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Kakao Sets up Non-Profit Entity in Singapore To Lead Klaytn Blockchain’s Expansion

South Korean Internet giant Kakao has set up a non-profit entity headquartered in Singapore named the Klaytn Foundation to accelerate the sustainable growth of Klaytn blockchain and its ecosystem. Klaytn is a service-centric blockchain platform that was previously led by

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Raising US$90 Mil From a Private Round, Kakao’s Ground X Now Opens ICO to The Public

Kakao Group just raised US$90 million in a private coin offering to bolster Ground X, its blockchain development arm—and the company is already eyeing its next funding round. According to Jason Han, CEO of Kakao’s Group X, the initial funding

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Korean Gaming Scene Sees Major Capital Injection

It seems like every day that another gaming company is receiving a 100-million-dollar capital injection from a major tech overlord or private investor. Korea’s Long, Booming Relationship with Gaming The amount of investment that is piling into the Korean gaming

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