SEON Expands to Japan with Densan System Partnership

SEON Expands to Japan with Densan System Partnership

by March 21, 2024

Densan System, a Japanese information and technology services company, has integrated SEON’s cybersecurity solution to bolster security and streamline user experience on its recently launched ‘PayLabo’ digital payment platform.

PayLabo consolidates diverse payment methods across the APAC region into a single, convenient solution.

SEON’s multi-layered fraud prevention solution employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to safeguard PayLabo users with transaction monitoring, device fingerprinting, and comprehensive assessments to mitigate unauthorised use.

The integration addresses the escalating demand for secure cashless transactions in Japan and beyond.

The PayLabo platform has been able to offer this to its users since its launch. SEON’s scalable solution mitigates fraud attempts without compromising the speed and ease of PayLabo’s payment processes.

This partnership marks SEON’s first collaboration with a Japanese payment service provider (PSP), having serving over 5,000 customers across 30 countries.

Tamás Kádár

Tamás Kádár

Tamás Kádár, CEO and Co-founder of SEON said,

“We want to help businesses across the region benefit from the highest levels of fraud prevention and cybersecurity performance. With SEON’s support, that ambition is possible. This project is a great example of that in action. Right now, we have over 150 product development engineers working to further build and refine our innovative system.


As a business, we’re conducting over six million fraud checks every single day and conducting more than 100 million each month. We’re helping to support businesses across the globe, giving them a helping hand to get a grip on this growing issue, which continues to affect companies across a wide range of sectors.”