UBS to Reduce Staff in Wealth Management Division Across Asia

UBS to Reduce Staff in Wealth Management Division Across Asia

by March 14, 2024

UBS Wealth Management, the arm of UBS dedicated to handling affluent clients, has commenced a significant restructuring within its Asian sector.

This initiative, primarily affecting its operations in Hong Kong and Singapore, is set to reduce its workforce by approximately 70 individuals. This decision emerges amidst a challenging financial climate that has adversely impacted the profitability of one of the region’s foremost wealth management entities.

Notably, this reduction includes several bankers who had transitioned to UBS following its acquisition of Credit Suisse, integrating them into its extensive network. Despite these changes, UBS has opted to maintain discretion, with representatives abstaining from comment on the matter, according to a Bloomberg report.

This move is reflective of the broader adjustments within the financial industry, particularly in Asia, as firms navigate through fluctuating market conditions. It’s pertinent to highlight that, at the close of 2023, UBS Global Wealth Management reported a substantial increase in its advisory team, boasting 1,101 advisors, a noteworthy rise from the 847 recorded at the end of 2022, prior to the Credit Suisse acquisition.


Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik