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Malaysian Fintech Firm Soft Space Launches My FamiPay in Taiwan

Partnering with Cathay United Bank (CUB), Soft Space introduces an innovative way to make payments that is set to empower FamilyMart Taiwan called “My FamiPay”. The application integrates and binds debit/prepaid/credit cards and other various stored value cards for in-store

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“Blood and Sand”: The Moment-of-Truth for Mobile Wallets in Asia

“The Deed of the Dying” Many ‘digital wallet” companies in Asia (ex. China) are finding it hard to demonstrate any meaningful value for the users. Wallet Players have experimented with various business models to monetize, but primary focus thus far has

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5 Singaporean Fintech Startups MAS Should Consider Supporting

Announced in August 2014 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative will lead to the city-state’s transformation into the world’s first smart nation; in other words, a hyper-connected country where the pervasive use of technology is expected

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