Crypto Exchange Huobi Global Rebrands as ‘HTX’

Crypto Exchange Huobi Global Rebrands as ‘HTX’

by September 14, 2023

Crypto exchange Huobi Global announced that it has rebranded as ‘HTX’ following its 10 year anniversary. The changes have been reflected on its social media platforms.

According to the exchange, the new name HTX represents “H” which stands for Huobi, “T” represents TRON which is its advisor Justin Sun’s blockchain endeavour, and “X” stands for the exchange as well as the Roman numeral for 10 for its anniversary.

In line with the rebranding exercise, HTX plans to venture into new markets with promising prospects across various countries and regions. It will also partner with other projects in the cryptocurrency space.

Additionally, HTX will also list premium and popular assets from around the world and enhance its core products.

The firm made a bold statement,

“HTX’s new mission is to build a metaverse free port with a vision to achieve financial freedom for 8 billion people on earth. HTX is embarking on a growth strategy of “global expansion, thriving ecosystem, wealth effect, and security and compliance.”