Igloo Expands Insurance Access in Vietnam Through New Partnerships

Igloo Expands Insurance Access in Vietnam Through New Partnerships

by April 24, 2024

Igloo, a Singapore-based insurtech firm, has announced new partnerships with Zalopay, Lotte Finance, FE Credit, and digital insurer OPES to broaden insurance access in Vietnam, particularly for underinsured communities.

These collaborations aim to introduce tailored insurance products that cater to the specific needs of modern Vietnamese consumers.

Through its partnership with Zalopay, Vietnam’s second-largest e-wallet network, Igloo will offer Phone Screen Protection. This initiative leverages Zalopay’s extensive network, which includes over 14 million regular users and more than 30,000 merchant partners.

Alongside Lotte Finance, Igloo is set to launch two innovative insurance products: Income Protection Insurance and Car Physical Damage Insurance. These products are designed to provide financial security in times of job loss or economic hardship, allowing individuals to sustain their livelihoods.

Additionally, Igloo will collaborate with FE Credit and OPES to offer Accidental and Liquid Damage insurance, which will be available through FE Credit’s broad network of over 21,000 points of sale. This insurance will be integrated into mobile phone installment plans to cover repairs or replacements due to accidental damage.

The company has already established partnerships with over 75 companies in eight countries and offers a diverse range of over 15 insurance products.

Raunak Mehta

Raunak Mehta

Raunak Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO of Igloo said,

“At Igloo, our mission is to revolutionise the insurance industry by making microinsurance more broadly available.


By partnering with leading players in countries like Vietnam, we are able to reach a wider audience and deliver innovative products tailored to emerging risks. The new partnerships help us further this goal of ‘Insurance for All’.”