Posts From Ricardo Vidal, Chief Product Officer at Oradian

Beyond Digitalisation: How the Cloud Has Revolutionised Customer Relationships

Before the advent of digitalisation, the process of obtaining a loan was extremely tedious and time-consuming, causing long wait times for approvals and a negative client experience. But things have changed as digitalisation has transformed financial services. Today, lenders are

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How Custom Fields Enable Extensible Banking

One of the great advantages of a cloud-based core banking system is its inherent extensibility – that is, it has been designed to allow for the addition of new features in real-time, and to be configured by the user without

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Why Disconnected Data Sources Mean Lenders Are Missing the Big Picture

Traditionally, core banking systems have been regarded as a lender’s main database. While many banks rely on this core banking database, they also administer a range of other databases covering other aspects of the business. These independent data sources are

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