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Crypto Exchange Huobi Global Rebrands as ‘HTX’

Crypto exchange Huobi Global announced that it has rebranded as ‘HTX’ following its 10 year anniversary. The changes have been reflected on its social media platforms. According to the exchange, the new name HTX represents “H” which stands for Huobi,

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Fintech Layoffs Rock Asia in 2023: Who’s Next?

The fintech industry in Asia has been experiencing a wave of layoffs in 2023 as several companies grapple with economic uncertainties, market downturns, and the need for cost-cutting measures.  From Singapore to Hong Kong, prominent fintech players have been forced

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Huobi’s Singapore Users Urged to Withdraw Digital Assets by March 2022

Huobi Global, a global blockchain asset financial services provider, announced that  it will no longer be able to offer services to Singaporean users. The company cited the country’s strict regulations as a reason and will be closing the accounts of

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