Helicap and Bank Danamon Join Forces to Support Fintech Growth in Indonesia

Helicap and Bank Danamon Join Forces to Support Fintech Growth in Indonesia

by February 22, 2024

Fintech investment platform Helicap and Bank Danamon have partnered to to support the fintech industry in Indonesia.

Both entities aim to provide comprehensive growth capital solutions to fintech and alternative lending firms as well as micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) across various industries including supply chain, leasing, and e-commerce.

The partnership will create a robust funding ecosystem by combining Danamon’s vast banking network, which includes over IDR 221 trillion in consolidated assets, with Helicap’s experience in diversified debt portfolio management and advanced data analytics.

This ecosystem will support non-bank firms throughout their development, from initial funding phases to potential initial public offerings (IPOs).

The collaboration is expected to generate significant long-term transaction volumes for Danamon, leveraging its banking infrastructure to facilitate business growth through increased transaction volumes and new account openings.

It also aims to enhance Helicap Group’s visibility by providing its borrowers with access to a broader range of financial products, including those involving cross-border partnerships, credit, and cash management solutions.

A focus on co-lending will see Helicap and Danamon working together to extend lending capacities and maximize impact, with an emphasis on employing technology to improve risk management.

Integration of Helicap’s technology with Danamon’s banking system is projected to streamline various financial processes, including cash reconciliation and fraud analytics.

David Z. Wang, Co-founder and CEO of Helicap

David Z. Wang

David Z Wang, CEO and Co-Founder of Helicap said,

“This partnership is a watershed moment for the fintech and alternative lending industry in Southeast Asia.


By combining our credit expertise and resources with Danamon’s extensive reach and banking know-how, we are creating a truly unique and comprehensive solution for fintech and alternative lending firms across the region.”

Andi S Wahdi

Andi S Wahdi

Andi S Wahdi, Enterprise Banking Business Head at Bank Danamon said,

“We provide innovative and appropriate financial solutions so that customers can take control of their financial needs and goals. Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Helicap as one of leader in the fintech investment space.


This collaboration aligns with our commitment for supporting innovation and driving financial inclusion in Indonesia and beyond.”


Featured image: (From left to right) Quentin Vanoekel, Co-founder and CIO of Helicap Investments; David Z Wang, Co-founder and Group CEO of Helicap; Andi Syaiful Wahdi, Enterprise Banking Business Head; Rex William Taylor, Enterprise Banking Team Head.