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10 of The Top Funded Fintechs in Singapore

Depending on whether you count Grab (and that can be a contentious argument), Singapore has yet to produce a homegrown unicorn operating in fintech: but all signs point to one emerging in the future. Singapore only has Hong Kong as

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Top 15 Most Well-Funded Southeast Asian Fintech Companies

The financial services industry in Southeast Asia is rapidly evolving as a result of disruption from new-age fintech companies. The rapid adoption of fintech innovation in the region has been fueled by the rapidly expanding expanding economies, young-urban-digitally-savvy population, increasing

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10 Fast Growing FinTechs in Singapore

IDC Financial Insights unveiled a list of 101 fast growing fintechs in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) from 10 major markets – China, Australia and New Zealand, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. “IDC’s FinTech Fast 101”

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