Top Blockchain investors and experts are joining Blockchain Economic Forum

Top Blockchain investors and experts are joining Blockchain Economic Forum

by January 2, 2018

Forbes says 2017 has been a breakout year for crypto with a truly mind-bending appreciation of cryptocurrencies, transaction volumes (in USD) for Bitcoin increasing 100 times from what they were at the beginning of year, and countless new projects appearing.

To summarize the development of the crypto economy and discuss its future potential LAToken organizes 2nd Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore on February 4-6.

More than a hundred well-known experts, ranging from entrepreneurs and developers to investors and regulators, will share their insights on the blockchain technology and its best use cases. The list of confirmed speakers already includes: 

  • Tony Tong, Vice Chairman at China Credit Management Association
  • Renu Bhatia, Founding Partner at SuperCharger and Asia Fintech Angels, VP at Hong Kong Blockchain Society
  • Nick Giurietto, CEO at Australian Digital Commerce Association
  • Jason Potts, Director of Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University
  • Mark Shmulevich, CSO at Acronis, ex-Deputy Minister of ICT in Russia
  • Michael Sung, Professor at HKUST, Chairman at CarbonBlue innovation
  • Greg Blackwood-Lee, Chairman at Genuine Interest Ltd
  • Zach Piester, Founder at Interpid Ventures
  • Nicholas Merten, Founder of YouTube channel DataDash (160k+ subscribers)

“The conversation between the converging world of the existing economy and crypto economy is the most important one happening today. Singapore is an important node in the ecosystem. Speaking at the BEF event was a no brainier. It helps to be a part of enabling and shaping the new global economic landscape,” says Chris J Snook, Bestselling Author of “Digital Sense” and Managing Partner at Launch Haus.

1000+ attendees of the Forum will look for the answers to the most important questions of the industry today. Which institution will be affected by the blockchain technology: central banks, law firms, VCs, stock exchanges? How can existing businesses implement blockchain? How does the blockchain help to promote social and economic justice? Why are top-50 tokens worth $250 bn (ex Bitcoin)? How is tokenization putting real-world assets on the blockchain, asset classes, liquidity premium, what’s next? etc.

Join the most heated and vital panels and roundtables with the industry leaders now. The early bird tickets are available at the 40% discount at