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Founded:2014 | "Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-19

Tagcash is a digital wallet which you can top up either at a local 7-Eleven convenience store in the Philippines, by bank transfers, via a local agent and by using bitcoins. Transactions on Tagcash are made via SMS, web, mobile or API integrations, and are free of charge.
Total Equity Funding: $3M in 1 Round
Most Recent Funding: $3M Angel on June 29, 2015


Founded:2014 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-22 provides Filipinos and overseas Filipinos a better way to purchase life’s essentials – groceries, supplies, care and prescription medicines – for their loved ones within the Philippines. In partnership with stores throughout the Philippines, the BeamAndGo way of giving is secure, efficient, convenient and digital.


Founded:2014 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-20 is a money transfer platform with mobile devices, powered by blockchain technology. The mobile wallet empowers consumers and small businesses by giving them direct access to world class financial services.


Founded:2015 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-9

PaidUp is a new mobile phone app that allows small and medium sized businesses to gain more customers and revenue by strengthening the trust they have with their top fans – who can now invest in their favorite stores in return for special discounts and offers.


Founded:2010 | "Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-3

Pitaca Digital Services is a registered trademark of MobileVentures Inc based in Manila established in 2010 with a vision to enable emerging markets to benefit from the revolution in smartphones, mobile technology and information technology. Pitaca has raised a funding round led by boutique investment services and financial advisory company Carillion Partners.


Founded: | "Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-10

The ZAPtag is the Philippines’ first smart sticker that lets consumers earn instant rewards such as Cash Back Points, Coupons and Jackpots with just a tap.


Founded:2015 | "Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-6

E-Peso, a product of Genuisys International Systems Corp (GISC) is a digital/virtual currency based on the Philippine Peso. E-Peso is structured to support features such as cashless products, high security, AMLA compliance, mobile money, E-Payment, E-Payroll, E-
Merchants, E-Attendants and ATMs.


Founded:2015 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-18

PayMaya Philippines Inc. is the digital financial unit of PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc. It is backed by two global leaders in the converging Internet platforms, digital financial services, mobile money, and e-Commerce spaces – PayMaya and Rocket Internet.


Founded:2010 | "Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-14

Dragonpay, acting as a payment gateway, specializes in online payment solution that uses online and offline banking facilities, and other non-traditional brick-and-mortar outlets, to accept payments from a broader market base in a more secure and cost-effective manner.
Total Equity Funding: Undisclosed Amount in 1 Round from 1 Investor
Most Recent Funding: Series A on November 4, 2014 / Undisclosed Amount


Founded:2006 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-17


PesoPay is the online payment gateway system, a product of AsiaPay in the Philippines. They provide secure and seamless electronic payment solutions for both SME’s and large enterprises.


Founded:2004 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-7

GCash is a service for Globe & TM customers which allows you to do the following using your mobile phone: Send& receive money to & from another Globe/TM mobile phone anytime & anywhere. Buy Prepaid load with an instant 10% rebate. They’ve since added an online payment system to it and partnered with American Express. It can also be used to verify a PayPal account.


Founded:2009 | "Top"Top"Top

smart communications

SMART Money is one of the first eWallet services in the Philippines, provided by telco Smart Communications. As an electronic wallet, Smart Money acts as a bank account that allows both merchants and online shoppers to make a payment service.


Founded:2014 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-15

Qwikwire empowers travelers, expats, and immigrants to securely pay their real estate and other bills through multiple online channels (credit/debit card, ACH, or Bitcoin). Qwikwire provide administrators the ability to automate report generation for a more efficient management of payments enterprises receive


Founded:2008 |

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-21

Ayannah aims to be the leading provider of mobile commerce and payment services to the unbanked in emerging markets and unbanked migrants in OECD countries.
Total Equity Funding: $7.5M in 4 Rounds from 8 Investors
Most Recent Funding: $3M Series B on December 29, 2015


Founded:2014 |"Top"Top"Top

Bitbit is an e-wallet that allows you to take your money wherever you go. Bitbit allows you to send, receive and share money with friends and family with just a few taps over email, mobile and social media. Unlike other Bitcoin wallets, Bitbit goes beyond storing Bitcoin, keeping your funds in Peso and freeing it from the Bitcoin’s price votality.

Alt Paynet

Founded:2015 | "Top"Top


AltPayNetAltPayNet is a payment collaboration company enabling players in the payment value chain to break barriers by providing the best of bred technologies, global partnerships, and best practices.


Founded: 2009 | "Top"Top


Payswitch is a powerful API that enables seamless, cost-effective and easy integration across a wide array of digital credits and payment channels.


Founded:2013 | "Top"Top"Top


Paylance is an online platform allows users to pay and transfer money to the Philippines through Bitcoin for free. The platform also allows users to shop in e-commerce site, PocketMarket.

Toucan Pay

Founded: 2015 | "Top"Top


toucan payToucan Pay lets non-credit card holders own virtual credit accounts for simplified credit payments online. Backed by DBS Innovations, Kairos Society and a delegate to  the World Bank organized by APEC.

Tapp Commerce

Founded:2013 | "Top"Top"Top


TappTapp Commerce provides a platform for people without a bank account or a credit card to buy and sell goods & services online.


Founded: 2014 | "Top"Top"Top


philsmilePhilSmile is a school payment platform which enables you to conveniently make direct payments for your children’s tuition fees with colleges and universities in the Philippines, domestically or from abroad. You can pay education bills closer to your home at partner PhilSmile Padala Eskwela payment centers, pawnshops and convenience stores without having to lineup at the school cashier.  

True Money

Founded:2003 | "Top"Top"Top



Tapp Commerce provides a platform for people without a bank account or a credit card to buy and sell goods & services online.


Founded: 2010 | "Top"Top"Top


paynamicsPaynamics Technologies is an Internet Payment Solution Provider. Paynamics developed a world class Internet Payment Gateway System called “Paygate”. Paygate is currently connected to over 20 global acquiring banks and service providers. Paygate is currently use by a multitude of merchants as their last mile connection to these acquiring banks. These merchants operate both low risk and high risk business models.

Founded:2014 | "Top"Top"Top

bitmarket was created to connect people to the global payment network that is bitcoin. They provide an electronic payment option that small and medium enterprises as well as everyday consumers can rely on, giving them access to the globl bitcoin market.



apptivateappDescription Apptivate partners with Globe Telecom to offer prepaid or postpaid reload options for customers to purchase premium applications on app & gaming stores.



beep cardAF Payments Inc. is a joint venture of the Ayala and First Pacific groups that provides contactless payment solutions to the Filipino public. The company was forged by the partnership of the two largest conglomerates in the Philippines through their participation in a Public-Private Partnership Project (PPP) to unify the Automated Fare Collections System of three Public Transport Operators (LRT1, LRT2, and MRT3).


SCI SatoshiBoom Cash, a SCI product, is a blockchain-powered digital wallet which allows people to send and receive money digitally without an internet connection. It sends & receives in bitcoin, but stores money in the form of Peso.


eghlIn 2013, eGHL was set up to explore the opportunities and to overcome the boundaries that exist in the payment space. With innovation in mind, we set out to develop a frictionless and seamless payment ecosystem capable of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of today global businesses.


easydebitEasyDebit allows a Merchant to operate as a local ATM for the local community. Using a mobile app and an Android smart phone, Merchants can provide safe and secure access to cash and earn extra income from each transaction.


grabpayGrabpay is a digital wallet attached to Grab’s ride-hailing and food delivery services. Users can link their cards or top up Grabs credit.  The service is also attached to a loyalty program, where points can beredeemed in exchange for discounts with grab’s partner merchants.


Founded: 2017 |

Jazzpay PHJazzypay – a cross-platform invoicing solution that enable businesses to bill their customers through the App or send billing invoice via SMS, Email, Link or Messaging Platforms.

M Lhuillier / ML ePay

Founded: 2014 | 

m lhuillierAlthough originating as a pawn broker, M Lhuillier now offers a wide range of financial services, including digital payments, insurance, quick cash loans, pawn services, and money changer services. Its app, ML ePay allows online shoppers to pay for online purchases without a credit card and instead pay cash via any M Lhuillier branch. Businesses are charged a 2% fee per transaction conducted.


Founded: 2018 | "Top

moneygmentDescription Moneygment is a financial services app enabling remittances, loans payments, insurance payments, & government taxes. It is meant to give individuals, freelancers, homemakers & small businesses a convenient financial management tool without having a traditional bank account. It also offers a rewards system & information campaigns aimed at providing financial inclusion opportunities for as many as possible.


Founded: 2015 | "Top"Top

myntMynt is a joint venture between Ayala Corporation, Globe Telecom and Ant Financial. It aims to address financial inclusion using mobile money, micro loans and technology solutions. Its products include GCash, a tech-based micropayments solution and Fuse, a microloans company to aid small and medium enterprises in the Philippines.


Founded: 2017 | "Top

PesoNetPesoNet is the BSP’s electronic funds transfer system that enables same-day interbank transfers. It was launched as part of the BSP’s National Retail Payment System initiative and can be used for B2B, B2C and P2P transactions as well as transactions with the government.

Pearl Pay

Founded: 2018 | "Top"Top"Top

pearlpayPearl Pay provides virtual money logistics that enable digital wallets, remittances, and cryptocurrency exchanges. Pearl Pay aims to be the National Payment Gateway of the Philippines, by providing world- class yet affordable banking applications for increased financial inclusion in the Philippines.


Founded: 2016 | "Top"Top"Top

payoneerNew York-based Payoneer is a provider of online payments and money transfer services. Account holders can use the service to send and receive funds into their bank accounts, reloadable prepaid MasterCards or Payoneer e-wallets. Payoneer tagged the Philippines as its regional hub earlier this year after realising a 472% growth in monthly active users from the freelance and outsourcing industries there from 2017.


Founded: 2016 | "Top"Top"Top

payoasiaPayo is a gateway that manages and simplifies cash on delivery transactions for e-commerce sellers. They provide a full-suite of technological solutions including fraud detection, data analysis and courier optimization.



Australia-based Peppermint operates proprietary mobile banking, payments & remittance technology designed for banks, mobile money operators, and other financial institutions.. It recently signed an agreement with the Philippines’ oldest cooperative federation, MASS-SPECC, to create a mobile service app and web tools for its members.


Founded: 2014 | "Top"Top"Top

PosiblePos!ble is an integrated digital transactions provider for small businesses. Its platform includes bill payments, remittance, mobile reloads and a customer rewards program that aims to help small businesses increase their customer base. It most recently launched its ‘Shopback’ service allowing online businesses to partner with brick-and-mortar outlets to sell their products via catalogues..


Founded: 2012 | "Top

vmoneyVMoney is an extensive end-to-end financial solution for businesses and consumers offering integratable online payments and funds disbursements for online and retail merchants, government institutions, medical organizations, educational facilities, and business enterprises. One of its products is TAPnPass, an NFC-technology stored value card used in Manila’s main railways.


Founded: 2011

7connect7-CONNECT is 7-Eleven’s platform for e-commerce businesses that enables cash payment convenience for customers. Customers can make cash payments for online purchases at any 7-Eleven store.


Bloom Solutions

Founded:2015 | "Top

Cryptocurrency Exchange Philippines - Bloom SolutionsBloom combines blockchains and cryptocurrencies with compliance tools to create a modern remittance network. Bloom has just been selected for the Google Launchpad program, a business accelerator that invests in companies building solutions for some of the world’s biggest problems.


Founded:2016 | "Top"Top



Sendah is an online gift remittance and payment platform that gives its users a ‘better way to send’ to the Philippines. Sendah carries a diverse range of products and services that make sending to the Philippines fast, easy and hassle-free.


Founded:2014 | "Top"Top"Top is a service of Satoshi Citadel Industries, a Philippine-based holdings company for Bitcoin-related ventures. Rebit aims to provider emittance service at a significantly lower rate than banks or money transfer agents by leveraging on the Bitcoin platform. Delivery options include forwarding to most local banks, as well as the most popular pawnshops and other payment centers.

Smart Padala

Founded:2004 | "Top"Top

Smart Padala is the largest domestic remittance brand in the Philippines with over 15,000 Smart Padala Centers across the country. Smart Padala also offers international remittance, bills payment, airtime load selling, and reloading of mobile wallet accounts including Smart Money and PayMaya to address the transactional needs of both the banked and the unbanked in emerging markets.


Founded: 2012 | "Top"Top

azimoAzimo’s money transfer services are available 24/7, offering the option of having the money delivered to the recipient or delivered to their mobile wallet. The money can also be picked up within 1 hour of being sent at BDO Unibank, M Lhuillier, or Cebuana Lhuillier branch in the Philippines.

Bayad Center

Founded: 2006 | "Top"Top

bayad centerBayad Center offers over-the-counter multiple bills payment collection services. The company’s services include remittance payouts, bills payment, and business center services. Its services include outsourced payment collection services for organizations in utilities, cable TV, Internet, insurance and pre-need, healthcare, transportation, electronic wallet, credit card, real estate, financial services.

Cebuana Lhuillier


cebuanaCebuana Lhuillier is part of the PJ Lhuillier Group which runs a chain of pawnshops, as well as provides a range of online remittance, microinsurance, and microloans solutions. The company recently boosted its remittance services further by partnering with Bayad Center, a partnership which added 250 branches to its 2,000-strong network.


Founded: 2017 | "Top

digigoldDigiGold is a blockchain-based remittance service which allows deposits to be made in fiat and via kiosks known as Automated Payment Machines. It aims to provide digital assets for the unbanked Philippine population and has its own DigiGold tokens which can also be sold in exchange for cash at partner locations. DigiGold’s whitelist is currently open for participation.


Founded: 2015 | "Top

justpaytoJustPayTo is a payment & remittance platform that uses the bank’s infrastructure to enable money transfers between anyone via mobile. For payments, users can share their payment links with anyone they want to request payments from. Payments received will be deposited directly into user bank accounts. This makes it much easier for businesses to receive payments from cross-border clients too.


Founded: 2018 | "Top

bizmotoBizmoto is a Peppermint product. It started off as a remittance service but is now also providing mobile payments for customers to pay their bills and purchase airtime reloads. By engaging a network of agents who help facilitate these payments it also provides microbusiness opportunities to a wide section of the Filipino community.



Founded: 2016 | "Top"Top

Investagrams aims to help the Philippine population achieve financial freedom through stock market investments. Its serves as an educational base, trading competition hub and collaboration platform for new and experienced investors to trade tips and experience.


Founded: 2015 | "Top

Keza is a Bitcoin investment platform that allows anyone to invest in US and international markets using Bitcoin. It caters to emerging markets where access to global capital markets is limited. It was acquired by SCI Ventures in August 2016 after it ceased trading in April that same year.



MyTrade is the trading arm of Abacus Securities Corporation and functions as an online stock trading app for the Philippine Stock Exchange. It provides trading reports and is open to individual and corporate traders who can access the platform via desktop or mobile.



Parachure is a digital financial advisor led by industry experts and experienced technology innovators. Parachure provides goal-based financial diagnostics though comprehensive algorithm and best practice approach of known financial experts, enabling the community to reach a future-sure life.

Philstocks Financial Inc

Founded: 2001 | "Top"Top

Philstocks Financial Inc is a full-service financial brokerage firm. Its stock investment services include an online trading platform, mobile trading app, broker-assisted stock-trading, investor education, daily market updates and research. Philstocks was formerly known as Accord Capital Equities Corp.

Robur IR

Founded: 2012 | "Top"Top"Top

Robur IR is a one-stop stock picking and portfolio management platform for investors who aim to improve their stock performance. It was originally established as a means for two private investors to acquire reliable financial data, and thus, has been modelled as a kind of “Bloomberg for the individual investor”.

Seedbox Philippines

Founded: 2016 | "Top

Seedbox Philippines is an online investing service that enables users to invest in mutual funds at their convenience. It is powered by ATR Asset Management, a leading investment company adviser, and the Indivara Group of Indonesia, a technology group of companies in the Asia Pacific region.


Founded: 2014 | "Top"Top"Top

SCI is a fintech firm which has been engaged in building blockchain based-ecosystem through its many products: Rebit, BuyBitcoin, Keza, bitbit, Lifebit, Prepaid Bitcoin and SCI is backed by South Korea-based K Venture Group (KVG), a specialist investment branch of Kakao Ventures. SCI’s subsidiary, Rebittance Inc is BSP-licensed to conduct cryptocurrency exchanges in the facilitation of remittances.


Kaya Credit


Kaya Credit is a credit scoring site which provides quick and convenient loan access for those seeking for personal, SME, OFW, appliances or pension loans. All customers have to do is key in their personal details, after which they will receive a KayaCredit score. KayaCredit’s marketplace lenders will then bid on their applications so that they get to choose the best loan terms to suit their needs.



TrustingSocial provides credit scoring based on social, mobile and web data, after which it provides them with a TrustingSocial Authenticity Score. Services are also personalised based on their lifestyles.


Founded:2011 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-23

Lenddo, one of Technology Pioneers 2014 by The WEF, empowers the middle class to use online social connections to demonstrate creditworthiness & access affordable, life-improving financial services.
Total Equity Funding $14M in 3 Rounds from 11 Investors
Most Recent Funding Series B on October 14, 2015 / Undisclosed Amount



Founded: 2014 | "Top

BIMA is a Sweden-based mobile insurance platform that aims to deliver affordable & easy-to-use products to underserved families. Its products include Bima Smart Protection Service, which offers 3 budget-dependent insurance options, and TNT Secureload, a prepaid airtime service which comes with free accident micro-insurance coverage




Top Philippines Fintech Startups-8

Lendr is an end-to-end loans origination and loans management platform aimed at financial institutions and credit providers. The latest Lendr app was the result of the partnership between The Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines and PLDT-owned tech company Voyager Innovations. Lendr is the first 24/7 digital loans marketplace platform in Philippines.


Founded: 2016 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-27 is an operating subsidiary of MicroGroup Lending Corporation that provides an online access to the Loans provided for SMEs. Since 2015, MicroGroup has provided lending services to SME’s in the Philippines who are considered “unbankable” by commercial financial institutions.


Founded:2014 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-2 is the largest network of lenders in the Philippines. They’ve so far serviced over 2,000 borrowers, with average loan value of PHP 100,000 (US$2,220), and the numbers continue to grow. In 2014, LoanSolution raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from a group of international and local investors, led by Singaporean VC KK Fund.


Founded:2015 | "Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-29 is a platform providing advising for personal, home, vehicle and business loans. It analyzes users’ needs to determine the most suitable product. aims at serving as a bridge between borrowers and lenders and be the “one-stop loan solutions.”



Founded:2015 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-13

PawnHero is Southeast Asia’s first online pawnshop and aims to provide affordable personal loans from a wide range of items, including jewellery, precious metals, loose stones, musical instruments, designer bags, electronic gadgets and other equipment. It improves on conventional pawn shops by offering standardised interest rates and faster transactions while cutting out hidden costs like insurance and delivery fees.


Founded:2015 | "Top"Top"Top


Cropital is a crowdfunding platform connecting anyone to help finance farmers, be it private investors or individuals who just want to help.

Fuse Lending


fuselendingFuse Lending, a Mynt product, aims to create and sustain opportunities for growth and stability for individuals and small businesses through responsible and fintech-enabled lending.

First Circle

Founded:2015 | "Top"Top"Top

First-CircleFirst Circle They provide short term finance to growing, productive companies to help them improve their cashflow and buy more inventory. 


Founded:2016 | "Top"Top"Top

uploanUploan employs a B2B2C model, partnering with employers to provide payroll deducted loans to those underserved by financial institutions in the Philippines. Through its online credit (P2P lending) marketplace, Uploan provides better loans to employees by matching the loans to investors who are looking for better returns in an asset secured against the borrower payroll.


Pera Agad

Founded:2016 | "Top"Top

pera agadPera Agad is by Cash Credit, an international tech-based financial services company that has partnered with SMART to bring a fast unsecured credit provided exclusively to SMART Prepaid and TnT subscribers in the SMART Padala and Pera Hub centers.


Founded:2016 | "Top"Top

GAVA is a crowdfunding platform piloted in the Philippines, enabling others that they may dare to dream, wish, hope, build, create, and live, because Gava believes in the power of giving together. With convenient service, multiple payment methods, and transparent platform, giving together is made easier.


Founded:2016 | "Top"Top

fundkoFundKo is an online peer-to-peer platform which serves as an intermediary between borrowers who want to avail of a loan, and investors who want to earn potential high returns for their money. FundKo is a subsidiary of Guevent Investments Development Corporation (GIDC)


Founded:2016 |"Top"Top"Top

InvestEd provides accessible education loans to students from low-income families, especially those who cannot afford high-interest rates from microfinance lenders and are shut out from the financial system.


Founded:2016 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-12

Acudeen is an online P2P marketplace for discounted invoices that helps small and SMEs with cash flow problems. This representative from Philippines will present itself at the Seedstars Summit in Switzerland on March 2017 for the prize of $1 million in equity investment.

Loan Ranger

Founded:2016 |"Top is a product of the First Digital Finance Corporation. It provides short-term instant or near- instant credit to consumers, as well as a convenient and safe alternative to unregulated lenders. Instead using a credit history, it arrives at loan application decision using big data analytics.



BillEase is your online and hassle-free shopping partner that allows you to shop and pay at a later time. All you have to do is to submit an application form, wait for approval, and once approved, you can get your vouchers, which you can use for shopping in Lazada.


Founded:2017 |"Top

balikbayadBalik Bayad is a loan provider catering to the specific financing needs of OFW and seamen. For OFWs, its loan facilities are meant to bridge the time it takes to secure a job overseas while still needing housing and supplies. It also has a blog which serves as a guide on working conditions in different countries.



asiakreditAsiaKredit is a Singapore-based digital consumer lender that provides unsecured small-ticket short-term consumer loans via mobile app. AsiaKredit was seeded and developed by FORUM and Fintonia Group, and now with operations in the Philippines, aims to reach Southeast Asia’s unbanked in the near future. Products under it include pera247 , a short-term digital lender based in the Philippines.


Founded: 2017 | "Top"Top"Top

cashaloCashalo is a smartphone app that aims to deliver quick, and secure access to funds at affordable rates in an accessible way. Alternative data points are used to develop a credit score profile from which loan applications will then be approved and disbursed.


Founded: 2016 | "Top"Top

Singapore-headquartered Cashwagon aims to foster financial inclusion by offering online cash loans without any collateral requirements, complex approval procedures or prolonged application waiting times. The company is currently active in 5 markets: Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.



FarmOn, similar to Cropital, is a crowdfunding platform where investors can provide sustainable financing to farmers. Farm On is backed by algriculturists from the Department of agriculture, and currently owns 96 hectares of the land being farmed on. This land is being managed by partners in the Isabela and Quirino provinces.


Fintq is the financial technology arm of PLDT and Smart’s Voyager Innovations. It is the developer of a wide range of financial services, including digital lending, digital insurance, digital banking security and alternative credit scoring facilities. It was most recently reported to be launching a digital credit scoring system.

Global Credit

Founded: 2016 | "Top

Global Credit Pros is an online lender which offers quick personal and salary loans of between 10,000 pesos to 30,000 pesos for up to 3 months. Applicants can request for a loan online, which GCP will then process using its proprietary software. Approved loans are disbursed at an interest fee rate of 10% per month.



GoodKredit is an electronic gift certificate and voucher program based on a multiple repayment model. Borrowers can pay for groceries or utilities using these vouchers, which are obtainable via mobile app and repayable on multiple schedule. This service is intended to enhance financial inclusion by enabling liquidity.

Home Credit

Founded: 2014 | "Top"Top"Top

Czech Republic-based Home Credit partners with more than 3,500 retail stores to offer customers instalment loans on purchases of consumer electronics in the Philippines. To date, it is present in 10 countries offering a variety of loan products across these markets, including revolving loans, cash and car loans, insurance & deposits.

Kiva Lending


Kiva Lending is a US-based international non-profit gifting crowdfunding platform with a focus on alleviating poverty & creating sustainable futures. According to its website, Kiva has funded 9,980 loans in the Philippines thus far, disbursing US$273,950 in total.


Founded: 2017 | "Top

LoanChamp is the loan arm of Yfinance Inc offering payday loans and lead sourcing services. Applications for payday loans can be made via mobile, and loans of up to 20,000 pesos borrowed for periods of between 5-30 days.

Loan Solutions

Founded: 2013 | "Top"Top

Loan Solutions connects borrowers with a network of lending partners in the Philippines. Its platform facilitates access to credit for various financial needs that include personal loans for employees, OFWs, seamen, freelancers; home loans, cash loans and business loans for a variety of purposes.

Moola Lending Corporation


Moola Lending Corporation is a Philippine-based financial technology company powered by the Online Loans Pilipinas international line of fintech companies and focused in online micro- and consumer financing, one of the first to offer online loans in the Philippines.



Moneymatch is a crowdfunding investment platform which allows a minimum amount of 5,000 pesos as investment. Average returns ranging from 12% up to 36% are promised. It is owned by FinTech Global Resources Inc.



PeraJet is a digital lender which aims to provide quick short-term loans to individuals. Loans of up to 35,000 pesos can be borrowed for periods of up to 12 months. PeraJet is supervised by the Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission and backed by WJA Investments.



QuickPera is a lender of two types of loans: short-term payday loans or longer-term loans spanning a few months. Borrowers have to upload a set of documents including payslips, bank statements and references to be eligible. They can then repay their loans over the counter at any of QuickPera’s partner retail outlets.



Russia-based Robocash offers payday loans, secured loans, installment loans and microloans and charges a fixed daily rate of 2.5% for amounts of between 1,000-25,000 pesos.



SeedIn is a business financing platform where local businesses seeking short-term financing can connect with individuals and businesses seeking short-term investments. According to its website, SeedIn provides annualised returns of up to 7% in the form of monthly repayments, while businesses can expect competitively low costs of credit.



Spark is a crowdfunding website and startup community where entrepreneurs and changemakers can submit their projects, which, upon approval, will be listed on the site. Spark the earns from its listing and commission fees.



Tala is a smartphone app which aggregates data from more than 10,000 data points to assess customers’ creditworthiness. Savings, geographic patterns, and network diversity are among some of the factors considered.

"Top is a crowdfunding platform focusing on solid investments such as raising capital on assets-back business and income generating real estate properties. Investors can invest as little as P10,000 or up to 10 per cent of the total capital. Its vision is to create a global community of investors (especially OFWs) who can have solid investments in businesses and/or to be part owner on real estate projects for income generation.

Vidalia Lending Corp


Vidalia Lending Corp is a P2P crowdfunding platform. For borrowers, it offers a range of different loans: including lite, personal and salary loans for individuals, as well as business and small business loans for enterprises. The company also typically combines investor funds with its own capital in loans disbursement.


Founded:2009 | "Top"Top"Top

Top Philippines Fintech Startups-4

BPI Globe BanKO Inc. (BanKO) is the first mobile-based, microfinance-focused savings bank. It aims to provide the low-income segment with secure and convenient access to affordable financial services by leveraging on its combined assets and infrastructure in banking & telecommunications. In the past two years, BanKO has extended over P2B in loans to its partner MFIs, successfully reaching over 400,000 micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines.


Founded:2013 | "Top"Top"Top

moneymax is Philippines’ most comprehensive online platform for comparing financial and telecommunication products, including credit cards, broadband plans, loans and other products and services that suit consumers’ needs.


Founded:2014 | "Top"Top"Top is a comparison portal intended for Filipinos looking for quick, secure, and complete banking and insurance information in the Philippines. Customers are provided with detailed information about their preferred credit cards (credit limit, promos & discounts, annual fee, and more) and insurances (coverage and premium) to help them find the perfect product that suits their lifestyle.

Founded:2013 | "Top"Top"Top is a free comparison site for financial products such as bank loans, credit cards & insurances. Apply for credit cards, personal loans, and more, while learning about financial investments and general money saving hacks.

Founded:2013 | "Top"Top"Top is an online car insurance comparison site which aims to help Filipinos buy the car insurance that suits their needs. Desktop and mobile friendly, it also provides multiple payment channels for users to insure their vehicles quickly and efficiently.


Founded: 2016 | "Top

gobearGoBear is an aggregator site comparing insurance, credit card, savings, loans and insurance products for consumer ease of access. It also offers personal finance tips via an attached blog. Customers are given precise recommendations by a range of providers when they key in their specific financial product requirements.



Founded: 2014 | "Top

AbraAbra operates an app-based cryptocurrency wallet which currently accommodates 28 cryptocurrencies & 50 fiat currencies. Users can use it to buy, store ad invest cryptocurrency using bank transfer credit/debit card, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, or litecoin without exchange or deposit fees.


Founded: 2013 | "Top"Top

Appsolutely is a Southeast Asian platform and customer analytics solutions provider with aims to build an omnichannel ecosystem for customers to redeem their points from any loyalty program anywhere. Its digital asset LoyalCoin currently enables loyalty rewards to be earned and used across retailers, transferred with peers and traded in exchange for other digital assets.


Founded: 2016 | "Top"Top

Aqwire is a blockchain-based real estate platform that enables buyers, investors and sellers to acquire and sell properties across international borders. It leverages smart contracts to facilitate the booking and reservation of units, transaction validation, international KYC and escrow transactions.



Bitrefill is an app which allows prepaid mobile top-ups in bitcoin for cost savings. It supports prepaid SIM cards from over 600 operators in 150 countries, connecting the unbanked to financial services and digital wallet providers and bitcoin exchanges to a wider section of the population.


Botcoin aims to use cryptocurrency solutions to address social & environmental problems. Its vision includes the use of IoT and big data to create smart islands where poverty is alleviated, and smart rivers and smart oceans can see light of day.


Founded:2014 | "Top"Top"Top mission is to help facilitate the growth of the Bitcoin economy in the Philippines by allowing anyone to sell or acquire BTC for PHP.


Founded: 2018 | "Top

Citadax is a BSP-licensed cryptocurrency exchange. It is a product by SCI Ventures.


Founded:2014 | "Top"Top"Top

Coinage is the Philippines’ first enterprise-grade order book bitcoin exchange platform enabling bitcoin & peso trades within a safe and convenient environment.

"Top is a tokenised real estate exchange. Real estate can be borderlessly bought or sold using cryptocurrency, with ownership then certified on the blockchain for efficiency.



Singapore-based Coinpip is a is a blockchain-based, end-to-end money transfer service catering to startups and small enterprises. Because remittances are made via the blockchain and not bank wire, they are cheaper and faster. Coinpip is backed by 500 Startups.

Energo Labs


Energo Labs is a Shanghai-based decentralised energy trading platform which aims to promote a P2P microgrids-based energy trading ecosystem. It recently partnered with Philippine energy supplier First Gen on a blockchain-based solar energy project for power usage at the De La Selle University – Dasmarinas (DLSU-D).

ETranss (Etranss Remittance International Corp)

Founded: 2016

ETranss (Etranss Remittance International Corp) has facilitated monthly remittance volumes of 10 million pesos since its launch in 2016. It received its BSP cryptocurrency exchange license in 2017, and is developing its fintech arm, the Etranss Distributed Exchange to provide secure trades and settlements of cryptocurrency



Filipcoin aims to use the Ethereum blockchain to create reliable transaction systems that can support service economy applications in a convenient, adaptable, secure and transparent manner.

IBITX Software Inc.

Founded: 2006

IBITX Software Inc. operates as a crypto-currency company. It develops software for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), as well as a free market trading system for secondary market trading of crypto and virtual currencies registered on the platform.


Founded: 2017 | "Top"Top

MergeCommit is a software company which provides blockchain-based products to enable other companies’ businesses. One of its products Andromeda, allows firms to set up their own cryptocurreny exchanges with easy setup features. Meanwhile another product, Cerberus, allows companies to explore blockchain opportunities they could take advantage of.


Founded: 2017 | "Top

Moneybees is a platform which partners with licensed remittance centers & money changers to enable cryptocurrencies to be bought and sold over the counter. Available cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin & Ether.


Founded: 2017 | "Top"Top"Top

PDAX, or the Philippine Digital Asset Exchange, is a digital currency platform which has buying, selling, and managing functions. Cryptocurrency can be traded with fiat and withdrawn at a number of cashpoints in partnership with providers like 7-Eleven, GCash and BancNet. PDAX was most recently awarded its operating license by the BSP.

TOA Coin

Founded: 2017 | "Top

TOA Coin is said to be a cryptocurrency designed for travel bookings, coffee payments, online shopping and other travel-related payments to be made on-the-go The TOA Coin can be accessed via the company’s proprietary wallets and traded over a number of cryptocurrency exchanges.


Founded: 2016 | "Top"Top"Top

TraXion is building an ecosystem where everybody can work together for the common good by enforcing data integrity, accountability, transparency and trust. Our solution is a smart contract–enabled blockchain platform that is scalable, immutable, transparent and permissioned. Currently, TraXion’s blockchain- based wallet allows customers to load, save, pay and lend their money from a single point of access.

Virtual Currency Philippines Inc

Founded: 2016 | "Top"Top

Virtual Currency Philippines Inc obtained its BSP license last year and will trade Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies on its platform. It also offers a digital wallet with multi-currency support, and secure e-money storage.


Founded: 2014 | "Top"Top"Top

Wirex is a platform which allows users to buy, store, spend and trade cryptocurrencies in-app or via desktop. Wallets include Bitcoin & Litecoin wallets which are supported by online and mobile applications. It also provides a Wirex Visa payment card to enable stored cryptocurrency to be spent in fiat money equivalents


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