Cambodia’s ACLEDA Bank Picks FSS to Consolidate Its Merchant Operations

Cambodia’s ACLEDA Bank Picks FSS to Consolidate Its Merchant Operations

by July 13, 2022

FSS Technologies Singapore, a provider of banking and payment technology solutions, announced a partnership with Cambodian commercial bank ACLEDA.

The multi-product deal aims to consolidate and digitally transform ACLEDA’s nationwide merchant operations and automate its terminal monitoring, reconciliation and settlement processes.

ACLEDA has a base of 150,000+ merchants, and an increasing number of POS terminals in the country.

FSS’ multi-product solution comprising of FSS Merchant, FSS ADM (Active Device Monitoring) and FSS Smart Recon will help ACLEDA consolidate all merchant related data across multiple systems under one application, provide real-time insights into their multi-estate POS network and reduce downtime.

FSS Solution will help ACLEDA in bringing merchant operations under one interface that would lead to significant turn around time gains and cost rationaliaations.

Dr. In Channy

Dr. In Channy

“It was imperative for us to first streamline and consolidate our merchant management systems before we could focus on the next phase of growth in our business.


FSS’ years of experience providing similar technology solutions, product credentials, demos, and a strong relationship with our regional partner Conscala, gave us the confidence to go ahead and partner with FSS and transform our merchant systems and reconciliation operations.”

said Dr. In Channy, President and Group Managing Director of ACLEDA Bank.

Conscala is one of the growing technology consulting and services company in Singapore, specialising in banking and payments domain and have a dedicated focus towards the emerging markets of the Asia Pacific.

Jaishankar A L, CEO of FSS said,

“We have ambitious plans for the ASEAN region and are proud to have ACLEDA Bank as our first client in Cambodia. To have ACLEDA as the latest addition to our customer base is a testament to FSS’ capability to deliver in new and growing markets.


We, along with our partner Conscala, are determined to deliver a strong merchant management system that not only transforms bank’s current merchant business operations but also provides a strong base for scalability for its future business growth.”