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South Korea: Regulation on Crypto Exchanges Becomes “Urgent”

After several hacks for the past few months and an audit from the Korean Blockchain Association (KBA) conducted at the beginning of July, the Korean Financial Services Commission urges local legislators to intervene as soon as possible. “Exchanges are not

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Finance & Technology in ASEAN countries, Quid Novi? – Part 2

It all started with a bit of curiosity, a taste for adventure and a well known perpetual need for challenges … After several e-mails exchanged with local start-ups, a “Due-Diligence” at the height of my capacities but also a certain

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Finance & Technology In ASEAN Countries, Quid Novi? – Part 1

Currently based in Switzerland at the Institute of Financial Services of Zug, I write this article in two sections in order to present the personal vision that I was able to develop from local and foreign FinTech companies. Strongly motivated,

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