Korean Startup Cubroid: Opening Up a World Through Robots

Korean Startup Cubroid: Opening Up a World Through Robots

by July 4, 2018

A few years ago, we could only see robots speaking in Sci-Fi movies. It was regarded as a far-fetched future story that robots would be a part of our lives. However, the world is starting to change and it is no longer a movie plot.

Korean startup Cubroid is coming up with several robots that enhance our lives with their amazing functions. Korean startup Cubroid is a global leading AI and robotics company that leads the educational modular robotics market and STEM education platform for kids.

Kids Robotics: Coding Blocks

Cubroid presented a coding block set that allows children to explore the world of technology and gain exposure to coding. A fun and educational experience can be made for children using connective blocks and the simple coding Cubroid provides. It deepens the creativity of children.

Features it has are even more amazing. It is wireless, therefore easy to use and portable. It is also compatible with Legos and has physical computing that is equipped with actuators and sensor blocks.

External connections will no longer be needed. More than that, children can code with their smartphones and prompt movement in robot creations.

Also, a block coding software program called “Scratch” is provided that can be connected with Cubroid. Cubroid can easily be charged using a USB.

Makers Robotics: School Maker Kits

Have you ever heard of Maker education? It is an education that gives pleasure to students while letting them experience sharing and solving problems. School maker kits support this education.

It provides robot maker kits that can easily be assembled. Coding programs can be linked with it which enables sketch, scratch, entry, app etc. Also, people can make 3D robot body with it as a 3D file which will be provided for the purpose of using 3D printing.

AI Robotics: AI platform “ARTIBO”

You can create and share intelligent robots! Cubroid is preparing artificial intelligence robotics. Platform services it constructed will provide intelligent robot programming and programming sharing& sales. Therefore, the robot itself will have camera and microphone, LCD and speaker, wireless motor block and a wireless charging system.


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