Contour and DBS Ties up in a Push for Blockchain Trade Finance

Contour and DBS Ties up in a Push for Blockchain Trade Finance

by July 15, 2020

Contour, the blockchain trade finance network that’s formerly known as Voltron has partnered with DBS Bank to push the digitalisation of trade finance with the completion of the network’s first fully digital end-to-end secured Letter of Credit (LC) between Nanjing Iron & Steel, Singapore Jinteng International and Hope Downs Marketing Company (an equal joint venture between Rio Tinto and Hancock Prospecting).

DBS Bank as the issuing and advising bank, played an integral role in connecting the parties across the mining value chain and Contour’s partner essDOCS, which enabled management of the electronic bill of lading through its CargoDocs solution.

The solution includes the approval of key contract terms, LC issuance and presentation of export documents under the LC that were carried out electronically from start to finish on the Contour network.

This not only resulted in reduced trade document turnaround times but also provided greater transparency with all parties having access to real-time status updates at each step of the transaction.

By providing a neutral and open network, Contour is able to offer its solution to a wide range of financial institutions and corporates, allowing individual technology providers to integrate within its network to further streamline LC issuance.

Carl Wegner

Carl Wegner, CEO at Contour, said:

 “An ecosystem’s approach is vital to unlocking a network effect to propel trade into the digital era, where continued collaboration across businesses, banks and technology providers remains key. The silver lining arising from challenges faced in the current environment is a rapid acceleration and acceptance across all industries and geographies of the need to digitalise to survive and thrive in the ‘new normal’, and we expect to see more companies transitioning from analogue-based trade finance processes to digital ones in the near future.”

Alexander Goulandris

Alexander Goulandris

Alexander Goulandris, Co-CEO, essDOCS said:

“The imperative to digitise trade and trade finance has become increasingly vital as the world adjusts to life post-Covid. The results of our joint work with Contour are bearing major fruit and we are confident that milestone transactions combining CargoDocs and Contour will continue to gain pace, as banks and corporates seek to benefit from the major efficiencies gained by being a part of this essential digital trade ecosystem.”



The transaction highlights Contour’s growing presence in Asia as an industry standard for digitising trade finance documentation, and marks DBS Bank’s second transaction on the network since it became a member bank in May. This follows the announcement earlier this year where Standard Chartered announced its investment into Contour.

Featured image credit: Unsplash