DataProm Has Joined Innovative World of Blockchain Technology

DataProm Has Joined Innovative World of Blockchain Technology

by October 9, 2017

DataProm company provides a number of services for e-commerce, such as analysis of goods and product groups, analysis of online customer activity and forecasting of their interests, automatic content optimization, etc.

Almost all the company’s services and products are based on unique algorithms and the ability to work with Big Data.

Recently DataProm became a member of the prestigious Shen Zhen Big Data Industry Association, which is a huge step in the development of the company.

The amount of data and technical capacity that is required in order to store it, grew exponentially as the number of DataProm customers increased.

Now the group is facing a situation when traditional cloud services can not effectively cope with such a big amount of information. That’s why they decided to transform the DataProm system into blockchain.

Thus, the problem of oversaturation with a huge amount of data and the team’s experience with blockchain technologies led the company to an obvious and undisputed decision to transfer the entire internal infrastructure of DataProm to the blockchain system. Of course, the fundamental change of technologies is always difficult, risky and accompanied by high costs, but this they found was the only way to keep the leading positions in the sphere of work with the big-date in the modern world.


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Featured image via DataProm Facebook page