STACS Launches Its Full Suite of ESG Solutions in Sustainable Finance Push

STACS Launches Its Full Suite of ESG Solutions in Sustainable Finance Push

by March 16, 2022

STACS (Hashstacs), a blockchain-based fintech firm focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), has announced the launch of its full suite of ESG solutions.

The full suite of ESG solutions – ESGpedia, Vetta smart contract platform, and ESG Playbooks – aims to enable effective sustainable finance.

This follows STACS’ partnership announcement with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for Project Greenprint last November.

STACS’ flagship blockchain-powered registry, ESGpedia, will serve as the Greenprint ESG Registry.

ESGpedia is an industry-wide library that provides financial institutions, corporates, and regulatory authorities a single point of access to quality ESG certifications and data of various industry sectors, and enhances the mobilisation of ESG capital.

STACS’ ESGpedia aggregates all ESG efforts, filling the gap in ESG finance and data for both financial institutions and corporates alike.

ESGpedia is one of the two STACS’ flagship platforms.

Meanwhile, STACS’ Vetta platform has been deployed live with global leading financial institutions since June 2020.

Vetta allows for effective and automated ongoing monitoring and lifecycle management via smart contracts.

While it covers all types of financial products, it furthers STACS’s sustainable finance capabilities by covering ESG financial products such as ESG-linked bonds, loans, funds, carbon credits, and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Vetta can interact with ESG data from ESGpedia seamlessly via APIs and execute required actions automatically, reducing the need for manual continuous monitoring.

Both ESGpedia and Vetta platforms leverage blockchain technology which aims to effectively verify and authenticate all actions carried out, preventing greenwashing, as well as provide trust for all companies onboard.

Under ESGpedia which is currently deployed in the beta phase, STACS has ongoing partnerships with numerous leading financial institutions.

As part of its full suite of ESG solutions for corporates of all sizes, STACS offers ESG Playbooks, an end-to-end service covering a growing variety of industry sectors and geographies.

Under this solution, corporates embarking on green will be connected with STACS’s robust ecosystem of partners to start charting their own sustainability journey and achieve greater ESG capabilities, which can include reporting and attainment of sustainability services.

Benjamin Soh

Benjamin Soh

Benjamin Soh, Managing Director at STACS and recently elected Chairman of the Green and Sustainable Fintech Sub-committee at the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) said,

“While there is a global shift towards sustainability, quality ESG data and financing are nascent and severely lacking. This is where we come in as The Nexus of ESG Finance.


Through STACS’s full suite of ESG solutions which are certified enterprise secure and interoperable with existing infrastructures, we aim to accelerate Sustainable Finance and enable all companies in their journey towards ESG.”