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A Look Back on Some of the Most Devastating Crypto Hacks

Another day, another cryptocurrency exchange hack. Recently the crypto world has been shaken by the Binance hack, that vanished approximately US$40 million worth of bitcoin through patient methods to avoid detection. It’s just the latest in a slew of hacks

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South Korea: Regulation on Crypto Exchanges Becomes “Urgent”

After several hacks for the past few months and an audit from the Korean Blockchain Association (KBA) conducted at the beginning of July, the Korean Financial Services Commission urges local legislators to intervene as soon as possible. “Exchanges are not

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Top 10 Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Koreans are more interested in cryptocurrencies than any other country. This is in spite of the Korean government banning ICOs in Korea as well as regulating cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea. Many Koreans are even banking on cryptocurrencies as their retirement

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