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Open Banking Makes Inroads in Vietnam

In Vietnam, banks are becoming increasingly aware of open banking and recognizing the need to embrace open APIs to keep up with the rapidly evolving financial landscape. So far, at least two local banks have launched developer portals and are

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Vietnam Central Bank Has Only Granted 4 Payment Licenses Over the Past 16 Months

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), the country’s central bank and main financial regulatory agency, has only granted payment licenses to four companies since April 2018. According to SBV’s website, Smart Net, Endenred, Paytech and EPay are the latest four

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Challenges or Opportunities for Fintech in Vietnam

In 1995, the first Visa transaction was accepted in Vietnam—the same year that relations between the United States and Vietnam were normalized. In 2006—the year before Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO)—Visa had 150,000 branded cards in Vietnam. Today,

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