Bank Rakyat Indonesia Leverages Open Banking to Bolster BRImo App

Bank Rakyat Indonesia Leverages Open Banking to Bolster BRImo App

by October 22, 2021

As one of Indonesia’s oldest and largest bank, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is always a step ahead in adapting and applying the latest technologies to create various digital platforms and applications to support its customers’ digital needs.

This includes BRImo, Ceria, BRISPOT, and BRIMOLA where the bank intends to apply innovation to serve its customers easily, comfortably, and securely.

Weighing against all other applications in BRI’s ecosystem, the BRImo app spearheads the bank’s technology strategy with superior features such as digital savings account, online bill payments, e-wallet and e-money top ups, cardless withdrawals at the ATM, personal financial management (PFM), and many more.

Digital e-wallets such as LinkAja, GoPay, OVO, ShopeePay, and DANA are a part of BRImo’s ecosystem through open banking for the convenience of its customers in e-commerce or marketplace transactions.

BRI provides digital payment facilities such as direct debit and virtual accounts along with other methods and services through the use of API. The virtual account enables customers to make payment transfers through the BRImo app.

BRImo also offers cashless payments through the scanning of the Quick Response Indonesian Standard (QRIS) code for offline shopping in a bid to develop a cashless nation.

BRI’s other strategy to boost cashless payment methods is by partnering with as many merchants as possible.

Furthermore, BRI has been onboarding Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) into its ecosystem to make BRImo a tool for their daily transactions.

The pilot project for cross border transactions using QR codes has been initiated in Thailand and will be expanded to other countries.

However, payments through the scanning of QRIS not only apply to customers but also to merchants and shopping outlets through the use of new features – Merchant QR or Outlet QR.

Through this innovative feature, customers can scan the QR code generated by shoppers from an e-wallet, banking app or a QR Customer Presented Mode (CPM).

If the customer prefers to scan the merchant’s QR code, then the Merchant Presented Mode (MPM) is applied.

Through this innovation, BRImo expects to create a comprehensive and innovative banking ecosystem to deliver easier, more convenient transactions to its customers.

BRImo has shown phenomenal growth as its total active users reached 11.5 million users in July 2021 showing a 86.37% rate of growth compared to the year before where the app had 6.1 million active users.

In terms of transactions, BRImo also achieved 793 million transactions and witnessed a growth of 180.91% compared to last year’s 282 million transactions.

On the other hand, BRImo’s transaction volume grew by 673.16% and reached IDR 590,430 billion in total compared to last year’s amount of IDR 76,366 billion.

Looking at BRImo’s phenomenally growing numbers, innovations and wide ecosystem, BRI is looking to make BRImo the future superapp.