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India, Singapore, Hong Kong Among Top 5 Biggest Adopters of Digital Banking

Consumers in India, Singapore and Hong Kong are among the world’s biggest adopters of digital banking, ranking second, fourth and fifth respectively in penetration rate, a global study conducted by Australian comparison website Finder found. The study, which polled more

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Less Than 5% of the World’s 400 Neobanks are Profitable

Neobanking has been one of the most talked-about fintech segments of the past decade, a buzzing industry that’s seen an average of 68 new ventures being launched each year since 2017, data from consulting firm Simon-Kucher show. But despite the

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Incumbents Need to Adopt BaaS as Digital Banks Grows in Popularity

As neobanks and digital challengers continue to advance and become increasingly more popular, incumbents must modernize their architecture by embracing cloud-native digital platforms, a new article by consulting firm Bain & Company and fintech provider Mambu says. Evolving consumers habits,

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