Asia’s Top Under 30 VCs and Fintech Entrepreneurs

Asia’s Top Under 30 VCs and Fintech Entrepreneurs

by February 26, 2016

Forbes has released the first ever 30 under 30 2016 Asia Finance, a list of the top venture capitalists and fintech entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region.

This list includes founders and senior executives from top financial technology companies including Neurowave and Call Levels, as well as some of the world’s most successful venture capitalists in the APAC region incl. Markus Gnirck from Startupbootcamp Fintech Singapore.

Forbes 30 Under 30 2016 Asia in Finance


Pocket Sun, 24, Singapore

Pocket Sun Singapore Founder SoGal

Pocket Sun is the founder of the first cross-border community and capital firm led by and dedicated to millennial females, SoGal. SoGal currently has 4,000 members in more than 20 countries. The firm plans to invest in consumer technology and digital health care outfits in the US.


Mohamed Abbas, 25, Singapore

Mohamed Abbas Singapore Co-Founder Onelyst

Mohamed Abbas is the co-founder of Onelyst, an online marketplace that helps users from lower-income brackets compare loan rates across different licensed moneylenders. Abbas co-founded Onelyst while studying at Nanyang Technological University.


Christine Aum, 28, South Korea

Christine Aum South Korea Associate SparkLabs

Christine Aum is a senior associate at SparkLabs Global Ventures. She manages the company’s seed-stage investment fund and travels around the world to find the next, new things.

Founded by Facebook executive Net Jacobsson and a team of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, SparkLabs has backed 50 startups from a US$30 million fund launched in 2013.

Prior to SparkLabs, Aum spent three and a half year as an equity analyst for Korea’s largest asset management firm Mirae Asset Securities.


Allison Baum, 28, Japan

Allison Baum Fresco Capital Tokyo

Allison Baum, a Harvard grad, is a managing partner at Fresco Capital. Baum is involved in all aspects of investment and operations with a specific focus on the education technology sector.


Manju Bhatia, 29, India

Manju Bhatia India Vasuli Recovery

Manju Bhatia is the joint managing director of Vasuli Recovery, a loan recovery company that employs only female agents. Vasuli is the first private agency in India to engaged in recovery on behalf of the government and nationalized banks in a structured manner.

Bhatia founded Vasuli in 2003 with three other agents. Today, Vasuli employs 200 agents located in different cities and handles more than US$90 million of recovery for 20 public sector banks.


Stefan Bruun, 27, Hong Kong

Stefan Bruun Nova Founders Capital

Stefan Bruun is the managing partner at Nova Founders Capital, a venture capital firm that has invested in over 30 large-scale fintech businesses in Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Prior to Nova Founders Capital, Bruun was marketing director for Southeast Asia at Rocket Internet, and was the vice president at Groupon Asia. Bruun founded more than 30 Internet companies including Zalora, Lazada and Zanui, and was named in 2014 as one of Denmark’s 100 biggest business talents by Berlingske Business Magasin.


Tim Chae, 24, South Korea

Tim Chae 500 Startups

Tim Chae is a partner at 500 Startups. Chae helped launch (and currently heads) 500 Startups Korea (500 Kimchi), a US$15 million micro-VC fund to invest in promising Korean startups. Chae has led 20 investments.


Rachel De Villa, 23, Philippines

Rachel De Villa Founder Cropital

Rachel De Villa is the founder and CTO of Cropital, an award-winning crowdfunding platform helping finance local Filipino farmers. De Villa has won a number of awards herself as well including Unilever Philippines’ Creamsilk Women Empowerment Scholarship, and the Young Entrepreneurs Society Philippines (YES Philippines) Startup Summit Philippines National in August 2015.


Anshulika Dubey, 29, India

Anshulika Dubey co-founder and COO of

Anshulika Dubey is the co-founder and COO of, India’s first crowdfunding platform for creative projects.

Wishberry has helped 250 ideas pledge over US$1 million from a global community of 12,000 funders.

Prior to Wishberry, Dubey was an analyst at McKinsey and Company, and also co-founded Teens for Greens in India, an initiative to spread green education in Indian primary schools.


Chris Gilbert, 29, Jonny Wilkinson, 28, Australia

Chris Gilbert Jonny Wilkinson Equitise

Chris Gilbert and Jonny Wilkinson are the co-founders and directors of Equitise, Australia and New Zealand’s first trans-Tasman equity crowdfunding platform.

During 18 months, the Equitise team lobbied the Australian government to legalize equity crowdfunding.

Equitise helped raise capital for Dongfang Modern Agricultural Holding Group, one of the largest amount ever raised in an ASX listing by a company with operations in China.


Markus Gnirck, 27, Singapore

Markus Gnirck Startupbootcamp Fintech

Markus Gnirck is the co-founder and global COO of Startupbootcamp Fintech, a renown accelerator program dedicated to startups that are working towards reinventing the financial services sector. Gnirck moved to Singapore in 2015 to expand the program to Asia and has worked with over 100 early stage companies in the region.


Charlie Hung, 29, China

Charlie Hung Rocket Internet China co-founder

Charlie Hung is the co-founder and managing director of Rocket Internet China, a global incubator that has developed over 75 ventures.

Hung helped co-found Lazada and OfficeFab, and worked as a management consultant at Oliver Wyman prior to Rocket Internet China.


Jenny Lee, 29, Hong Kong

Jenny Lee Head of Growth WeLab

Jenny Lee, a former investment banker at Deutsche Bank, joined WeLab in 2014 where she now works as head of growth. Her support has helped the fintech startup secure US$160 million from ING and government investors.

WeLab is an online consumer lender that operates in Greater China. WeLab also operates, Hong Kong’s leading online lending platform.


Tahan Lin, 28, Taiwan

Tahan Lin Backer-Founder

Tahan Lin is the co-founder and CEO of Backer-Founder, Taiwan’s first and largest crowdfunding platform.

During its first year of operation, Backer-Founder helped raise US$10 million for over 50 projects. On average, each campaign has reached a US$190,000 pledge.


Likun Liu, 28, China

Likun Liu Zhong Capital

Likun Liu is a partner at Zhong Capital, a Beijing-based venture capital firm whose successful investments include Jumeiyoupin, China Binary Sale Technology, CMGE and Qiandaibao.

Before joining Zhong Capital, Liu was an investment associate at Ventech, focusing on TMT early-stage investments. In 2015, Liu was named in ChinaVenture’s young venture capitalist list.


Moses Lo, 27, Indonesia

Moses Lo Xendit Mobile payment

Moses Lo is the founder and CEO of Xendit, a peer-to-peer mobile payment service targeted at Southeast Asian countries. Xendit allows users to loan money onto a digital wallet. Users can send and request money from friends through Xendit or via phone numbers.

Xendit was part of the 2015 summer Y Combinator batch and currently has some 13,000 people using its service.

Lo also founded Barker Bespoke, a menswear company, and was an associate at Boston Consulting Group.


Hironori Maeda, 28, Japan

Hironori Maeda BEENEXT

Horonori Maeda is a partner at BEENEXT, an early stage venture capital firm investing in Indian, Southeast Asian, Japanese and American startups.

Maeda has been a seed stage and venture investors in over 100 companies, and previously led the investment division at startup platform BEENOS.

Maeda launched Japan’s first startup accelerator program in 2010, Open Network Lab, in partnership with Digital Garage and

He was named as one of the top 100 promising young entrepreneurs in the world by the 2011 St. Gallen Symposium.


Ritesh Malik, 26, India

Ritesh Malik Guerilla Ventures

Ritesh Malik is the founder of Guerilla Ventures, an angel fund that has invested in over 15 companies, mostly in the hardware space.


Johnny Mayo, 29, Malaysia

Johnny Mayo Neuroware

Johnny Mayo is the co-founder and CMO of Neuroware, a company that develops protocols to help organizations store and share data using the blockchain database.

Mayo is also the co-founder of, a community for blockchain-related startup founders across Asia. He helps banks, corporations and government entities in Southeast Asia understand and leverage blockchain technology.


Haruka Mera, 28, Japan

Haruka Mera ReadyFor Crowdfunding

Haruka Mera is the founder and CEO of ReadyFor, the first crowdfunding platform in Japan and formerly a division of Ohma.

ReadyFor has enabled some 1,400 projects to pitch their plans and raised over US$7 million from over 57,000 individuals.


Anjney Midha, 23, India

Anjney Midha KPCB Edge

Anjney Midha is a founding partner at KPCB Edge, a US$4 million seed fund launched by Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Before founding KPCB Edge, Midha was the youngest partner at KPCB.


Hee-eun Park, 29, South Korea

Hee-eun Park Altos Ventures

Hee-eun Park is the principal at Altos Ventures, a US$60 million Korean fund. Prior to joining Altos Ventures, Park founded IUM, a mobile dating service, in 2010.

Park has invested in 18 Korean mobile and software companies.


James Riney, 26, Japan

James Riney Head 500 Startups Japan

James Riney is the head of 500 Startups Japan. Riney joined 500 Startups in 2015 and already has inked deals with 15 Japanese startups.

Prior to 500 Startups, Riney was an analyst at JP Morgan.


Cynthia Siantar, 29, Singapore

Cynthia Siantar Call Levels co founder

Cynthia Siantar is the co-founder of Call Levels, a Singaporean finance tracking startup that helps monitor financial business data. Call Levels is backed by 500 Startups and prominent Singaporean angel investors, and was a finalist for Best Fintech App in Appster Awards 2015

Siantar is also the co-founder of Blastout, a geolocated social network. She formerly worked as an equity markets associate at HSBC and an investment analyst at Mercer Investment Consulting.


Harrison Uffindell, 25, Australia

Harrison Uffindell

Harrison Uffindell is the co-founder and head of growth of, a micro-funding platform helping startups get funding and scale. has helped some 300,000 groups get funding.


Abraham Viktor, 23, Indonesia

Abraham Viktor Taralite Co-founder and CEO

Abraham Viktor is the co-founder and CEO of Taralite, a platform that provides soft loans for weddings and family needs.

Taralite’s loans are issued by multi-financiers for a loan period of up to three years. Taralite accepts houses, cars or motorcycles as collateral.


Wang Yuanbo, 26, China

Wang Yuan bo NihaoPay

Wang Yuanbo is the co-founder and CEO of Nihao Pay, a China focused fintech startup that provides online businesses with an easily integrated payment solution for UnionPay, WeChat and AliPay accounts.

Nihao Pay is backed by RRE Ventures and serves some 20 clients from all around the world.


Igor Wos, 29, Hong Kong

Igor Wos TofuPay

Igor Was is the co-founder and development lead of TofuPay, an alternative customizable online payment service focusing on merchants in Southeast Asia.

TofuPay allows online merchants to set up payments for free and track each transaction. TofuPay was named as one of the 11 teams to join Swire Property’s Blueprint accelerator in 2015 and won the Startup Weekend HK #7 in 2014.

TofuPay was acquired in January 2016 by Neat, a mobile payment company.


Jaeseung Yum, 28, South Korea

Jaeseung Yum co-founder CEO Tumblbug

Jaeseung Yum is the co-founder and CEO of Tumblbug, a crowdfunding platform for artists and creatives.

Tumblbug helped finance Sundance award-winning war drama film Jiseul, and claims that two-thirds of the 2,000+ hosted projects on its site have reached their goals with pledges of US$5.2 million.


Zhu Renwei, 27, China

Zhu Renwei Tashi Capital

Zhu Renwei is the founder of Tashi Capital, a private equity firm he started back in 2014. The company’s US$3 million Tashi No.1 fund recorded an earning rate of 103% as of January 2015.

Renwei, a financial blogger for almost 10 years, was nominated as a top 10 financial bloggers by the Securities Daily.


Featured image: Forbes