Binance Debuts New Perfume in Bizarre Move to Attract Women to Crypto

Binance Debuts New Perfume in Bizarre Move to Attract Women to Crypto

by March 7, 2024

Global crypto exchange Binance has decided that the secret to getting more women into cryptocurrency isn’t just financial literacy—it’s perfume.

Binance has unveiled the “CRYPTO” luxury perfume ahead of International Women’s Day in an eyebrow-raising move orchestrated by the company’s very own female marketing leaders.

Described as “bold, distinctive, and deliberately disruptive”, the scent has the ambitious aim to “challenge the norm and defy existing perceptions around crypto”.

This includes setting up a perfume stand in a shopping mall and offering a beginner’s crypto course on Binance Academy with US$25 USDT token vouchers for the first 5,000 women who complete it.

In addition to its unique fragrance campaign, Binance is celebrating International Women’s Day through a series of local meetups and social media and user-generated content initiatives.

These initiatives aim to spark productive conversations about the growing influence of women in the cryptocurrency industry. They also seek to raise awareness of how cryptocurrency can empower women financially, across their careers, and in other aspects of their lives.

Rachel Conlan

Rachel Conlan

Rachel Conlan, Chief Marketing Officer at Binance said,

“Drawing from my own experience of working in the crypto industry, I’ve seen firsthand the invaluable contributions of the women who dared to step into this realm.


We’re here to tell women everywhere: Don’t be a bystander. Break those glass ceilings, challenge existing narratives and become part of this digital transformation that’s set to redefine global finance.”