All the IoT and Tech news you need to know

All the IoT and Tech news you need to know

by November 2, 2017

Every week, we bring you the freshest, and most important, IoT News from Asia and around the world. This week, a robot has been making headlines after *she* was given citizenship in Saudi Arabia. An AI professor explains: three concerns about granting citizenship to robot Sophia –

World’s First Robotics Citizen Trolls Elon Musk At Press Conference –

Robots Aren’t as Smart as You Think –

AI and Robotics:

We’re All Getting Played by Sophia the Robot –

Artificial intelligence is learning to read your mind—and display what it sees –

Artificial intelligence is changing the face of plastic surgery –

Walmart Is Getting New Employees, and They’re Robots –

The rise of the robots need not spell downfall for humans –

Risk is for Real if not Artificial Intelligence – 

Humans Are Still Better Than AI at Gaming—for Now –

5 web myths


Researchers hack vacuum cleaner; turn it into perfect spying device –

Dishwashers on the rampage: LG IoT security bug highlights risks of home automation –

AI is making smart homes safer –


Spectacular pictures show China’s £1 billion virtual reality sci-fi theme park –

What Virtual Reality Can Teach a Driverless Car –

Now You Can Feel Wind and Temperature While in Virtual Reality –

Who Is Thinking About Security and Privacy for Augmented Reality? –


Smart things and gadgets:

You Can Keep Your Useless IoT Gadgets –

Samsung introduces the latest enhanced fitness wearables in Qatar –

Biometrics and Wearable Technology – the Inevitable Marriage? – 

4 Security Risks of Using Wearables for Work –