Bank Rakyat Indonesia Bolsters Its Digital Savings Offering to Expand Its Reach

Bank Rakyat Indonesia Bolsters Its Digital Savings Offering to Expand Its Reach

by November 10, 2022

Indonesians have been increasingly turning towards a digital lifestyle especially during the pandemic where banks were forced to accelerate their digitisation to accommodate their customers’ needs.

In line with this, banks need to create a digital platform that performs as a one-stop center for financial solutions, allowing customers to easily access them anytime, anywhere.

In a mission to provide its very own one-stop platform for financial solutions, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) had launched its “BRI Digital Saving” offering in 2020.

This product by BRI allows its customers to sign up for a savings account through its digital banking app BRImo.

BRI Digital Saving was initially offered as a standalone product for those looking to open a savings account.

The bank then continued to enhance this offering by embedding it within other applications in an effort to expand its reach.

The BRI Digital Saving is now available on Gojek, Tokopedia, LinkAja, Dana, Bukalapak and other platforms.

Customers can now easily sign up for the BRI Digital Saving offering since it’s available on various apps that they usually use for daily transactions.

The bank has deployed digital onboarding for its customers through its digital Know Your Customer (KYC) processes with include facial recognition and digital signature.

The e-KYC process also includes a request for customers to verify themselves and put up an initial deposit through the BRI online account.

BRI added that the e-KYC process also includes a SMS notification and email to verify and confirm the success of the account opening.

According to BRI, customers can create an account in a secure manner though this e-KYC process using their desktop, laptop and mobile devices without having to download a separate app.

In addition to that, there are two other ways for customers to apply for the BRI Digital Saving besides BRImo and third party’s digital platforms.

The first is by scanning a QR code that will directly lead into the website and the other is by visiting the bank’s website.

BRI regards the digital savings offering as an “entry point” for customers who don’t have a BRI account.

After signing up for an account, they will have the option to choose other banking products and services that fit their needs.