Big Data

Lenddo Teams up with FK BCG to Provide Social Media Credit Scoring to South Korea

Lenddo, a startup that has developed an algorithm that pulls and analyzes social media data to determine credit worthiness, has teamed up with consultancy firm FK BCG to tap into the South Korean market. The two companies officially announced the

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Sesame Credit: Data-Driven Credit Scoring

Launched in June 2015, Sesame Credit under Ant Financial Services Group is an Alibaba affiliate well-known for Alipay, Yu’e Bao and Zhao Cai Bao. It is also the first-of-its-kind credit scoring service in China. Sesame Credit leverages a sea of

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TrustingSocial: Credit Scoring Based on Mobile and Social Data

TrustingSocial, a fintech startup headquartered in New York, is looking to tap into a trillion dollar market opportunity by determining your creditworthiness with social and mobile data. By using home-designed Big Data and deep learning technologies, TrustingSocial aims to find

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