs to obtain financing. At Smart Funding, we connect SMEs in Singapore who are seeking financing with global investors who want to make attractive returns while supporting Singaporean businesses.

SmartFunding is set up and driven by a team of experienced founders and executives who have extensive fintech and financial experience across various international markets. With a vision to provide the best-of-breed technology and operational practices, the team was assembled to develop an innovative fintech platform that meets the needs of SMEs and investors. To accomplish this, we have raised our early-stage funding from strategic investors Australia-based InvestorLend, a private fund management firm, and Fintech Asia Group, a member company of the Australia-listed venture builder Fatfish Internet Group (ASX: FFG).


Founded in 2015, Validus is Singapore’s largest SME financing platform for small businesses and accredited investors. By using data analytics and AI to avail growth financing to underserved SMEs, Validus looks to drive inclusive growth for SMEs and economies in the ASEAN region. Validus holds a CMS licence by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and has a presence in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.




Agiliux is a cloud-based insurance software with extensive policy and claims management capabilities.


Aktivolabs was founded to provide a product that objectively measures the healthiness of our lifestyle in a meaningful way, to let us make informed choices on how we could and should live!

Aktivo is a leap forward in personal digital wellness, where each user’s lifestyle choices are met with an equally personalised awareness.


Ancileo empowers insurance distribution with B2B2C partnerships, using 360º technology solutions for insurers, re-insurers and affinity partners. Our platform provides plug and play, secure and customizable technology solutions that enables efficient insurance distribution through digital partnerships.


At Bandboo, members form communities and insure one another against any pre-defined risks. Unlike traditional insurance, insurance on our platform is based on peer-to-peer networks whereby people can get themselves insured without going to an insurance company. We are the only place where members can enjoy a 100%, unconditional rebate if claim amounts are lesser than what members have topped up into their accounts over their membership term. We are also one of the first insurance-enabling platforms in the world that run on blockchain, which enhances the integrity of our system.


We’re a Singapore-headquartered FinTech that’s revolutionising financial advice with online solutions that help simplify and demystify financial planning; making it possible for everyone, regardless of financial acumen, to make better financial decisions.


We make Life Insurance fantastically fun! Our platform helps you understand your own financial situation better so you always make the correct Life Insurance decisions with confidence. Your Financial Discovery Journey of a lifetime starts here.


CXA Group is Asia’s one-stop, predictive and data intelligence platform for better health, wealth and wellness choices. Through the CXA platform, employers can empower employees with access to personalised health and lifestyle offerings, with clear and quantifiable ROI for the business.

We enable employers to leverage their existing healthcare and insurance spend to pay for flexible benefits, corporate wellness and disease management initiatives in order to improve health, combat chronic disease and reduce costs while allowing for employee personalization via an e-wallet and AI.


Droplet by Digital Income is the first rain insurance that protects you against price surge. Get back 60% of your ride fare when it rains, up to $50 a day!


eBaoTech® is a technology solution provider for global insurance industry. Our mission is to “make insurance easy”. We have clients in more than 30 countries across all continents, serving numerous insurers, agents, brokers, InsurTech startups and others in the insurance ecosystem.


World’s 1st Marketplace for Tradable Insurance Policies, leveraging on Blockchain Technology to disrupt the status quo. fidentiaX is a marketplace and repository of insurance policies for the masses that leverages on blockchain technology. Users will be able to buy, sell or store their insurance policies on the blockchain. This blockchain-powered marketplace will provide a trustless, immutable, auditable and transparent environment to disrupt the status quo.


Lifestyle and wellbeing is at the core of every human’s health, happiness and productivity. Today’s technology has given us an incredible opportunity to leverage lifestyle and wellbeing data for engaging and educating in a digitally-enhanced environment.

FitSense has mastered this digitally-enhanced environment for you and built a wellbeing ecosystem. A seamless, educational and engaging experience. We help and encourage people to adopt healthy habits and improve their health and wellbeing.


GetAssured for Business is Singapore’s first life insurance based employee benefits portal. We started with one sole purpose: to empower companies to value-add to their employees at no cost. With almost two decades of combined experience in the employee benefits and life insurance industry, our team is committed to helping employers take better care of your employees at no additional cost so you can focus on what you do best – building and growing your business.


Gigacover delivers essential worker benefits to the self-employed economy. We work with insurers and financial institutions to bring flexible and right-sized insurance, healthcare and financing solutions to the 150m self-employed workers in Southeast Asia. Gigacover has operations in Singapore and Indonesia.


At Hearti, we envision to redefine Financial Inclusion in South East Asia through the Micro-Financing and distributing Micro-Insurance products with our strategic partners.

Hearti’s two integrated platforms, Benefit.X & Surety.Ai, are designed exclusively for digital-first SME, banks and insurers offering a faster go-to-market solutions by using A.I & blockchain technologies.

IGLOO (formerly Axinan)

Igloo is a full stack insurtech startup founded in 2016. It leverages big data, real-time risk assessment and end-to-end automated claims management to create innovative B2B2C insurance solutions for platform partners and insurers. Igloo’s insurance solutions enable companies to eliminate their exposure to operational risk, create new revenue streams and optimise and enhance existing products.


Insurance Risk Exchange.

“The Amazon of Commercial Insurance”

A new Digital Marketplace to Transform the Global Commercial Insurance Industry. Advanced extensible secure digital technology with streamlined end-to-end processes to provide more competitive pricing while radically improving execution time, minimizing execution costs and permitting a new breed of insurance instruments and risks.

One of our prime goals is to ensure clients get the best insurance cover for the most competitive price from the global pool of available capital. Brokers can use our market trading platforms to trade insurance risk with the most competitive underwriters, and are able to match to participant’s locations, and to the continual changes in capacity across the global landscape.


Insuree is a single point of contact for everything insurance-related. Empowering you with transparency & knowledge to make informed decisions. Insuree aims to disrupt the insurance industry with technology application, collaboration efforts, and data analytics to provide consumers with a holistic experience.


At Inzsure, we love Insurance. This is an industry that has provided a phenomenal and necessary service for eons and continues to do so today. By taking a Silicon Valley approach to this space, we believe we can change how corporate managers think about insurance permanently by establishing ourselves as a leading InsurTech firm and developing a ground breaking solution.


We are The World’s First Secure Transit Insurtech.

WE UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN. YOU WON’T NEED GUNS. We worked very hard and created a solution that will reduce your security operations costs and Transit Insurance by approximately 40%. In fact, you may not need armed guards anymore to transport your cash.

As The World’s First Secure Transit InsurTech, we can help you with the pay-as-use Secure Transit solution that comes with all the Insurance that you need and a reduced requirement on your security set up.

Speak to us today. Be one of our pioneer clients.


​The insurtech empowering Financial Advisors through digitalisation.


PolicyPal is an insurtech company that empowers consumers to start their financial journey through gamified reward-based learning. With over 100,000 users, PolicyPal is building on technology to transform protection and financial services for consumers, financial advisers and insurers across the entire insurance industry.

With PolicyPal, your all-in-one insurance platform, embark on the life-long journey to Learn, Plan, Protect and Grow your financial portfolio.


The digital marketplace for Traded Endowment and Life policies in Singapore. We assist policyholders in obtaining better encashment value for insurance policy that they wish to surrender. PolicyXchange strives to be a convenient e-portal that connects Insurance Policyholders, Traded Endowment/Life Policies (TEP/TLP) market makers and investors.


Telematics SDK and Platform to collect, process, and analyze telematics data. We enhance drivers’ safety and performance via embedded services for developers. By combining advanced analytics with the power of our mobile telematics data, we unlock powerful insights that lead to remarkable results for companies looking to solve, analyze and improve their product performance and customer satisfaction.


We built Singlife because we believe that the world needs a better kind of insurance company: using the smartest technologies to make insurance totally digital, with automated efficiencies to make it more convenient and affordable.

We think we’ve done a great job with this so far, and now we are doing the same with helping you with managing your cash.

We aim to deliver better returns and a mobile-first alternative to banking. And in 2020, we will add effortless investing to the mix.

We’re on a mission to help you fix your finances.


We are a Singapore-registered FinTech Company certified by SFA as an InsurTech provider. We provide quick and fast insurance comparisons across the different insurers that insurance brokers’ partnered with. A quote would take within 45 seconds, enabling financial consultants to respond to potential customers with a faster turnaround time versus manually going into each insurer’s portal and getting them one by one.


SNACK by Income is a first-of-its-kind platform in the insurance space that lets people use spare change to build up their coverage with lifestyle activities. In just 6 months, SNACK has issued more than $30m sum assured in micro-policies.


Surer is a cloud-based, web platform with a market-first technology in the region, that helps all parties in the General Insurance segment automate processes and drive network collaborations, enabling them to provide better service and support to their clients. As at May ’20, Surer is certified by the Singapore FinTech Association.

Problems abound at every step of the way for some 30,000 Intermediaries accounting for close to SGD$4 billion worth of policies, due to primitive practices today. These are problems Surer will leverage technology to solve.

Surer is here to help all parties in the General Insurance sector pitch better, close faster.

Be Surer. Get Surer.


Your Digital-First Insurance Partner.

Surety.AI is the insurtech platform for insurers, brokers and ecosystem partners.

With flexibility to create new and manage insurance products on the fly, Surety.AI provides API connectivity to optimise all aspects of the insurance value chain. Our platform will enhance your customer’s journey with an engaging user experience through the insurance lifecycle.


At Sync, we’re building a robust sales and marketing platform for Southeast-Asian Financial Sales Professionals and Leaders to Attract, Convert, and Engage! Our all-in-one solution will ensure you have an easier time turning a lead into a prospect and a prospect into a customer! We believe that with the right tool and proven advisory methodology, be it single needs or holistic planning, advisers can do well by doing good.

Financial sales professionals deal with much more data than others, that’s why we made sure what you can capture is what you can use to sell more

TIQ by Etiqa

Making insurance as easy, clear and honest as possible is what Tiq is all about. We are the digital channel of Etiqa Insurance, an award-winning digital insurer in Singapore, with a wide range of insurance to suit your needs. Easy to buy, fast to claim.


Vouch Insurtech is an insurance platform for private communities. We partner with major insurers to offer Singapore’s first “No-Claim Rebate (NCR)”​ cash back for car insurance. Customers who purchase their car insurance via receive up to 15% cash back (on top of existing No-Claim Discount) from insurers if they do not make any claims. Customers can maximize their cash back by forming groups with other safe drivers, and enjoy a fairer and more transparent customer experience.

In Singapore, we partner with 3 of the biggest general insurers namely, NTUC Income, Sompo Insurance Singapore and Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore, to introduce the “No-Claim Rebate (NCR)”​ to car insurance policyholders. We were also selected by global reinsurer Swiss Re as 1 of 5 start-ups globally to be part of their InsurTech Accelerator 2017 programme, which mentors start-ups with the potential of disrupting insurance practices.


ZA Tech is the technology venture founded by ZhongAn Online, a global leader in online insurance, and backed by Softbank’s Vision Fund. ZA Tech’s solution originated from the use-cases of ZhongAn and is utilized by external partners, including leading insurers to enable them to unlock the value of digital partnerships and accelerate the go-to-market for the new generation of online insurance.

ZA Tech is redefining the insurance landscape by enabling digital ecosystems to easily embed relevant protection within their customer journeys.

Investments / Wealthtech



37cap executes a combination of strategies to generate alpha in the digital assets space. We run liquid market-neutral funds, and we also invest in tokens and in companies at the bleeding edge of decentralization.

Our principals have been in bitcoin from its earliest days. We believe that crypto is both a financial asset as well as a fundamental building block of the new economy.


At 360F, our purpose is to revise the financial advisory system. We enable any distributor to deliver the best solutioning possible and win the customer’s trust. Having built the world’s first ever solutioning optimizer that synergizes life insurance and wealth management, we automate solutions that have the best and self-verifiable fit for anyone, anywhere and anytime. This technology enables banks, insurers, wealth managers, agents and advisers to transform what’s usually a product-pushing and uncomfortable exercise for their customers into an assuring and motivating one. We help to keep up the momentum of this transformed experience by additionally offering our expertise to build and integrate the infrastructure for seamless and instant execution – making advisory a highly scalable business. 360F is a Singapore-based team of actuaries, quantitative finance experts, data scientists, computational engineers and industry veterans embedding only the best financial advisory in people’s lives so that the world can make credible progression in closing the perennial protection and retirement gaps.


additiv is a market-leading system of intelligence for digital wealth management. Established in 1998, additiv partners with the world’s leading financial institutions to help them capitalize on digitization. Its market-leading DFS® (Digital Finance Suite) is an orchestration engine that lets financial institutions quickly launch new propositions as well as giving them the intelligence to maximize customer engagement. Headquartered in Zurich, additiv is supported by a broad ecosystem of implementation and solution partners that enable it to deliver unparalleled customer success to wealth managers and credit providers globally.


AGDelta is an award-winning, Asia-based B2B2C FinTech firm, with centres of excellence in Hong Kong and Singapore, that makes financial investments, services and advice more accessible, safer and smarter, by digitising the wealth ecosystem.

AGDelta achieves this by connecting buyers and sellers of financial investment products through its Digital Wealth Platform, bridging the financial supply chain. The Digital Wealth Platform employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics to enable the identification of more relevant investment opportunities, and leverages RegTech to address compliance in 15 market jurisdictions, removing barriers to investment and ensuring suitability and appropriateness across complex cross border settings. AGDelta is one of the largest B2B financial investment platforms in Asia, handling over USD$1.5 trillion worth of financial investment product transactions.


AlgoMerchant revolutionizes the way people invest by providing fully AI-driven solution for stock traders and portfolio managers.

We are a dedicated team of traders and software engineers working to drive mass adoption of intelligent trading algorithms for both retail investors and financial institutions globally. Our intelligent trading algorithms are created using our novel proprietary Machine Learning framework and big data processing capabilities to generate ‘Alpha’ returns by exploiting market inefficiencies and trading based on non-random, statistical patterns. We facilitate investors to tap the best ‘Alpha’ to manage their investment accounts with complete simplicity. The AlgoMerchant platform and the team is now ready to serve every investor’s needs in their journey to trade.


A regional robo-advisor headquartered in Singapore. It is one of the earliest robo-advisors to be licensed by MAS to provide full digital investment advisory and management services to retail and corporate investors. Today, AutoWealth is entrusted with hundreds of millions in asset value by thousands of retail investors and Fortune 500 MNCs.


Since 2009, ayondo has stood for innovation. Whether you use ayondo to develop and implement your own strategies and gain followers, or take advantage of top traders’​ signals, our proprietary, award-winning technologies help you efficiently and reliably while trading.

Being transparent, having low fees, and a strong network of traders allows us to bring you the best possible experience. Social trading is new way of trading that connects traders together unlike ever before to form a community of Top Traders.


Bambu is a Fintech company. We are B2B, which means we only develop tech for financial institutions. Our platform helps users save and invest for their future, so we like to think we’re helping people in some small way. The plan for us is to make the platform intelligent piece-by-piece, to help people manage their spending and money every day.

We’re a fast-growing startup based in Singapore, with branch offices in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, and Dubai. Founded in 2016, and largely privately owned by the founders and employees, we have the financial backing of one of the world’s leading players in our industry in Franklin Templeton. We have clients in every continent except Antarctica. Yeah, we’re still working on that. Oh, and we also launched Singapore’s first robo-advisor platform back in 2016 with Crossbridge Connect.


Capital management company focused on bank asset securitisation opportunities in Frontier Markets.

Connecting investors with Bank Assets, connecting banks with Capital markets.

We provide highly relevant and impartial strategic advice to financial institutions based on own deep experience as investors and managers. We work with shareholders and Boards of Directors to provide guidance on capital restructuring.


BetaSmartz is a B2B Investment Management FinTech business that equips financial institutions with digital tools and automated investment, operational and administrative solutions across the back, middle and front office enabling them to more efficiently manage clients and their wealth, reducing cost and increasing scale. We are a SaaS platform with expertise at the centre of technology and financial services.

Offering a complete suite of fully customisable B2B2C white- labelled turnkey digital and automated solutions to:

• Private Banks, Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors

• Retail & Commercial Banks • Asset Managers & Asset Owners

• Insurance Companies

• Fund Custodians and Brokerage Houses


Bondlinc is a Wealth Management solutions provider certified by the Singapore Fintech Association, and has attained several industry accolades including the Best Regulatory Reporting Solution and Most Innovative Solution by the Asian Private Banker.


Bondevalue is a Singapore based Fintech company that focuses on Asian bond markets. Unlike equities which have already been digitally disrupted, bonds have remained unchanged for decades, with private bank clients unable to access live prices. We envision using our deep domain expertize to level the playing field for them via the simplicity and convenience of an App.


Canopy is a Singapore based fintech that offers account aggregation, portfolio analytics, and client reporting solutions to financial institutions, wealth management professionals, and high net-worth individuals. We are proud to have Credit Suisse as a client and investor.

CONNECT by Crossbridge

Singapore’s first robo advisory service. CONNECT by Crossbridge is Asia’s first and largest functioning digital advisory service for Accredited Investors


At Covalent Capital, our objective is to create shared systems and platforms which deliver Cost, Process and Information efficiency to the Debt Markets.

Financial Institutions are amongst the most recognised and respected institutions globally but they face increasing cost and capital constraints. Shared infrastructure and common platforms will help reduce costs and enable banks to allocate expensive resources to more value added activities. We believe these shared services are best provided by independent entities.

At Covalent Capital, we value a collaborative approach. It is our objective to work closely with market participants to develop innovative solutions, that anticipate and satisfy the demands of Debt Markets.


With a track record going back almost 20 years, dollarDEX is an online investment platform by Aviva that makes investing in unit trust easy and affordable for all. dollarDEX is a trademark owned by Navigator Investment Services Ltd. Navigator Investment Services Ltd is a firm licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


Eigencat is a start-up Fintech supported by the University of Singapore (NUS) enterprise which has built a modular digital investment platform for use in the Wealth Space. We are a B2B provider which has a vision to completely redefine the investment process and delivery mechanisms.


Endowus is a Singapore-based financial technology company that empowers people to take control of their financial future. The firm’s proprietary systems provide data-driven wealth advice in constructing personalised solutions. Its portfolios are built on access to institutional-quality financial products at the lowest cost possible.

Endowus is a fee-only independent advisor paid solely by its clients, allowing its advice to be unaffected by conflicts of interest. The firm provides its end-to-end digital solution to individual and institutional investors. It is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


Enfusion is a leading global provider of native SaaS-based investment management technology solutions and services that enables clients to operate from a single golden source of data from the front-office to the back. A platform to boost agility, Enfusion delivers award-winning software, managed services and analytics to more than 500 investment managers and hedge funds from eight offices spanning four continents.


Everest Fortune Group is an Award-Winning Research House and Singapore FinTech Company (Cert No. 20060004). We use our modular cutting edge technology to deliver custom tailored solutions to Brokers, Traders and Portfolio Managers. We believe in pushing the limits of innovation while staying strictly compliant.


Expersoft Systems provides leading-edge software solutions and services for wealth management and retail banks, asset management companies, family offices, and other financial service providers.

Expersoft’s PM1 product provides its customers and users with an unrivalled and constantly expanding depth of capabilities to analyse, strategise, implement, and control investments in one modular, integrated, and intuitive environment.


Fincast is a financial services technology company, with offices in Australia and Singapore, that creates applications for investment advisers, wealth management groups and financial institutions.

Fincast is transforming the wealth management industry through their real-time portfolio management and goal based advisory tools, enabling investment advisers to more easily deliver goal based advice to clients. Fincast’s framework uses adaptive advice algorithms which means advisers can provide tailored advice that is based on the latest research, delivering increased client engagement, enhanced efficiency and reduced compliance risks.


Fraxtor is a blockchain enabled real estate crowdfunding platform, which allows investors to buy fractional units of real estate with a mouse click. Through Fraxtor, our investors can gain access to a selection of global real estate investment opportunities which are otherwise out of reach; and enjoy hassle-free real estate ownership.

There are three main challenges when it comes to real estate investment. First, it is the high capital outlay required to purchase real estate. Second, it is the illiquidity of holding real estate assets. Third, it is the limited access to the global real estate market.

Fraxtor understands these challenges and wishes to provide a platform for investors to invest alongside seasoned real estate investors. Our strength lies in our vast experience in global real estate investment, management and development.


Our cross-border, transparent, easy-to-use platform for funding and trading connects smart companies with smart capital. Simple and optimised, investments are both time and cost-efficient.

We believe our strongest asset is our team, and we hope you take a chance to meet us online.


The mission of GrabInvest is to give EVERYONE access to SIMPLE, TRANSPARENT, and AFFORDABLE investment solutions.


HiHedge is your personal automated investment advisor. We regularly help you invest with simple methods with great results while still managing risks like the best. We help you invest like a pro!


Hydra X builds next-gen trading and financial marketplace technologies to enable access to multiple venues and assets.

A Singapore-headquartered financial technology company that is applying cutting-edge technology, including the use of distributed ledger technology, to provide mission-critical trading and settlement solutions for digital asset financial marketplaces. Our comprehensive suite of trading infrastructure technology covers the entire transaction chain across multiple asset classes.


iFAST Corporation is a wealth management fintech platform headquartered in Singapore, providing a comprehensive range of investment products and services to financial advisory firms, financial institutions, banks, internet companies, multinational companies, as well as retail and high net worth investors in Asia. The Group offers access to over 12,000 investment products including funds, bonds and Singapore Government Securities (SGS), stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), insurance products, and services including online discretionary portfolio management services (DPMS), research and investment seminars, financial technology (fintech) solutions, investment administration and transactions services. The company is also present in Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and India.


Bespoke FinTech solutions, including trading software, algos, risk management systems, macro research, technical analysis, realtime alerts, trading education, and much more.



We are a leading digital securities finance & investment platform for real estate and private equity. InvestaX is a digital financing and investment platform licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We are removing friction for fundraising and trading in private securities markets. Our services are primarily focused on Real Estate & Private Equity.


Headquartered in Los Angeles with a global presence, InvestCloud develops first-class, financial digital solutions, pre-integrated into the cloud. By empowering investors and managers with a single version of the integrated truth through its unique digital platform, InvestCloud creates beautifully designed client experiences and intuitive operations solutions using an ever-expanding library of digital modular apps. The result? Powerful products for individual investors and institutions alike, assembled on-demand to meet clients’ specific needs.


InvestingNote is a Singapore based company that provides financial platform that aims to promote Singapore’s investor awareness by creating a social network dedicated for Singapore stock investors, a place where the retail stock investors meet the professionals traders to exchange investing ideas.


iSTOX is the first MAS-licensed integrated issuance, custody and trading platform for digitised securities.

iSTOX is a future-ready capital markets platform set to usher in a new era for capital fundraising and investment. Through the use of Digitized Security Offerings, iSTOX offers a more innovative, flexible, inclusive, and efficient system for an emerging generation of investors and issuers. As part of its mission, iSTOX seeks to enable all users to transact precisely as and how they like and extends capital markets access to a wider segment of the community. iSTOX is owned by ICHX.


We provide investors a personalized strategy, portfolio optimization, and global investments at the best market value. Kristal.AI is a Digital-First Private Wealth Platform giving investors access to curated portfolios from the world’s top Portfolio Managers. Our proprietary algorithm helps you choose the best investment strategies to meet your financial goals.

Licensed in 3 countries, Kristal.AI is now present in Singapore (MAS), Hong Kong (Type 4 & Type 9), and India (SEBI – RIA).


We’re the international arm of one of the most valuable unicorn Lufax ( and a member of the world’s largest insurance company Group, Ping An.

Our LU Global mobile investment and wealth management platform is operated out of Singapore and offers 24/7 online access to a wide range of high quality investment products.

Incorporated in Singapore in January 2017, we hold a capital markets services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore for dealing in securities, fund management, providing custodial services for securities and is an exempt financial adviser.


Formed in Singapore in 2016, Noviscient is a next-generation investment manager. Our goal is to leverage the best that technology and new thinking has to offer to become a trusted partner to our investors through alignment and performance.

Imagine an investment manager that is:

… technology-led

… fully aligned with its investors

… completely transparent in its incentives, structure and trading

… focused on performance

… zero management fee


PIVOT is a transparent digital investment management system based on the fundamentals of Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory.

PIVOT diversifies many asset classes across the world through statistical algorithms using predictive machine learning techniques to create a bespoke optimized portfolio for each investor.

PIVOT focuses on achieving good risk-adjusted returns by predicting market trends across different asset classes to minimize portfolio volatility over the medium to long-term.


Wealth management is becoming increasingly digital. Quantifeed provides a digital investment solution to financial institutions and their clients. Our platform allows users to explore, customize, invest & manage portfolios of stocks, bonds, funds and other asset classes. It has been developed to allow for full integration with your execution and back office systems.

Mass affluents – those with investable assets between US$100k and US$1mn – in Asia are the fastest growing wealth segment globally. Their investment needs, however, remain hugely underserved by mainstream wealth management providers who tend to focus on higher wealth segments.

We create transparent products that are easy to access by millions of mass affluent investors. To achieve this, we automate part of the investment process, and use Nobel Prize-winning financial models and cloud-hosted web technology.


RealVantage is a co-investment platform that provides investors access to cross border real estate at lower investment quantum. It is the leading platform in South East Asia that allows co-ownership into property investments across jurisdictions, (AU, UK, USA) and across various real estate asset classes – (Residential, Commercial, Industrial).

The team comprises of professionals that have worked in esteemed institutions such as Deutsche bank, JLL, ARA, Sovereign Wealth Fund – GIC, Partners group, Barclays bank, etc. RealVantage also has advisors that have a wealth of investment experience – This includes Asia’s Sasseur REIT CEO – who is part of the RealVantage investment committee.


Sherpa Funds Technology (SFT) is a Singapore based Company that provides game-changing technology to Investors, Fund Managers and Traders.

Our patented technology – ORS (Optimal Risk Sizing) is a SaaS based solution that is set to change the way money is managed.

Optimal Risk Sizing (ORS) links Investors to Portfolio Managers and solves the ‘Principle Agent’ problem. This link gives Investors better control over their money and Fund Managers better client contact and understanding. ORS allows Fund Managers to offer a differentiated product to the Investor base and has already been used successfully to raise AUM in a competitive bid. As usage increases, the analytics will identify similar-minded Investors and Managers who can link up in risk-equivalent communities.


Digital Front-Office for Financial Institutions.

Simple2Trade is a Singapore based FinTech at the leading edge of enterprise SaaS development.

Our products are quietly, incrementally transforming the global financial services landscape. We are immensely proud of what we do and the real-world empathy we bring to every client relationship – spanning FOREX and multi-asset brokerage firms, Wealth Managers and ROBO Advisors, Global Remittance providers as well as banks and insurance companies – globally.

Our flagship product, Digital Front Office (DFO) is your springboard from which to anchor, baseline reset and then accelerate your digital transformation journey.


Smartkarma is a collaborative marketplace that is radically changing the way market participants create, distribute and consume investment insights. Smartkarma unites the fragmented investment industry, connecting Investors, independent Insight Providers, and Corporates within a single network. As a trusted information source, Smartkarma provides unconflicted and unmatched analysis, transparency and context into the Asian markets to help global institutional investors confidently drive their investment strategies.

Unlike traditional research companies, Smartkarma combines intelligence from the world’s premier analysts, academics, data scientists and strategists in one unique ecosystem. Our customizable platform helps investors optimize research spend and enhance returns while accessing the widest range of global analysis of the Asian markets available.


Snap is a technology company focusing on areas of Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and Blockchain. We aim to be always at the forefront of technologies and seek to break new grounds all the time. Established in 2011 based on the early research work in Snap Decision Making Model, we extended our work on AI to various areas of Fintech and Blockchain. In terms of coverage, we expand from our head office in Singapore to many international offices.

SNAP Innovations Pte Ltd is an Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Financial Trading & Technology Solutions company. We provide professional traders with ultra-low latency multi-asset trading platforms and trader focused Click & Algo front-end trading screens and integrated back-end management systems, all delivered in a highly customizable package to optimize trading strategies.

Established in 2011, our clients includes international exchanges, major international banks, prime brokers, hedge funds, prop traders, family offices, technological providers and data & software vendors.


Source Central is modernizing the institutional real asset marketplace. Designed exclusively for the world’s largest and most sophisticated investors and asset managers, Source Central provides a secure two-sided network based on interactive real asset fund data.

Our mission is to improve the institutional real asset marketplace through well-designed technology.


Spark FX provides a robust trading platform that helps payments players to achieve better profitability. The platform was developed to bridge gaps between product offerings and actual user needs, and plays a facilitative role between liquidity providers and takers. Spark Systems is an exciting new Fin-Tech startup funded by industry veterans, we are the first high tech solution provider for institutional forex trading that is originated in Asia. We aim to build world class FX trading platform to serve a growing Asia financial hub. As early member of the firm you will be involved from the very beginning of building something truly special, and will be duly rewarded with a fast-track career.


Spiking is a real-time social trading platform for investors in a stock market. The company provides in-house applications and optimized cloud-based mobile solutions.

Spiking – Arming everyday investors with verified trading information. Our real-time updates on the big stock players keep you one step ahead of the game.

Spiking is the newest app to excite the financial technology community, bringing transparency to the Singapore, Malaysia and Hong-Kong stock exchanges through real-time verified information on trades made by the big-time sophisticated investors. In short, we help you invest smarter.


SquirrelSave, Smart Investing for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!

People say they invest. But are they, really? Most are speculating! Not at SquirrelSave!

Need investment knowledge? Need a lot of money to invest? Not at SquirrelSave!

At SquirrelSave, we invest the right way. We manage risks before chasing returns. Managing risks require big data analytics, real-time 24/7. Not humanly possible. But SquirrelSave can. We use artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning to design a globally diversified investment portfolio with the highest predicted return matched to your risk profile – when you ask for it – using latest market data 24/7.

Unlike others. Fresh. Not pre-made.


StashAway is the digital wealth manager that intelligently navigates macroeconomic data, not the market ups and downs. Our clients get similar returns to benchmarks with just a fraction of the risk. It’s not magic; it’s intelligent investing.

StashAway personalises financial planning and portfolio management for the vast range of needs of retail and accredited investors alike.

Our proprietary investment strategy, ERAA (Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation) uses macroeconomic data to maintain each investors’​ personal risk preferences through any economic environment. ERAA’s intelligent asset allocation approach minimises risk and maximises returns by reading thousands of data points to determine current and upcoming economic environments, navigating economic uncertainty, and seeking asset class valuation gaps.


Syfe is the digital wealth manager for investors who expect more – greater transparency, smarter personalised portfolios, and better investment outcomes.

We combine proven investment strategies with game-changing technology to give investors globally diversified portfolios that are in sync with their personal risk profiles. Unlike traditional investment management, there are no high fees or hidden costs involved, so investors can be sure they are always earning the best possible return on their investment.

The Syfe Difference

Syfe’s investment methodology and algorithms are built on Nobel Prize-winning research and grounded in the deep expertise of our financial research team. Our investment philosophy is defined by ARI, our proprietary Automated Risk-managed Investment strategy.


Sygnum Bank is the world’s first regulated Digital Asset Bank and a digital asset specialist with global reach. With Sygnum Bank AG’s Swiss banking licence, as well as Sygnum Pte Ltd’s capital markets services (CMS) licence in Singapore, Sygnum empowers institutional and private qualified investors, corporates, banks and other financial institutions to invest in the digital asset economy with complete trust.

Our clients can use their deposited CHF, USD, EUR and SGD to invest in leading digital assets, including protocol tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Tezos, a Digital CHF for instant settlement, and asset tokens. They have the peace of mind that these investments are held with bank-grade security, convenience, and trust.


Torre Capital is a regulated fintech platform in a major global financial center enabling 100% transparent access and allocation to global institutional grade alternative investment opportunities.

Through our platform, we provide investors access to investment opportunities, which are otherwise out of reach in both the primary and secondary capital markets.


Traderwave Pte Ltd is a financial technology company that develops and provides an intuitive charting web application that allows global traders to shortlist, analyse and monitor trades from any computer that has internet access.

Traderwave is an intuitive charting web application that allows global traders to shortlist, analyse and monitor trades from any computer that has internet,

Analyse your trades quickly. Easily scroll through hundreds of your shortlisted charts to identify trading opportunities in mere minutes.


Headquartered in Singapore, Tradesocio provides digital technology that enables financial institutions worldwide to access, manage and offer unique investment management and brokerage solutions to their customers.

We provide a complete end-to-end financial management offering, from development, hosting and maintenance, to security and post-sales technical support.

Tradesocio has grown from a start-up in 2015 to a global fintech company with over 150 employees, Operational HQs in Dubai and offices in Cyprus, India, and soon, London.


Trakinvest is the world’s first full featured social investment platform.

We enable anyone to access institutional quality research on 15,000 stocks and leverage the collective knowledge of investors globally to make better and more profitable investment decisions. All for free.

Users who sign up are given “virtual”​ currency and their own personal trading account for free. They can virtually invest and crowd source the best ideas across 9 major exchanges (US, China, India, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong). We enable anyone to become a better investor, by giving you access to tools to upgrade your learning, and allowing you to spot and piggy-back the performance of other investors.



Analyse. Learn. Connect.

Investing for everyone on a single platform.

Investing has never been easier with VI. Centred on FinEduTech, VI App’s unique stock analysis makes investing Smarter, Faster and Easier than ever before by delivering powerful insights.

Powering learning through technology, VI offers lifelong education on investing and access to a community of investors globally.


WeInvest is Asia’s first end-to-end Digital Wealth Platform and offers solutions to Banks & other financial institutions. The plug and play online platform is used by Banks to offer more online investment options to their retail customer base and strengthen the proposition for HNIs and Private Banking clientele.

WeInvest provides an end-to-end Digital Wealth Management Platform through our four product lines.


The global leader in wealth information and insight, Wealth-X partners with leading prestige brands across the financial services, luxury, not-for-profit and higher-education industries to fuel strategic decision-making in sales, marketing and compliance. Wealth-X boasts the world’s most extensive collection of records on wealthy individuals and produces unparalleled data analysis to help organizations uncover, understand, and engage their target audience, as well as mitigate risk.

Founded in 2010, with staff across North America, Europe and Asia, Wealth-X provides unique data, analysis, and counsel to a growing roster of over 500 clients, worldwide.

WIZE by TeamWork

WIZE is an all-in-one Wealth Management solution offered by TeamWork, a Swiss company founded in 1999 which has now more than 800 employees internationally. It offers a cross-functional platform to Wealth Managers that meets multiple needs in terms of portfolio management, ordering, CRM, regulatory aspects (compliance), invoicing, back office and e-banking access. Trusted by over 70 clients in 10 different countries, WIZE by TW aims to allow clients to focus on their business while taking advantage of the platform’s power and scalability.


Xen is a next-generation platform for private investments, opening up privileged opportunities to a wider array of investors at a below-market fee.

Xen’s mission is to bring together a new community of investors that value access, liquidity and transparency.

Markets are more fraught than ever with uncertainty. Traditional channels often charge high fees for accessible investment opportunities. Xen cuts through all that noise, providing a smarter way to build wealth and more.

Xen serves a new generation of investors who demand access to institutional-grade investments, greater autonomy in decision-making, and a seamless digital experience.




Consumer credit is broken; we’re trying to fix it. The Ablr team is focused on utilising technology, design and data to humanize consumer credit.


AND Global Pte. is a Singapore based fintech company that manages startups developing AI powered financial products.

The company’s proprietary platform provides instant credit scoring and unlocks access to unsecured personal loans and payment options instantly to customers on their mobile devices.

AND Global’s first and so far most successful product, a smartphone-based personal loan platform LendMN was launched in Mongolia in 2016. This AI-driven product assesses credit risk and reduces cost for lending, while providing access to financing for people who are under-banked.

AND Systems, the R&D subsidiary of AND Global, is located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Atome is a leading “buy now, pay later” brand that splits consumers’ bills into three equal, zero interest payments over time. Pronounced as “A-To-Me”, short for “Available to Me”, Atome partners over 2,000 online and offline retailers across key verticals such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and homeware in offering their consumers choice, flexibility and convenience in how they choose to shop and pay. Our service is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Greater China.

Our three core brand pillars are “aspirations, access and advice”, and our goal is to empower a new generation of tech-savvy consumers by giving them smarter access to their aspirations.

Our tagline, “Time to Own It”, plays on the core concept of time; in how Atome helps people to pay and afford products and services over time, but at a deeper level, it’s also an immediate call to action for consumers to own their deepest passions and aspirations.

Atome is part of Advance Intelligence Group, a Series-C AI-driven technology company headquartered in Singapore, with operations across Southeast Asia, India and China. Advance Intelligence Group was recently ranked No. 5 on LinkedIn’s 2020 Top Startups List in Singapore.


Benefit.X equips Small Businesses with Corporate Cards and Digital Loan Options while complimenting their business operations with a cutting-edge Benefits and Human Resource Management (HRM) solution.

We want to make running a company as simple as possible by eliminating credit woes, allowing you to focus on scaling your business. Alleviate your HR frustrations by providing convenient access to self-administered tools for your employees to manage their HR entitlements and benefits information.


Bluecell is the region’s first online platform and Lending-as-a-Service integration for SME financing.

With Bluecell, SMEs get tools to improve their fundability, and easily compare and choose the best possible package for themselves. Furthermore, startups and service providers can integrate Bluecell into their product/services to increase stickiness and widen their range of value-added services.


Headquartered in Singapore, Capital C Corporation is a holding conglomerate that capitalises on fintech, as well as the best emerging technologies in the market, to provide financial services to the under-served in both Singapore and South East Asia.

Through its subsidiaries, it provides holistic financial solutions for SMEs and individuals, and invests in promising businesses to create value for its stakeholders and investors.


Cash In Asia Pte Ltd (CA) is a Singapore B2B financing platform powered by AI and data analytics, that provides a one-stop solution for responsible, transparent and flexible financing for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Asia Pacific.

Cash-IN-Asia ensures that clients who apply for financing are able to service the loans on a sustainable basis. We are committed to fair and transparent terms and conditions, allowing clients to compare offers easily, and endeavour to support clients when they encounter repayment difficulties.

Our Vision is Empowering every committed entrepreneur in Asia the financial support they need to fulfil their business aspiration while creating more job opportunities for all.



Capital & Credit Risk Manager (CCRManager) is a global digital platform for the secondary trading of trade finance obligations, and will help banks to address balance sheet, ROE and cost challenges.

The global landscape for trade and trade finance is continuing to evolve rapidly. Erratic market growth and regulatory changes combined with rapid technological development bring both challenges and opportunity: As commodities and financial markets turn increasingly volatile or face dis-intermediation, being able to hedge foreign exchange exposure and having access to sophisticated management solutions are major considerations for organizations looking to optimize their trading activities.

Trade finance institutions of tomorrow will need to embrace these changes with innovation, resting against firm foundations of time-tested techniques like the Master Risk Participation Agreement (MRPA). The CCRManager platform enables FIs and NBFIs to link their needs with a modern solution that enhances management of multiple asset classes with a healthy ecosystem of trading partners.


Credit Culture, a subsidiary of DEY Private Limited, is the first Fintech company to provide digital solutions for personal loans in Singapore. Its innovative and proprietary technology enables the company to address current market inefficiencies, enabling consumers to benefit from a faster, cheaper and better loan application process.

Credit Culture is one of six entities operating under a pilot by the Ministry of Law for new moneylending business models. The pilot aims to better protect borrowers through business-led improvements in the industry.

Using innovative digitalised solutions in the lending industry, Credit Culture aims to lower the cost of credit for consumers and drive financial inclusion across a spectrum of income bands, including the lower income segment that does not have access to banking facilities.

Founded by a group of veteran and former bankers, the management team has collectively more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry and in-depth knowledge of the consumer credit and technology space.


CredoLab develops bank-grade digital scorecards for banks, lenders, pay later, e-commerce and ride-hailing players, and any other industry at the intersection of financial services. Built on over 22 million loan applicants across 70+ lending partners, our AI-based algorithm crunches millions of features from opt-in, anonymous smartphone and web behavioural metadata to find the most predictive behavioural patterns before converting them into credit scores. These enable any lender to make the most granular assessments possible of their applicants. Our clients have seen 20% higher new to bank customer approvals, a 15% reduction in non-performing loans, and a 22% dip in fraud rate.

Established in Singapore in 2016, CredoLab has powered almost USD 2 Billion in loans issued after analyzing about 1 trillion data points across 20+ countries. We are backed by GBG, Walden International, Access Venture Capital, Fintonia Group and FORUM.


FinAccel is a financial technology company that leverages deep data analytics across users’ digital footprint to automate credit risk scoring and access to credit in Southeast Asia, the 7th largest economy in the world. FinAccel’s flagship product, Kredivo “Buy now, Pay later”, enables e-commerce buyers to apply and qualify for instant credit and pay back over time. Merchants using Kredivo benefit from providing Point of Sale financing using a 2-click checkout to all eligible buyers.

FinAccel is founded by an experienced and well rounded team. The company is backed by some of the biggest investors in the region: Jungle Ventures, NSI Ventures, GMO, AlphaJWC and 500 Startups and regulated by OJK in Indonesia. The company has a flat, egalitarian structure, no politics, no BS; people who are problem solvers, have high ownership and execute fast will thrive here.


Is your business facing cash flow issues? Worry no longer with smart financing from Finaxar. We leverage technology to provide fast and flexible business funding, aided by our simple, transparent pricing structures and integration with cloud accounting platforms.

Did you know that it can take up to 106 days to recover payment for goods and services delivered? Finaxar provides superior, fully automated capital solutions to help Singaporean small businesses manage short-term cash flows and avoid bankruptcy. These include receivable financing, a flexible line of credit etc. – a perfect marriage between finance and technology.


FintruX Network innovates smart solutions for underserved startups and SMEs. We aim to be the one-stop resource and solution provider for business growth and sustainability.

Our technology is developed by a dynamic team of skilled professionals and supported by Robocoder Corporation, which has over 20 years of enterprise software development experience.

TruX – the world’s first Smart Business Financing Platform, is a simple and powerful platform that empowers businesses to grow globally with TRUST (Transparency, Reputation, Understanding, Security, Time).


Providing revenue based financing to help your business fly! Founder-friendly financing to help your online business grow.


Singaporean Fintech developing credit cards and credit lines for freelancers in Southeast Asia using data and AI.

The credit card for those who are free! Freelancers don’t fit the mold of traditional banking.

That’s why Friz is developing credit cards and credit lines for the brave and relentless freelancers of Southeast Asia, so you can focus on your passion while we focus on your finances.


Genie Financial Services is the next generation financial solutions provider that uses technology to change the conventional ways of financing. With an array of innovative products and services, Genie empowers budding car dealerships to grow their business and provides customers with flexible financing options.

Run by a team of experienced financing experts with over 50 years of industry experience, Genie has underwritten loans worth over $200 million and facilitated more than 20,000 transactions in just 2 years of operations.

A member of the Hire Purchase Association, Finance and Leasing Association of Singapore, Genie is dedicated to giving our customers a different experience.


The Omni-Channel Digital Commerce Platform Get is the digital commerce platform that empowers microentrepreneurs with technology in order to be competitive in the future economy. Get builds the digital economy infrastructure to bring up the livelihood of people from the base of the pyramid through economic inclusion.

Get Digital Store is a Point of Sale Machine that enables any user to instantly become a micro-entrepreneur, providing multiple essential products and services from air and bus tickets to hotels, tours, and mobile top ups digitally. The purpose of Get Digital Store is to build the economic foundation in Myanmar with technology, while bringing efficiency and availability of various logistic services to every corner of streets.

GetRide is commission free community-based ride hailing network. GetRide aims to empower drivers in Myanmar with modern technology to build better lives by serving as a direct connection between drivers and customers.



GreenArc Capital (GAC) is an impact investment firm dedicated to fostering sustainable growth and inclusive finance through scalable credit solutions in select emerging markets. Through our proprietary technology platform, we offer access to a diversified portfolio of debt financing opportunities driven by both social and environmental factors as well as financial returns. Our portfolio invests across 5 impact investment sectors and 10 SGDs.

Driven by closing the UN SDG financing gap, our vision is to address the impact credit and conservation financing gap in key emerging markets by expanding financial channels to lift vulnerable populations out of poverty.

With decades of deep local market and structured credit experience, our aim is to provide debt financing through a centralised financial technology platform, connecting institutions, lenders and beneficiaries with impact investors in order to accelerate their growth and scale their impact:

– impact lenders in South/SE Asia that require lending capital

– impact investors seeking to deploy capital in these markets

– MSMEs and beneficiaries lacking access to formal financial markets


FinTech Investment Platform specialising in the alternative lending space in Southeast Asia & Oceania.

The 1st FinTech Fund Management Investment Platform that specialises in the $500 billion alternative lending space in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Australia. We are agnostic investors promoting industry’s best practices through our strategic expertise. We have raised about $18 million paid-up capital last 2 years and currently provide lending capital to hundreds of platform partners who access 200 million potential borrowers in the region, enabling them to transform the way corporates and consumers access credit today.


hoolah is Asia’s leading omni-channel buy now pay later platform. Headquartered in Singapore we are live in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and expanding rapidly.

We help merchants in Asia to solve the critical challenges of generating new customers, getting them to return, conversion and basket size by driving consumer affordability – responsibly.

Consumers can enrich their lifestyles – whatever that means to them and worry less about price to buy the things they want or need by paying over a short duration aligned to their budgeting and salary cycles. There is no interest charged ever and no hidden costs.

Merchants now have a more cost effective and data rich way to drive affiliate marketing, loyalty, conversion and increase their basket sizes by utilizing the hoolah Buy Now Pay Later solution. We focus on the consumer and the merchant journey to bring a new type of solution and greater outcomes for our customers.

ILEX (Institutional Lending Exchange)

iLex is a fintech start-up creating the first all-to-all electronic market and trading platform for corporate loans, delivering an augmented network and targeted deal opportunities for loan market participants using its proprietary matching engine. Through the use of its digital solutions and strategic partnerships, iLex facilitates the end-to-end automation of primary syndication and secondary market workflows and provide a comprehensive source of loan market data and analytics. Supported by industry players in the loan market ecosystem, iLex is leading innovation to deliver better liquidity, efficiency, intelligence and security to the corporate loan market. iLex was launched in 2019 and is based in Singapore.


Incomlend is an online multi-currency invoice exchange for businesses and private capital.

Every day throughout the globe companies search for funds to meet their current operational needs. Trillions of dollars’ worth of cash is trapped in invoices, as buyers do not always pay their suppliers on the spot. On the other hand, investors with spare funds seek to allocate them efficiently and securely in an increasingly unstable environment.

Incomlend unlocks the invoice cash simply, filling up the business money gaps with funds from private investors, who, on the other hand, benefit from accelerated return.

We offer a reliable and modern financial instrument ensuring:

  • Global coverage. Our platform participants can sell or buy both domestic and export invoices worldwide.
  • Security. Trades are credit insured and funds are protected on a secure account.
  • Transparency. There are no hidden fees or complex conditions.
  • Flexibility. Suppliers can adjust funding costs and volumes as they see fit. Funders can choose among a wide variety of type, time and terms of invoices.


InvoiceInterchange offers you a fast and flexible way to finance your business and allows companies like yours to grow, pay bills or overcome seasonal cash flow fluctuations by freeing up cash locked up in invoices due 30, 60, or even 90 days.

It is simple and straightforward – you choose the invoices you want to sell, as many or as few as you want, when you want and there are no charges when you don’t. Cash is advanced to you in as little as 24 hours.


Jenfi is a financial technology company that provides revenue-based financing to rapidly growing businesses in Asia. Jenfi aims to assist digitally-enabled businesses, such as e-Commerce ventures and high growth startups, to accelerate their sales velocity by funding their marketing, inventory, and growth campaigns. YCombinator backed.


Lend East is a credit platform focused on providing structured financing solutions to address inefficiencies in alternative lending markets in Asia. Our mission is to make alternative lending and investment ecosystem more efficient, transparent and profitable in the region.

With innovative structuring and securitisation solutions, we empower alternative lenders to scale and institutional investors to deploy their capital while driving financial inclusion. We target all platforms across alternative lending markets including venture-backed start-ups and traditional lending platforms across Southeast Asia and India. We invest using a risk based pricing approach that focuses on yield, duration, and credit quality with the objective of achieving consistent positive returns with low volatility and low correlation to other asset classes.


Lendela is a technology company that connects customers with banks and lenders, offering APAC’s most attractive platform for consumer credit management.

We believe that there is a better way to simplify the loan application process through digital technology. Our goal is to create superior value and empower consumers whilst, at the same time, delivering high quality customers to our bank partners & credit providers.


Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. And at Nufin Data, we believe every enterprise, big or small, anywhere in the world, should have the chance to maximise their growth potential. That is why we have brought together strong partners to create a connected and collaborative trade ecosystem where businesses can make the most of their payables and receivables to boost cash flow and grow together.

Combining powerful document process automation technology with trade financing options, our cloud based solution, NEMO, optimises a business’​ financial supply chain to drive growth. Empowering businesses anywhere to achieve a better workflow, information flow and cash flow.


Managing export/import (EXIM) shipments is an unnecessarily complex process. 100% of EXIM businesses are offline and run on Hardcopies, Excel & Email. NuPhi is transforming this.

NuPhi is world’s first end-to-end EXIM management cloud software. It’s an innovative All-in-One platform to create, track, share & manage all shipments, automate, digitalise workflow, documentation, advance license management, etc.

NuPhi is digitising, automating and simplifying lives of Exporters & Importers, globally. NuPhi also provides digital Export Financing solutions.


oCap is a technology-driven provider of financing solutions for businesses. Our mission is to create opportunities for businesses by offering access to sustainable, flexible and affordable financing solutions.

We are focused on becoming the go-to partner for businesses in Asia by providing Capital to drive growth and unlock potentials. As the world progresses towards a cashless society, we are here to support businesses, to help them grow organically and sustainably.


At OctiFi we are reinventing digital credit to make it more accessible for all consumers. We are using modern technology to re-imagine the checkout experience and make it easy for businesses of all sizes to offer responsible credit to their customers. Together, we are inspired by that moonshot ambition to reshape financial services, starting with Southeast Asia.

We are tirelessly building innovative B2B and B2C product solutions, and we need your help. If you are looking to work alongside some of the most passionate and multi-talented people in the financial services, data science and technology sectors, here is your chance.

Sounds like you’ll be an awesome fit? Come join a team that does great things while creating a life you are passionate about.


Oriente was established in 2017 by the co-founders of revolutionary internet companies Skype and who saw an opportunity to build a better, more equitable financial system for underserved consumers in Asia’s fastest-growing economies.

We are an innovative technology and data-science company committed to igniting opportunity for underserved communities in emerging Asia through financial and digital inclusion via its platform solutions.

We’ve raised over US$ 150 million in funding from incredible investors and strategic partners who share our vision to accelerate economic inclusion through commerce for emerging Asia’s fastest-growing economies.


Rely is a ‘buy now pay later’ service that enables customers to buy what they want today and split the purchase amount into interest-free payments. The service entails zero interest and no extra fees for the customer and we partnering with leading retailers to provide this to millions of customers across Asia.

At Rely, we are building a payment experience that helps millions of people be effortlessly in control of their spending. It’s all about giving everyone the power to take back control of their spending.

Our impact is when we take away all the painful mistakes and worry over falling prey to the debt trap, wasting their hard earned money on compounding interest and confusing and complicated financial jargons.

We wrap all this up in a genuinely enjoyable experience so everyone can worry less and enjoy life’s best moments.


Ryalize is an employee financial wellness platform that provides employees with instant access to a portion of their earned but yet unpaid wages.

Our mission is to end predatory lending by providing an equitable non debt funding alternative to employees in case of a financial emergency, paired with financial literacy tools.

Ryalize is a platform that enables employees to control when they get paid, empowering them to meet their daily financial demands on time. You can consider it a salary on demand proposition.

Through a simple app, Ryalize delivers the convenience of managing their financial commitments between paychecks, track their earnings, save and gain financial literacy.

By partnering with businesses, Ryalize offers tools that help their employees reduce financial stress, increase productivity, and an overall increase in employee commitment and loyalty towards the company. Ryalize Integrates seamlessly into their existing payroll process with no additional change.


Triterras is a trade finance leader leveraging advanced financial technology to solve deep-rooted challenges in the trade industry and unlock opportunities in global trade finance. The combination of the company’s entrepreneurial vision, institutional discipline and sector expertise sets Triterras apart in the industry.

In a slow-moving industry, Triterras has stood out as a technological pioneer. The company recognized the potential for blockchain to improve reliability in global trade finance and used its deep experience in the industry to build and deploy a platform that met the needs of customers. Kratos™, a custom-built blockchain-enabled platform enables all parties to a given transaction, including banks and insurers, to see and follow a transaction. The fintech platform increases speed and efficiency, promotes sustainability, enhances compliance and provides security throughout the trading process.

Triterras’ leadership team has more than 100 years of combined experience in trade finance. Their extensive ties to customers, traders and lenders make them the preferred partner to clients.


TurnKey Lender offers a solution for intelligent end-to-end lending software, decision management, and risk mitigation solutions and services. The company’s main product is an award-winning all-in-one modular platform that can automate both certain parts as well as the entirety of the lending process. TurnKey Lender is the only company on the market to offer bank-grade automation powered by AI and deep neural networks to lending operations of any size.

The company’s solution is currently used in 40+ countries and the software has won over 30 awards. Industries TurnKey Lender serves include cloud lending, retail, payday loans, microfinance, in-house lending, lease financing, medical, dental, MFIs, student loans, factoring, invoice financing, and telecom. Lender types include banks, alternative, SME, peer-to-peer and direct lenders, auto financing companies, mortgage providers, in-house finance and credit unions.


Uprise is a fintech company in Asia. We provide provide transparent and responsible financing to help start-ups and small businesses grow.

Uprise Growth Capital – Data-driven financing solution based on future credit card or e-payment sales for e-commerce businesses.

UprisePay – Innovative trade credit solution that assists vendors in offering net-terms and credit card payment options to their buyers.

Uprise Business Loans – instalment loans that are suitable for all sorts of small businesses.

Neo Banking



Headquartered in Singapore, Aspire is a Y-Combinator backed technology organization that serves small businesses with convenient & inclusive financial services. An Aspire Business Account is opened online with a few easy steps and gives customers access to a large variety of services.

We built Aspire from the ground with one thing in mind – serve small business owners with speed and simplicity. No long waits, paperwork, or hidden fees like other financial institutions – so business owners could concentrate on growing their businesses.

Aspire is backed by Y-Combinator – #1 startup incubator in the world – and is backed by some of the world’s best VCs.


BigPay is one of ASEANs fastest growing fintech companies. We’re on a mission to challenge traditional banking by democratizing and decentralizing financial services across SE Asia. We believe everyone should have fair and transparent access to products and services that matter to them. We use data and technology to give back to consumers control of their money and improve their financial health – all at a lower cost.


MatchMove is one of the world’s fastest growing and most disruptive fintech companies in digital payments and next-generation banking.

MatchMove’s proprietary Banking OS enables ‘Banking-as-a-Service’​ and the capabilities of Spend, Send, Lend within any app. The platform empowers businesses and their customers to Spend both online and offline easily and safely, via instantly issued prepaid cards on major card networks. Its Send capabilities include P2P domestic transfers, QR payments, cross-border remittances, P2M and mass disbursements to global recipients. The MatchMove banking OS platform further extends to Lend, where credit scores are assigned based on customers’ spending and sending patterns to offer customised lending solutions.


InstaReM was founded in 2015 with a mission to improve the cross-border payments experience for consumers in the APAC region. While continuing to be an expert in consumer remittances, we’ve expanded and scaled our offerings to meet the needs of SMEs, Financial Institutions, Enterprises and other payment service providers. Our network is powered by our portfolio of licenses, hard-earned by building trust with financial regulators in over 38 countries. Our platform offers a wide range of payments services grouped into three categories: Send, Spend and Receive. As a company, we are continuously innovating and pushing boundaries. We aspire to become enablers, creators of an open platform that businesses and partners can use to build a world free of the old constraints and restrictions – a world of Open Money. That platform is Nium.


When Revolut was founded in 2015, we had a vision to build a sustainable, digital alternative to traditional big banks. Our mission now is to help our customers improve their financial health, empower them to have more control, and promote financial cohesion across the communities in which we operate.

In 2019, Revolut was named Deloitte’s fastest growing UK FinTech company. With over 9 million Personal account users, and a quarter of a million Business users, the pace and scale of customer uptake demonstrates the vast need across the globe for better financial services. As our customer base has boomed in the last year, we’ve expanded our team to match that growth. We started 2019 with several hundred employees; we’re closing it out with almost 2000.


We’re making a positive, irreversible change in the world of finance. Together.

People on every continent around the world are choosing TransferWise to help them live, travel and work internationally. We’re the fairest, easiest way to send money overseas.

Built by and for people who live global lives, we make sending money abroad up to 8 times cheaper than the bank. This is money without borders – instant, convenient, transparent and eventually free.

For our customers, using TransferWise is as simple as sending money from A to B, but behind our app and website is a complex engine of currencies and routes, that’s being designed, built and powered by our talented teams in cities around the world.


YouTrip is a multi-currency mobile wallet with a prepaid Mastercard® that offers zero transaction fees across 150+ currencies at wholesale exchange rates. The mobile app also allows for the exchange and storage of 10 selected currencies in advance through the in-app exchange feature. The YouTrip mobile application works with a linked pre-paid Mastercard® and can be used to make payments at more than 30 million Mastercard accepting merchants worldwide.

YouTrip is a regional financial technology startup based in Hong Kong and Singapore, dedicated to creating the best mobile financial services for travellers by simplifying overseas spending and creating a fuss-free travel experience. YouTrip’s mission is to help people across Southeast Asia manage their money in a simpler yet smarter way, starting with a core focus on travellers.




2C2P is a global payments platform helping businesses securely accept payments across online, mobile and in-store channels. The company is headquartered in Singapore and operates across Southeast Asia, North Asia, Europe and the US. It is the preferred payments platform provider of regional airlines, travel companies and global retailers.


ACI Singapore is affiliated to ACI – The Financial Markets Association, the global umbrella body of financial markets associations. This Paris-based body, founded as Association Cambiste Internationale, has more than 10,000 international members worldwide in more than 60 countries, making it the largest international association in the wholesale financial markets. It was founded in France in 1955 following an agreement between foreign exchange dealers in Paris and London.


Acromobile powers your payments and automates related processes, you focus on running your business. Complete security with Tokenization. A payments app for Salesforce. A CRM and reporting system for Cybersource.


Adyen (AMS: ADYEN) is the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, providing a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard, and consumers’​ globally preferred payment methods. Adyen delivers frictionless payments across online, mobile, and in-store channels. With offices across the world, Adyen serves customers including Facebook, Uber, Spotify, Casper, Bonobos and L’Oreal.


Founded in 2014 in Singapore by a team of professionals with strong business and technology expertise within the banking and finance industry. Aleta Planet provide end-to-end technology solutions for Financial Institutions and corporates. We focus on a client specific, solutions-oriented approach and have successfully delivered highly regulated, licensed (by Monetary Authority of Singapore) and secured leading edge technology solutions.

Our proprietary solutions are principally involved in research, design, development, implementation and maintenance of our finance technologies for our clients. We work closely with clients to envision their success and collaborate seamlessly with their teams to ensure desired results are achieved and sustained.


Alipay is the world’s leading open digital daily life services platform operated by Ant Group. In 2004, Alipay launched as an escrow service to address the issue of trust between online buyers and sellers in the early days of e-commerce in China.

As of June 30, 2019, Alipay has grown through continuous innovation to serve more than 1.2 billion users worldwide together with its global e-wallet partners.

Working with more than 250 overseas financial institutions, Alipay has created online payment channels for buyers and sellers in more than 200 countries and regions. Alipay supports transactions in 27 different currencies, as well as tax reimbursement in 35 countries and regions. Foreign tourists and foreigners living in China can also use Alipay for mobile payments while in the country.


Alldebit Pte. Ltd. is an online and in-store payment company specializes in Direct Debit and QR code alternative payment solutions, head quarter in Singapore.

Alldebit process localized payments from Southeast Asia region, serving online gaming, e-commerce businesses, local stores, etc., without the necessity to open a local entity.


Alpha Fintech has developed the world’s first omni-channel solution access platform that consolidates the entire payments, risk and transaction world on one platform, the AlphaHub. The AlphaHub is fintech‘s first end-to-end middleware, connecting the merchant buyer and vendor supplier across the entire payments, risk and commerce spectrum through a single API and UI.

Now there is a single ecosystem for Payment Providers to plug into and expose their solutions, Banks and other Financial Institutions to access and sell these solutions, and Merchants to gain access to use and customize between available solutions. With Alpha, acquirers and payment gateways morph into digital commerce solution enablers by transforming the payment transaction into an information entry point, away from the solution dead-end it is today.


Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps, and on the web using Safari. It is supported on the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac. It digitizes and can replace a credit or debit card chip and PIN transaction at a contactless-capable point-of-sale terminal.


AsiaPay is a world-class electronic payment service, solution, technology provider, and merchant aggregator in Asia. We provide a comprehensive array of secured, advanced, and integrated payment processing solutions and technologies to banks, payment service providers, and merchants. We have partnerships with international card associations, banks, payment companies, and debit cards all over Asia.


In Asiatop Loyalty, we have the vision to disrupt the loyalty rewards market and hand back the control of rewards rules to the public. Our open-loop decentralized ecosystem aims to provide consumers with the ability for instant redemption and better management of multiple loyalty programs and exchange the reward points amongst them freely on a single platform.


AttractPay Ltd. is the first authorized acquirer of Alipay in New Zealand providing fast and safe payment acceptance service to New Zealand merchants.


We provide low cost, plug-and-play solutions to provide cashless payments and interactive capabilities for both new and legacy machines.


Vertical Payment Solutions Pte Ltd is a provider of leading edge payment and automation solutions for schools and universities in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East region. We have been providing solutions to the top tier international schools across the region since 2004. We are proud to be able to provide these high quality institutions with turn key or customised solutions to help them achieve their goals.


CardUp is a secure platform that brings value to both individuals and businesses by improving the way they pay and get paid, access credit and manage payments.

The company started by allowing any big expense previously made by bank transfer, cheque or cash to be shifted to card, even where cards are not accepted. Examples include rent to a landlord, insurance premiums, payroll, supplier invoices and more. CardUp has since gone on to launch merchant card solutions, card enablement and payment automation tools that help SMEs save time and automate their finance processes.

CardUp manages hundreds of millions of dollars in payment volume in the region today. As of 2020, CardUp operates in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

CardUp is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as a Major Payment Institution under the Payment Services Act.


Founded in 2011, Coda Payments’ mission is to make world-class digital entertainment accessible to everyone. With our headquarters in Singapore, we help digital content providers monetize their products and services in over 30 countries via payment channels that every consumer can use, with no need for a credit or debit card.

In 2020, Coda was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, a prestigious status accorded to select future headline-makers from around the world. Coda was also ranked the 22nd fastest-growing company in the Asia Pacific region by the Financial Times.

DTC (Digital Treasures Centre)

Digital Treasures Centre Pte Ltd (“DTC”), an enterprise solutions provider incorporated in Singapore in 2019. Leveraging on “distributed ledger technology + finance” as the research and development technology direction, DTC provides fully-compliant technology solutions for major enterprises. DTC offers merchants online services for accepting digital payment solutions including payment settlement, debit card and digital wallet.

DTC provides an alternative payment solution for Merchants, which is secure, faster and more cost-efficient as compared to the traditional payment solutions. Merchants could benefit from shorter settlement time, lower transaction cost and reduced administrative charges related to setting up and maintenance of the payment solution.


Our payment gateway combines direct acquiring capabilities, 100+ alternative payment methods, mass payouts, and technological innovation within a single, unified integration, enabling e-Commerce clients to accept payments from and issue payouts to customers anywhere in the world.

Headquartered in London, payment service provider and direct card acquirer ECOMMPAY is an authorised payment institution (API) regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (licence number 607597).


EedenBull is a fintech company, built by experienced banking, payment, and technology professionals. We help banks create new products and services to increase revenue, customer loyalty and brand affinity. We operate globally, but implement locally.


Episode Six provides a next-generation financial technology platform for creating innovative and differentiated financial and payments products for consumers and businesses, enabling financial institutions, fintechs and other innovative companies to serve their customers better.

Episode Six was founded by payments pioneers with the mission of redefining what is possible in the financial services and payments industries – industries that are increasingly burdened with inflexible legacy technology, which severely limits product evolution and innovation.


EZ-Link is the leading smartcard issuer in Singapore with the EZ-Link card valued as a key catalyst in Singapore’s transformation into a globally reputed cashless society.

With innovation at the core of our business, EZ-Link continuously introduces new products and services and set new cashless trends through relentless pursuit of excellence. From being the first non-bank to the issuance of the FEVO Prepaid Mastercard to its award-winning “My EZ-Link Mobile” Application, EZ-Link has expanded its product offerings in the payment industry.


Fave is Southeast Asia’s fast growing fintech platform providing payments & loyalty solutions to offline merchants to grow and connect with their customers in a whole new way. Fave is on a mission to accelerate the offline world’s transition to the digital economy by putting growth at the centre of our merchants, our customers, our people and our partners because growth is good for everyone.

Fave connects merchants and consumers to deliver seamless QR payment experience and merchant loyalty cashback rewards. It serves as a payment aggregator for the most popular cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) and wallets (GrabPay, Boost, OVO). Integrated with other strategic partners Fave offers merchants more value add and more customer exposure through marketing, data, financing and operations. Merchants can now focus on what they do best for their customers; because everything else is taken care of.


FlexM is a fintech solutions provider offering comprehensive electronic payment solutions in Asia.

FlexM is a Fintech company registered in Singapore focusing on financial inclusion of the unbanked / underbanked segment in Asia and Europe.

We provide comprehensive financial inclusion and payment solutions ranging from E-wallet, Mastercard, digital remittance, Loyalty programs, Merchant QR payment, Co-brand card program and API solutions for B2B2C clients to run their own brand e-wallets.


Flywire is a high-growth vertical payments company trusted by organizations around the world to deliver on their customers’ most important moments. Unlike other companies, Flywire is proven to solve high-stakes vertical-specific payment and receivables problems for organizations that deliver high-value services.

Whether in education, healthcare, travel or technology, Flywire has vertical-specific insight and technology that allows organizations to optimize the payment experience for their customers while eliminating operational challenges—from invoicing to payment reconciliation. 24×7 multilingual support via phone, email, and chat, and online tracking, ensures that both the client and customer have complete control over their payments.


FOMO Pay is the one-stop mobile payment processing solution which enables merchants & banks to accept a full suite of new payment methods including NETSPay, mVISA, Grab Pay, WeChat Pay, Singtel Dash, RazerPay, etc.

Launched in 2015 with more than 7000 merchants acquired within a year, FOMO Pay is trusted by major companies including SPH, Marina Bay Sands, StarHub, JUMBO, Club 21, CHANEL, etc. With FOMO Pay, merchants can unlock true business potential by giving customers the payment options they prefer and adopt cashless payment easily. FOMO Pay is also sitting in MAS SGQR Taskforce to promote QR code payment and make Singapore a cashless society.



Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to power in-app and tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices, enabling users to make payments with Android phones, tablets or watches.


Global Processing Services (GPS) is the trusted and proven go-to payments processing partner for today’s leading challenger brands, including Revolut, Starling Bank and Curve.

Founded in 2007, GPS’s highly flexible and configurable platform places the control firmly in the hands of global fintechs, digital banks and e-wallets, enabling them to deliver rich functionality to the cardholder.


GrabPay is an eWallet within the lifestyle “super app” app, Grab. It is the largest ride hailing app in Southeast Asia and has over 100 million users. GrabPay not only allows users to store credit in app and pay for all the services Grab provides, it also lets users pay in store and online in place of cash and cards.

GrabPay is bridging the gap for economies that are still very cash dependent yet striving for a cashless society. With GrabPay, merchants can reduce the cost of managing cash as well as increase the payments experience for shoppers.


One stop payment processing and commerce platform for direct to consumer & small business owners in Singapore.

HitPay is an omnichannel commerce platform empowering small businesses with business tools to increase sales and revenue. HitPay is a 2 time MAS Fintech Awards Finalist and a PayPal Incubation Program Startup.


Huawei Pay is an easy and secure way to make payments with your Huawei or Honor devices. Add your bank cards to Huawei Pay to pay in stores with just a tap.


IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, provides a trusted environment enabling citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities (such as pay, connect and travel), in the physical as well as digital space.

Securing our identity has become mission critical in the world we live in today. By standing for Augmented Identity, an identity that ensures privacy and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions, we reinvent the way we think, produce, use and protect one of our greatest assets – our identity – whether for individuals or for objects, whenever and wherever security matters. We provide Augmented Identity for international clients from Financial, Telecom, Identity, Public Security and IoT sectors.


With iPaymy for Business, SMEs can pay rent, salaries, invoices, and even corporate tax using the credit cards they already have in their wallet today. SMEs love iPaymy because it works like a credit card, but pays like cash.

iPaymy’s secure and easy to use platform reliably delivers payments to vendors while freeing up cash and providing access to interest free credit. Forget the delays and aggravations that come with traditional SME financing options. Schedule recurring payments, manage invoices, set payment reminders, and monitor payment status all from one dashboard.


Jewel Paymentech is a financial risk technology company founded in 2014 with a mission to develop intelligent risk solutions for the banking and electronic payments industry.

Our suite of intelligent solutions help banks and payment facilitators conduct merchant due diligence and manage transaction fraud risks using predictive analytics.



JunoTele is a mobile payments technology company,operating out of Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. With our recent foray into the Fintechworld, we are working hard to help India realize the Digital dream. Enabling Businesses to accept payments digitally across all payment instruments. Our latest Offering- Integrated mPOS app & device play – Works online as well as offline without internet – Payment instrument aggregator – Automatic & Multi party settlements


LegatusPay was conceived to provide an immediate solution to the current needs of companies that are dealing in digital and crypto assets.

Legatus will provide a crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto settlement platform with propriety digital wallet. The digital wallet integrates to both virtual assets trading and issuing companies and local Singapore banks. LG will be a MAS regulated business. With Legatus, crypto exchanges can offer cross border payment so that they can grow their company globally.

We have 5 Crypto exchanges who has signed an LOI for our services.


Liquid Group is a regional mobile payment services group headquartered in Singapore, with a presence in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. In partnership with regional payment operators, Liquid Group is building a regional payment acceptance network to enable local and cross-border QR payment acceptance services for e-wallets operators, banks and merchants.


The online PayNow payment gateway in Singapore.

Maesh uses PayNow and its bank-grade security to receive payments from your customers. And since we use bank apps, not credit cards, you can worry much less about fraud.

Plus, our user friendly payments interface also boosts conversion rates!


Since 2005, MC Payment has worked with banks and partners to serve the payment technology needs of suppliers, merchants and consumers. We facilitate businesses to accept payments electronically according to technology and lifestyle trends.

Our payment solutions adapt to the complexity of local payments. In Indonesia, our mission is to provide the best possible payment services and support to local businesses. We are committed to continuing to equip and improve products and services for the success of our clients.


As a high-level, powerful, credit-worthy and law-abiding mobile payment service provider and payment system provider, MCT Pay adheres to the principle of “fund security core, leading technology and comprehensive and thoughtful service”. The concept of integrating all kinds of latest application payment application scenarios and payment of various advanced equipment and top-notch technologies to provide users with design and development through one-stop cashless electronic payment services and payment application platforms.

MCT PAY is the first company in Singapore to implement cashless payment. It has established a strategic partnership with WeChat and Alipay to introduce Alipay and WeChat payment to Singapore, and will adopt Alipay and WeChat through pre-market planning and comprehensive point-to-point sales. The contracted merchants have been upgraded to thousands in just a few months and are now a well-known payment company in Singapore. At the same time, due to quality services, advanced technology, safe fund management and compliance with the Monetary Authority of Singapore The required meticulous compliance management has made our services more and more recommended and strongly supported by users in various fields.


Providing software solutions to small medium businesses in Singapore since 2008. MerchantPlay is the web-based point of sale system that makes it simple to sell to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store. It works on Mac or PC, online and offline, and is so easy to use you can get your staff selling in no time.


mPayment is a specialist payment solutions provider, e-commerce enabler and e-marketing solutions company. Multi-mode Payment Gateway (mPG) provides proven payment solutions and services fully deployed on an extensive, secure and reliable multi-mode multi-bank multi-merchant payment infrastructure.

MPayment helps businesses improve operation by automating and integrating electronic payment and collection. As a trusted partner, MPayment assures businesses on transaction security and reliability.


Nearex aims to empower people by simplifying proximity transactions such as Micropayments using mobile technology. It was founded by veterans from the mobile and financial industry with extensive exposure to emerging markets where mobile money services are driving large-scale financial inclusion for mostly unbanked societies.

Nearex team has realized that enabling cashless, small day-to-day payments using mobile wallets in the emerging world is a business opportunity worth hundreds of billion dollars annually. Mobile phones address the consumer side of this need but unless all small merchants can accept mobile payments, cashless micropayments will remain a myth. Any solution has to be as easy to use as cash, while being affordable for both sides. Nearex has developed Xip, a mobile micropayment solution that meets this very need.


Numoni Pte Ltd is a financial technology (Fintech) company incorporated in Singapore in 2012. Our mission is to provide technology-based solutions with customer convenience as the primary objective. Numoni has invested heavily in the latest technologies both in hardware and software. Numoni has developed its own propriety innovative software and systems which has won a couple of awards regionally.


Ondot is a financial technology (fintech) company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in Atlanta, Chennai and Bangalore. Founded in 2011, Ondot provides more than 4,500 banks and credit unions with a digital card services platform that drives cardholder engagement. From community issuers to top global banks, Ondot enables in-the-moment convenience, control and transparency for credit and debit cards – leading to higher usage, lower cost and reduced fraud.

ONLINEPAY.COM is a product where personalized m-wallet meets a convenient checkout solution optimized for both online and offline merchant’s needs. was founded in 2014 in Singapore and is now growing throughout the mobile payment market worldwide with strong focus on Asia, Middle-East and Africa regions. We’re making people’s everyday payment behaviour fun and social providing easy and seamless money transfers and share options in our checkout solution. The multi-purpose mobile app makes it possible and convenient to pay for online purchases while topping up your trading or gaming account. It is a perfect application for instant shopping where users can pay or send money without revealing their card details or any sensitive information.


Opal provides SMEs with a unified account of financial business solutions – payments, financing, insurance, multi-currency wallets.

Led by a team of seasoned professionals from the payments, banking, remittance, lending and technology industries. We have the expertise and know-how to help our customers with our comprehensive payment, remittance, and financing solutions.

Our significant experience in financial solutions, banking, regulatory matters and money management is distilled from the financial, payments and technology companies. Our goal is to use our collective knowledge and experience to help and benefit companies via Opal.

Opal is the trading name of Kanz Remit Pte Ltd, a company incorporated in Singapore, which holds a Major Payment Institution licence No. PS20200221 issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore


Payoneer’s mission is to empower businesses to go beyond – beyond borders, limits and expectations. In today’s digital world, Payoneer enables any business of any size from anywhere to access new economic opportunities by making it possible to transact as easily globally as they do locally.

Payoneer’s digital platform streamlines global commerce for millions of small businesses, marketplaces and enterprises from 200 countries and territories. Leveraging its robust technology, compliance, operations and banking infrastructure, Payoneer delivers a suite of services that includes cross-border payments, working capital, tax solutions and risk management. Powering growth for customers ranging from aspiring entrepreneurs in emerging markets to the world’s leading digital brands like Airbnb, Amazon, Google and Upwork, Payoneer makes global commerce easy and secure. Founded in 2005, Payoneer is profitable and has a team based all around the world.


PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating an online payments system in the majority of countries that support online money transfers, and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. The company operates as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites, and many other commercial users. It charges a fee in exchange for benefits such as one-click transactions and password memory.


We deliver multi-functional, user-friendly payment solutions to suit any business, supported by robust and dynamic security systems.

Here at Paywiser we’re providing the technology that’s transforming the B2B payments industry. With this we are redefining B2B payments through truly integrative products and services that simplify how you send and receive money.

We have strategically partnered with other leading technology providers to ensure our customers are delivered the best solutions possible.


At Poccupine, we are opening possibilities in payments connectivity for Asia. Asia’s online payments environment can be complex with inherent fraud risks and ever-growing number of payment methods. Poccupine’s payments technology aims to help online merchants to navigate through all of this by protecting them from e-commerce fraud and allowing them to collect payments through local payment methods – digital, mobile and more. With Poccupine, merchants can collect payments from Asia and beyond, and even receive payments in their preferred currency, enabling instant borderless settlement for Asia.


Pure Commerce provides on-demand financial services to banks & merchants around the world. The Pure Commerce service suite allows merchants to transact in a wide range of currencies, creating a better shopping experience for merchant & customer alike.

Pure Commerce is a part of the Euronet Worldwide group of companies. Founded in 1994, Euronet has established itself as a leading electronic payments provider. Euronet’s customers are served from three core business segments: Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT – including Payments Software), Prepaid (epay) and Money Transfer.


A digital platform to enable a seamless flow of money between the ecosystem of consumers, retailers and banks.

Our Mission is to enable instant, seamless and hassle-free flow of cash and payments between consumers, retailers and banks.


We built the world’s largest local payments network so you can focus on creating great customer experiences and unlocking new markets.

Rapyd does for fintech what the cloud did for IT. Our Global Payments Network connects your company to all the ways the world likes to pay and the infrastructure to create your own fintech solutions, like ewallets, cards and financial services. With Rapyd, digital sellers in Latin America can accept cash. Online shoppers in Asia can pay with their favorite ewallet. And businesses can make payouts to companies and individuals anywhere in the world. With 900+ payment methods in 100 countries, you can open new markets, reach new customers, and create new opportunities anywhere.


Reap is a technology company dedicated to fuelling the ambitions of small businesses. We deliver corporate payment solutions to improve the way small businesses operate today and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow. Currently, Reap’s online payments platform enables small businesses to pay expenses and collect revenue – to and from anyone, anywhere – entirely via credit card. The company has revolutionised the way businesses manage cash flow, leveraging credit cards to smooth cash flow and increase capital efficiency by digitising day-to-day finances and transactions. As strong advocates of small to medium-sized businesses, Reap believes businesses should operate at their potential, not at their size. Reap continues to innovate, advancing technology and building better tools for small businesses to level the playing field – by giving every small business the access of a large enterprise.


Red Dot Payment (RDP) is an online payment service provider headquartered in Singapore. The fintech company provides online payment gateway systems, payment consulting and merchant acquisition services for businesses that require the processing of online credit card transactions.


Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Samsung Electronics that lets users make payments using compatible phones and other Samsung-produced devices. The service supports contactless payments using near-field communications, but also supports magnetic stripe–only payment terminals by incorporating magnetic secure transmission.


We are established as a payment company specialized in digital payment and IoP in Singapore providing know-how to business to enable digital transformation. We are partner of GLOBAL PAYMENTS ASIA-PACIFIC LIMITED, Singapore Branch responsible for merchants sign up and payment terminal deployment in Singapore. We collaborate with institutions of higher learning to develop solutions, using big data analytics to bring relevant data and intelligence to business. Our innovative products/solutions include wireless android payment terminal, AI self serve kiosk, cloud POS, eCommerce with Shopaylytics and Internet of Payment (IoP) solutions.


Singtel Dash – the all-in-one mobile wallet for your payment and lifestyle needs.

Whether in-store or online, locally or overseas, make secured and easy payments with Dash, and earn Dash reward points as you shop, dine, commute and remit all with the Dash app.


SmartPesa develops payments and agency banking solutions for merchants and banks across the globe, taking care of the tech so they don’t have to. Using an intuitive mobile app and/or card terminal, merchants enjoy a simple unified one-stop tool for accepting smart multi-channel payments online and offline, instant access to transaction histories and automated reconciliations. SmartPesa’s last-mile agency banking solution drives financial inclusion by extending the banking network into rural areas quickly and painlessly. ‘Pesa’ is a Swahili word that means ‘money’.


SmoovPay is an online payment processor in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

We help merchants to accept credit card payment securely, quickly & easily across desktop, laptop and mobile devices. We provide merchant solutions that do not require additional purchases of equipment nor setup fees. So start accepting Visa and Mastercard globally today!


soCash solves cash management for banks using technology. We are a fast growing fintech, based out of Singapore and our platform enables cash circulation without the need for vintage supply chain of cash. soCash product roadmap covers the spectrum of cash – Withdrawal, Deposits and conversion.

Banks spend 300 Billion USD on cash management and we are working hard to carve out our marketshare with specific focus in Asia.

As Asia rises out of poverty , the consumption of the next billion will be transacted in cash, creating a huge cash based value chain. Our platform enables seamless exchange of cash, backed by digital payments.


Unlimited cards. Automated local payments. Cheapest overseas transfers. All your payables in 1 dashboard. If you would like to save 200 hours of payments processing time and $1,000 of bank charges every month, try Spenmo.


Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies like Salesforce and Facebook—use the company’s software to accept online payments and run technically sophisticated financial operations in more than 100 countries. Stripe helps new companies get started and grow their revenues, and established businesses accelerate into new markets and launch new business models. Over the long term, Stripe aims to increase the GDP of the internet.


Tazapay is a platform for enabling Trust in cross-border commerce with a focus on SMBs.

Lack of trust is one of the biggest inhibitors for B2B cross-border business. Buyers and sellers tend to work only with known and trusted parties, thereby limiting their business opportunities. Our platform will enable access to various services for doing cross-border trade safely – such as payment protections via escrow, formalising trade agreements with digitally signed agreements and counterparty risk assessment.


UNPay (, a new Fintech open platform provider with its regional office headquartered in Singapore, is dedicated to aggregating mainstream electronic payment modes across the globe.

UNPay provides sellers worldwide with a one-stop intelligent aggregation payment platform that aims to unify multiple collection channels and simplify complicated payment account verifications. Its single-point fast access can satisfy the fragmented payment demands of sellers anywhere in the world to achieve borderless collections.


UNPay provides sellers worldwide with a one-stop intelligent aggregation payment platform that aims to unify multiple collection channels and simplify complicated payment account verifications. Its single-point fast access can satisfy the fragmented payment demands of sellers anywhere in the world to achieve borderless collections.


Verrency is a global payments innovator that has a mission to put financial institutions back at the centre of the innovation. Our payments API platform has been designed to enable financial institutions to innovate more efficiently and effectively through a single connection. Our platform works with their existing payments infrastructure and messaging, allowing them to:

  • Leverage internally-built services that sit across: Loyalty and Rewards Redemption, Transaction Round Ups, Device and Card Management, Real Time Payment Data Publishing and Digital Currency Enablement
  • Utilise our marketplace services as an integration point for Fintechs, data analytics and loyalty partners to the bank
  • Utilise our platform as a payments sandbox to quickly test and scale innovations


Wallet Engine is an embedded finance gateway for cross-border apps. Our platform and APIs bring together the essential building blocks for apps to easily create in-app financial accounts, incl. e-KYC, card issuance, and many local integrations with financial network partners to add and withdraw funds from accounts.


WAAVE let’s pay with your card online and in-venue for cash-only products at cash-only retailers. Our Purchase Protection Program gives you peace of mind when you buy from smaller websites online.


WeChat Pay has become a part of daily life. With WeChat Pay enabled on mobile phone, users can make transaction payments at anytime and anywhere. Wallet is not required any more. In China, WeChat Pay is supported almost everywhere, such as in ordering taxi, supermarkets, and hospitals.

WeChat Pay has become a part of daily life. With WeChat Pay enabled on mobile phone, users can make transaction payments at anytime and anywhere. Wallet is not required any more. In China, WeChat Pay is supported almost everywhere, such as in ordering taxi, supermarkets, and hospitals.


Founded in 2015, Xfers aims to accelerate financial access within Southeast Asia by enabling businesses to accept payments and send money. Xfers boasts a range of last-mile financial rails including the Xfers Send, Xfers Accept, Xfers Wallet, and StraitsX stablecoin.

In Singapore, Xfers is a Major Payment Institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore for e-money issuance.


Youtap is a financial services software company based in Singapore.

Youtap was established in 2007 and provides banks, payment service providers, retail conglomerates, and mobile operators around the globe with the future of digital banking, payments, and financial services software and solutions. It has created a digital aggregation and processing backbone which connects its strategic partners – banks, telecom operators, and merchants – with a mass market of consumers.

Personal Finance



Advisers use our solution to know their clients really well, propose and illustrate well rounded plans, providing the best client experience. We had been featured on channel 8 and is also the Insurtech winner of the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2020.


Butler simplifies personal finance and makes it truly accessible to everyone. We aggregate users’ financial data and with our goal-based analysis and analytics engine, we help give users their real financial picture and offer personalized products to users’ needs, suitability, and affordability.

We are helping the growing emerging affluent who are digitally savvy and lack the accessibility to understand and make better financial decisions.


FinancialRuler is a Singapore based financial planning platform. We aim to help the rest of us to understand and budget finance, plan for retirement while achieving financial goals and milestones.


fundMyLife is a platform that intelligently connects consumers with financial advisers based on the financial planning questions that they ask. Consumers can also browse financial advisers’​ profiles and client reviews that establish credibility and expertise.


GoalsMapper™️ is the first fintech / insurtech company in Singapore with the vision to redefine financial planning, through its real-time, scenario-based and customer-facing financial planning software.

GoalsMapper™️ leverage on smart technology to allow advisers to take in consumer’s financial information and present them in simple-to-understand and powerful charts. Because information, scenarios and recommendations are continuously computed in the background, consultants and consumers can focus their time on more effective discussions and better planning experience.


Millennials need new, simple financial products in order to start investing, while financial institutions are struggling to engage Millennials.

Limitless is a white-labeled mobile app for automated micro-investments. It allows for spending-based investments into a portfolio of a low-cost funds with every card transaction. This product is particularly appealing to freelancers (Gig Economy).


MoneyOwl is a financial adviser and fund management company licensed by MAS that helps people make wise money decisions. We are the 1st in Singapore to have a bionic model by having a combination of non-conflicted client advisers and a technology platform, which delivers the following set of comprehensive financial advisory services:

  1. Insurance: Choose between using our free direct comparison tool if you already know what to buy or go through a step-by-step guided journey online to assess your needs and receive suitable recommendations. You get to enjoy up to 50% rebate on agent’s commissions for both.
  2. Investments: Low cost evidence-based investing through Dimensional Fund Advisors
  3. Will Writing: Free service that can be fully carried out online
  4. Comprehensive Planning Integrating National Schemes (coming soon)

Founded in August 2018, MoneyOwl is a joint venture between NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited and Providend Holding Private Limited.


Nugget is a fast growing startup that believes personal finance should be simple and accessible.

Conceptualised in early 2018, Nugget Savings was created to help people save money effortlessly.

While there are many financial apps in the market, we are not satisfied because, well, they are just not simple enough. Like many people, our team was tired of manually tracking our finances.

We want a simple yet effective method to help us save more money. We want to feel empowered to manage our finances.


OnTrack is a powerful purpose-built engine, combining extensive evidence-based research around psychometrics, financial market behaviour, regulatory contexts, and human realities.

It simply plugs into existing interfaces as a credible tool component of a wider product offering

Customers undertake a simple short online journey of self-discovery, whilst OnTrack’s algorithm undertakes more than 60 million reckonings. All in the comfort of their own privacy  and at their leisure.

Outputs are highly accurate and completely relevant – providing a blueprint for improved product matching.

Consultations can easily be revisited at any time, providing updated navigation dynamics and scenarios for users, whilst dramatically increasing ongoing engagement for Financial Planner or Employer brands.

OnTrack works with your planners – helping them funnel leads while taking the admin headache away


Planner Bee is creating a new way for consumers to manage their finances. With the help of technology, we empower our users with the tools to guide them towards better financial health. The ecosystem includes a financial dashboard to track their spending, savings, insurance and investments in a mobile app, a financial marketplace for products to meet their goals. And in the further future, advisory to provide the bridge between our users’ goals to the actionables and products.


Seedly is Singapore’s largest personal finance community for young adults and Singaporeans. Join the SeedlyCommunity and take control of your personal finances today!




AiDA is a leading provider of AI and machine learning solutions for the banking and insurance sector. We serve tier-one banking and insurance customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

AiDA has a team of world-class, award-winning PhD-level data scientists with a proven track record of solving real-world problems experienced by banking and insurance customers in developing and developed countries throughout Asia. We have won numerous awards including, the Singapore Fintech Festival (2016, 2017), the IMDA TechBlazer (2018) and the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Predictive Analytics for Banking and Insurance Industry (2019) and AiDA entered the prestigious IMDA Accreditation@SGD program in 2019.


Apiax is a Swiss RegTech that builds digital solutions to help financial institutions be compliant with complex regulations worldwide.

With us, compliance is automated and laws are digitized, enabling our products to provide binary answers to the most pressing legal questions through our machine-readable rules. Our growing product portfolio covers different fields of the financial realm, such as data transfer, tax impact, cross-border compliance and client on-boarding.


Apvera leverages adaptive analytics to understand user behavior and the interactions they have between applications they use and the company’s network.

Adaptive Insight adapts to changes within the network and learns normal user behaviors based on company employee activities and is able to detect anomalies that are not inline with regular usage patterns; protecting the company from known and unknown threats.

By giving companies the insight to understand the flow of data within their own networks, Apvera gives companies a new approach to cyber security that delivers technology, expertise, and intelligence in an enterprise framework.


Artius Global is a leading and innovative provider for regulatory compliance founded and headquartered in Singapore. The founders in their prior roles as practitioners saw a need by the global financial services industry for solutions to fulfil global regulator(s) requirements, one such requirement was Substantial Shareholding Disclosure otherwise known as the Disclosure of Interest.

Artius Global is a leading and innovative provider for regulatory compliance founded and headquartered in Singapore. The founders in their prior roles as practitioners saw a need by the global financial services industry for solutions to fulfil global regulator(s) requirements, one such requirement was Substantial Shareholding Disclosure otherwise known as the Disclosure of Interest.


Backpack is a personalized conversational AI messaging platform that allows enterprises to turn their back-office workflows into conversations. With Backpack’s platform enterprises, businesses can orchestrate all their business logic workflows into automated chat

conversations that interact with their customers via text messaging and voice. Backpack Back-office’s is built as structured that normalized data from different sources and allows the system to easily push or pull data. It will create a way for enterprises to get closer connection with customers through personalized interaction and receive an unprecedented amount of vital business information in return.


BASIS ID brand was built in effort to give companies a tool to speed up operational processes, provide ultimate security and to form trustworthy relationships through compliance with regulatory requirements. Tested in Asian market, BASIS ID was able to offer advanced verification engines unavailable by other companies and provide service recognised by the whole community.

Identifying needs of companies, governments and end-users, BASIS ID seek to offer a balanced solution that gives capabilities for identification, verification and management of the most significant value of 21st century— personal data. The goal is to make the whole online and offline infrastructure simple, effective and secure. Philosophy of BASIS ID is to treat data as a value. And personal data— as a personal value.


BlueMeg is led by its co-founders, Paul, Kiana, Jan-Arie & JP, four professionals with extensive complementary expertise in corporate services, governance, finance, legal, cyber-security, IT infrastructure, and engineering. We formed this fast-growing company in 2017 to completely transform the global corporate services industry and tackle the paper-heavy archaic execution of corporate governance.

In 2018 we built and deployed the world’s first entity management and governance SaaS. It adds new degrees of efficiency, enforcement, and governance – while decreasing the cost of doing business massively. We envisage that BlueMeg’s Console will be at the heart of any company globally as a powerful tool for dealing with all corporate governance and related services. This would ultimately enable companies to have full corresponding digital representations of themselves, completely transforming the way these companies are governed and are able to both transact and interact with third parties and each other.


Customer Compliance Management

Complying with modern regulations can be time consuming, frustrating and filled with risk. CENTENAL creates interactive algorithm based software to help compliance professionals easily understand and implement the requirements of modern complex regulations.


Compliy is a global Regtech100 company simplifying and automating compliance and risk management workflows for compliance and business teams in APAC. The cloud-based SaaS platform is driven by a powerful AI engine that read and extract regulatory data, a configurable business rules engine and a risk assessment engine that automate end-to-end processes to cut up to 50% of the time spent on manual compliance work.


At ComplyAdvantage, we believe that compliance doesn’t have to be painful. Businesses need real-time financial crime insight to put them in control.

We enable you to understand the real risk of who you’re doing business with, through the world’s only global, real-time risk database of people and companies. We actively identify tens of thousands of risk events from millions of structured and unstructured data points – every single day.

Our suite of configurable cloud services integrates seamlessly to help automate and reduce the frustration of complying with Sanctions, AML and CTF regulations.


Cygnetise enables organisations to easily manage their signatory lists and bank mandates, whilst decreasing the risk of signatory fraud. Using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the data is validated on a permissioned blockchain where the user has full control of their own data. In addition, all amendments are recorded providing an immutable audit trail which shows what was changed and by whom, increasing the security of your data.

Cygnetise can be used to manage: authorised signatory lists, bank mandates, sensitive document sharing, director lists, authorised trader lists (MiFid II), and shareholder lists.


We are first in your inbox with the most important media news of the day—keeping you smarter and one-step ahead.

Delivered to 100,000 subscribers by 5:30am daily, Cynopsis is first to report industry news essential for executives in the digital, television, sports TV, agency and media businesses; while delivering advertising partners messaging direct to key decision makers.

An industry favorite for over 20 years, Cynopsis provides free, daily content covering the digital and traditional media landscape from television programming and distribution to multi-platform advertising and emerging media platforms.

Because of its qualified and engaged executive audience, companies and candidates rely on Cynopsis to make the connections needed to develop businesses and careers.


Datarama is the one-stop information source for complex risk/opportunity assessment and due diligence in emerging markets. Our award-winning RegTech platform combines advanced technology with human analysis to streamline the traditional risk-consulting model, making compliance checks cheaper and faster.

We specialise in providing information on private companies and provide assessment on the reputations of Asia’s businesspeople, explore their vast corporate and political networks and gather the intelligence our clients need to conduct due diligence and identify investment opportunities.

The core of the Datarama platform is our unique and ever-evolving mapping tool. It mines thousands of sources covering more than a million entities to reveal ultimate beneficiary ownership, commercial links, political relationships as well as business development opportunities in with stunning interactive simplicity.

For projects that require extra depth, Datarama’s bespoke consulting service integrate our data and technology with clients’ operating system.


Dathena is a deep-tech company that provide an A.I. Driven Data Discovery and Classification platform, bringing a new paradigm to data privacy and security solutions. In a world of ever-growing information, regulation, and consumer privacy expectations, enterprises around the globe rely on Dathena to identify, classify and control their sensitive data, reduce risks, and enhance the data protection framework.

Leveraging the power of modern AI technologies, Dathena delivers breakthrough, petabyte-scale solutions with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency and speed that build consumer trust in a digital world and ensure the “privacy and data security protection journey.”

Founded in 2016, Dathena has offices in Singapore, Switzerland, France, and New York City, Dathena employs more than 80 people, including the world’s top data scientists and information risk experts.


Deep Identity is an innovation leader in providing comprehensive and unique solution to address identity governance and administration (IGA), compliance management and data governance requirements. It offers a layered approach that enables better visibility and controls, ultimately automating compliance management in a cost effective manner. It provides business with the relevant reporting and analytics to improve IT security, maintain compliance and eventually minimize business risk.


Founded in 2013, Elliptic pioneered the use of blockchain analytics for financial crime compliance. We are the leading provider of crypto compliance solutions globally.

Having worked for regulated financial institutions, they also understood that the cryptoasset industry would have to operate within financial crime regulatory frameworks to reach its full potential.

With that in mind,  they built and launched the world’s first compliance tools based on blockchain analytics in 2015.

As the technology matures, new blockchains emerge and regulations evolve – but our mission has remained the same: To protect our customers from financial crime in cryptoassets.


FinChat web-based and mobile-based compliance tools where business chats are captured and monitored while private chats remain private.

Finchat offers the full spectrum of Compliance monitoring & archiving tools for messaging in regulated industries, for instance, financial institutions. This allows employees to engage clients through client’s favorite messaging apps (WhatsApp™, WeChat™, LINE™, FB messenger™, Skype™ and more) while staying audit-compliant, secure and mobile.

FinChat offers best-in-class web-based and mobile-based compliance tools where business chats are monitored while private chats remain private.


Founded in 2011, Handshakes has grown into an award-winning DataTech company. We enable our clients to make safer, more informed decisions by delivering meaningful insights, harnessed from reliable data.

Our clients choose us for our reliability, our proprietary data visualisation tools and our ability to customise solutions based on their specific concerns and desired outputs.


At Horangi, we’re passionate about building a safer cyberspace and creating software that solves challenging cybersecurity problems. Horangi focuses on building partnerships with our customers, developing an understanding of their business goals and building a security strategy that helps achieve their objectives. Horangi’s personnel have an extensive engineering experience and strong background in penetration testing, incident response and strategic consulting including both large multinational networks and small organizations with focused missions. We enjoy solving tough security problems and we are eager to find new challenges and build new relationships.


Instacheck offers mobile KYC software and bespoke compliance consultation to NBFIs, including brokerages, exchanges, lenders and traders, money changers and remittance firms,

Via a mobile browser, users can have instant KYC checks on companies and persons against cautioned lists under UN, US OFAC, UK, EU, CA, AU, SZ. No app downloads. Export results to PDF/Excel.

It is showcased within the WHub startup community and has been an existing corporate member of the Singapore Fintech Association. Compared to established vendors such as Reuters Worldcheck, Instacheck can offer bite-sized solution pricing and search volume appropriate for small financial firms such as forex traders and money changers.


IoTech Lab was established in 2018 in Singapore. We provide AML/KYC, Transaction Monitoring and Fraud Prevention solutions, in a modular PaaS (Platform as a Service) for digital businesses (Finance and FinTech, Digital assets, Gaming, Legal and Real Estate) worldwide.


When identity matters, trust Jumio. Jumio’s mission is to make the internet a safer place by protecting the ecosystems of businesses through a unified, end-to-end identity verification and eKYC platform. The Jumio KYX Platform offers a range of identity proofing and AML services to accurately establish, maintain and reassert trust from account opening to ongoing transaction monitoring.

Leveraging advanced technology including AI, biometrics, machine learning, liveness detection and automation, Jumio helps organizations fight fraud and financial crime, onboard good customers faster and meet regulatory compliance including KYC, AML and GDPR. Jumio has verified more than 300 million identities issued by over 200 countries and territories from real-time web and mobile transactions. Jumio’s solutions are used by leading companies in the financial services, sharing economy, digital currency, retail, travel and online gaming sectors. Based in Palo Alto, Jumio operates globally with offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific and has been the recipient of numerous awards for innovation.


Established in 2015, Know Your Customer provides next generation digital on-boarding solutions to financial institutions and regulated organisations around the world.

We empower compliance teams to better protect their business and efficiently perform all necessary KYC and AML checks on both corporate and individual customers, centralising the on-boarding process through a uniquely easy-to-use platform.

Know Your Customer enables traditional as well as newly established organisations to deliver a fully digital yet completely secure on-boarding experience. Our technology accelerates the time needed to onboard a new corporate client from an industry average of 26 days to 1 day, generating considerable savings for the company.

With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Dublin, Know Your Customer has established a global presence and a reputation for excellence. Our customer list spans across 11 verticals – including banking, FinTech, insurance, payments, real estate, asset management, legal firms – and 18 jurisdictions.


At Lymon, we take pride in providing one-stop compliance solutions to our clients. Trusted by financial institutions since 2013, we understand the challenges that businesses face in a fast-paced world.

Our mission is to help you navigate the constantly changing regulatory environment which you operate in. Proactive and intelligent, we empower you to accelerate your business growth by keeping your business secure and compliant.

We are dedicated professionals with previous working experience in global Big Four Accounting Firms and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, specializing in the regulations and audit of the asset and wealth management industry.

Our business objective is to provide a complete suite of professional services that enable our clients to focus and enhance on their principal business activities, while adhering to financial, regulatory and corporate reporting requirements.


Singapore’s best-design RegTech solutions: powered by AI & internationally scalable


MCO provides compliance management software that enables companies around the world to reduce their risk of misconduct. The MyComplianceOffice platform lets compliance professionals demonstrate they are proactively managing the regulated activities of employees, third-party vendors and other agents of the firm. Available as a unified suite or à la carte, our easy-to-use and extensible SaaS-based solutions get clients up and running quickly and cost-efficiently.


Merkle Science provides blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions for cryptoasset service providers, financial institutions and government agencies to detect, investigate and prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and other criminal activities.

Merkle Science is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Bangalore and Tokyo and backed by Digital Currency Group, Kenetic, SGInnovate and LuneX.


We are compliance technology specialists. Our platform is founded on broad experience and deep expertise; and our products increase efficiency and minimise risk by successfully combining big data technologies with AI and machine learning. It all adds up to the world’s first truly intelligent compliance platform.

But tech is only half the story. Our intelligent approach is applied to underpin your policy, process and procedure, so you can focus on specific outcomes. The Napier platform is fast, scalable and easily configurable, as well as user-friendly. It rapidly strengthens your AML defences and trade compliance capabilities, while meeting your company’s compliance obligations and challenges in any sector.