Over 10K Users Fuel StanChart’s Innovation via ‘SC Inner Circle’

Over 10K Users Fuel StanChart’s Innovation via ‘SC Inner Circle’

by December 20, 2023

Standard Chartered Singapore shared that its ‘SC Inner Circle’ initiative, launched in May, has successfully engaged over 10,000 clients.

The initiative aims at incorporating direct client feedback into the development of their banking services, seeking to improve user experiences across the bank’s products and digital platforms.

The SC Inner Circle represents a shift in the bank’s approach, prioritising client engagement in the evolution of banking services.

This initiative has involved clients through focus groups, one-on-one discussions, and surveys, allowing them to influence the bank’s offerings significantly.

According to the bank, a major achievement of SC Inner Circle has been the enhancement of the SC Mobile app. Feedback gathered from clients led to significant improvements, particularly in transaction speeds.

In addition to that, PayNow transactions on SC Mobile are now reportedly 40% faster than the industry average. The platform’s home screen has also been redesigned to provide a comprehensive view of clients’ portfolios at a glance.

The SC Inner Circle also functions as a platform for testing new product ideas, fostering an environment where client feedback directly influences product development.

Nauman Bashir

Nauman Bashir

Nauman Bashir, Head of Digital, Data & Customer Value Management at Standard Chartered said,

“At Standard Chartered, client-centricity is ingrained in our culture. Through the SC Inner Circle, we come together with our clients not as bankers and clients, but as co-creators to collaborate and provide a best-in-class digital experience.


Insights from the SC Inner Circle drive regular improvements to our digital platforms, products, and services, ensuring they align with customer expectations and needs.”


Featured image credit: Edited from Unsplash