Bankex’s MainWallet For Telegram Sees 5,000 Users Within First Week of Launch

Bankex’s MainWallet For Telegram Sees 5,000 Users Within First Week of Launch

by August 12, 2019

Bankex’s newest dApp could be as important to the world of commerce as the first of e-commerce Web sites launching, as thousands of our early users can testify.

If you want to make a payment or transfer digital assets using Telegram to another Telegram users it’s now as easy as 1-2-3. Bankex MainWallet, a “bot,” alpha version of which is attracting over 1,000 users per day, and over 5,000 at the time of the launch, can support this functionality immediately.

MainWallet is what they call a “dApp.” dApps are to the 21st century what apps were to the 20th: the next frontier of IT evolution. According to research, in 2018 the worldwide dApp market was $6.7 billion, and rapidly growing. Bankex Group provides the infrastructure underpinning this growth, leveraging its platform and BKX tokens to fulfill dApp transactions.

With MainWallet release, Bankex Group is enabling 200 million users of popular Telegram messenger to send money, pay for goods and services, place bets, and get paid via simple Telegram messages.

The name of the product – MainWallet – reflects a degree of irony by our development team, as anyone with a Telegram nickname automatically has access to Bankex Group fintech platform and therefore has a “wallet.” This makes this wallet “main” – there is no software to download, and no additional registrations.

MainWallet is currently in alpha testing with a closed group of BKX token holders: crypto-enthusiasts, developers and merchants. More than 5,000 early testers and over 100 merchants have signed up thus far through word of mouth. Qualified early testers get up to 600 BKX as a one-time payment for their effort. The pre-release version of MainWallet can be found here:

MainWallet testTelegram communities, an important strategic vertical 100 percent supported by Bankex.ers are already enjoying a fairly robust app and game offering available within Bankex Group AppStore, which is also in a pre-launch stage. More than 100 merchants and game developers have signed up to the platform already through word of mouth, viral proof to growing dApp popularity and ease of use that Bankex Group provides to merchants looking to set up a dApp storefront. MainWallet is also coveted by businesses looking to white label the platform to monetize their

Igor Khmel

Igor Khmel

We are thrilled to see how Bankex Group industrial-grade fintech infrastructure and BKX-powered crypto-economy are coming to life with applications like MainWallet.

We are happy that our strategic focus, productization of the first wave of our R&D and focused business development have created a new level of comfort for millions of Telegram and – soon to come — Facebook users and helped us start fulfilling the vision that is shared and supported by scores of BKX token holders.

While MainWallet is an independent software package that will work on any messaging platform, and is not based on TON or Libra blockchain, we nonetheless see a lot of potential in working with Telegram’s and Facebook’s closed-ended and highly sophisticated messaging environments that deploy home grown blockchains, and are supporting applications in our App Store that work both on Telegram and – soon — on Facebook. ”

As of 1H 2019, Telegram has 200 million registered users, and Facebook 2.4 billion monthly active users. Besides being fully committed to aggressively scale Telegram dApp store both with new services, and new dApp categories, Bankex Group is actively working on extending its Decentralized Finance AppStore infrastructure platform to other messengers and soсial media platforms, such as Facebook messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Line, and QQ Mobile, among others.

Bankex Group leadership estimates its targeted combined addressable messenger audience for dApps at 4.6 billion registered users worldwide.


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