10 Fintech Startups Accepted into F10’s First Incubation Program in Singapore

10 Fintech Startups Accepted into F10’s First Incubation Program in Singapore

by March 31, 2020

F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator expanded to Singapore this year to support pre-seed and seed-stage FinTech, RegTech as well as InsurTech Startups while stimulating worldwide collaboration. The first batch of the P2 «Prototype to Product» program in Singapore will start in May 2020 and we have now selected the Top 10 Startups for this Incubation Program.

Earlier this year, F10 – THE HOME OF FINTECH opened an office in Singapore and brought the Swiss expertise with a local team to the Asian FinTech hub to run the renowned P2 «Prototype to Product» Startup program. Over 200 FinTech, RegTech and InsurTech Startups from four continents have applied for the first batch of the P2 «Prototype to Product» program starting in Singapore in May 2020. «We were overwhelmed not only by the high number of applications for the first run of the F10 Incubation Program here but also by the quality and diversity of the solutions offered by the Startups», says Jonas Thürig, Head of F10 Singapore.

After online interviews and Speed Dating with the Corporate Members in Singapore, we have now selected the Top 10 Startups that have the biggest potential to further innovation in the financial world with us:


Bond180 makes debt markets faster, cheaper and better with its data-driven reverse enquiry engine for alternative and private debt.


DEXTF is an on-chain non-custodial asset management protocol on blockchain that empowers professionals and financial institutions to effortlessly create and manage digital-native funds. Investors can claim full asset ownership even when their investments are delegated to portfolio managers.


Fencore is the next generation enterprise data management platform designed to make data management easy for financial institutions. Complex tasks are transformed into simple powerful features.


HedgeSPA is a core platform for global, full-multi-asset investing by institutions powered by AI, big data & high-performance computing.


Inkredo offers the easiest & fastest way to gather data intelligence from financial PDFs.


Maesh is like Stripe. But instead of cards, consumers can pay to online merchants using their bank’s app.


NOTARUM superpowers the compliance team to conduct better due diligence checks faster, as a fraction of the cost.


PiChain is a RegTech with a mission to make compliance sustainable. For this, they built a cognitive platform for sustainable compliance via AI and blockchain.


Staple can read, interpret and extract data from business and finance documents regardless of layout, format or language.


Tokenomatic is the next generation asset management platform: a platform for creating, managing and trading portfolios of digital assets.

Lisa Schröder

Lisa Schröder

«When selecting Startups for our programs, we ensure that the teams address challenges that the global finance industry are currently facing. We also value diversity in our Startup portfolio and aim to cover a variety of topics in each batch. In accordance with the Corporate Members, we have placed the focus on data management, asset management and regulation for the first batch in Singapore with the underlying technologies used by the Startups being mainly AI, Big Data and DLT»,

says Lisa Schröder, Operations & Program Lead at F10 Singapore.

F10 Corporate Members in Singapore benefit from access to high-potential Startups with the opportunity to collaborate with them and be more agile, inspired by fresh ideas and to stay competitive in the face of globalization and digitalization. Three Members are already on board in Singapore, namely SIX, Julius Baer, and R3, which are also part of the Swiss ecosystem and aware of the benefits from working with F10.