Presenting The 20 Participating Teams of The Global FinTech Hackcelerator

Presenting The 20 Participating Teams of The Global FinTech Hackcelerator

by October 4, 2016

20 teams were selected to participate the Global FinTech Hackcelerator. The teams were evaluated by leaders from the financial industry from a pool of 655 global submissions from about 50 countries. They are each making deep inroads into transforming the financial services across the 10 broad topics and will present their solutions at the Hackcelerator Demo Day as well as other parts of the FinTech Festival as part of a global showcase of technology solutions in Asia.

The teams have started on the program and are refining their solutions together with the industry, including support from infrastructure and data providers.

the 20 hackcelerator teams

Covering 10 Broad Topics



20 Participating TEAMS


hiHedgehiHedge (SINGAPORE)
hiHedge provides an AI-trader which can learn and self-develop new trading strategies to achieve advanced investment goals.



t0 provides a vertically integrated blockchain enabled stack platform globally to financial institutions (such as banks, exchanges, custodians, prime brokers, central securities depositaries and regulators) to reduce IT and operational costs, increase transparency and create new differentiated products with reduced time to market. Our technology stack, comprising of intelligent multi-entity wallets and keys, enhanced FIX message formats, crypto-enabled matching engine, and an immutable audit ledger, can be used to trade, settle and record multiple asset classes globally with key benefits of DLT like provenance, authentication, authorization and immutability built in.


ThinknumThinknum (UNITED STATES)
Thinknum indexes alternative web data for thousands of companies, capturing unique information for investors. Alternative data tracks commercial activity in real time such as the average discount for designer handbags across retailers on a daily basis.


Beacon Interface (THAILAND)
Beacon Interface is dedicated to creating the best mobile banking application front-end for the visually impaired. The user interface and user experience is based on virtual touch feedback and non-location-based navigation. Using a combination of simple finger movements, haptic and voice feedback together with a simplified and intuitive menu system and application flow, we are able to provide the visually impaired with a simple, easy and discrete way of using a mobile application to access mobile banking services with confidence.


thevoicebank-inVoice (INDIA)
We aim to provide a first of its kind mobile banking solution for the visually impaired where we utilize the smart phone touch screen in an innovative way. Our mobile app replaces standard input methods and navigation and enables users to complete end to end banking transactions simply by tapping on the screen. Our goal is to enable visually impaired users to independently bank anytime and anywhere in a safe and easy manner.


agriledger.comAgriLedger (SINGAPORE)
AgriLedger is a mobile application using distributed cryptoledger technology to provide farmers and co-operatives a framework of trust and secure record keeping. The application will help farmers plan the distribution of produce more effectively, to know where there is a market for their goods, preventing waste.


dobotDobot (UNITED STATES)
Dobot, the “robot for your dough,” is the mobile financial advisor for millennials. Dobot turns the current outdated and complicated financial services industry on its head by providing a solution that is deeply aligned with millennials’ lives. Create goals to save for the things you care most about. Save easily through tools like our automatic savings algorithm, which analyses your spending patterns and transfers a small, “safe savings amount” to your Dobot account every few days. Get advice and encouragement along the way from our experts, and save together with friends and family through Dobot’s Social Savings feature.


flowcastlab.comFlowcast Analytics (UNITED STATES)
Flowcast provides predictive analytics to help financial institutions make better lending decisions in trade finance. We have developed highly sophisticated machine learning algorithms to dramatically improve the underwriting quality of trade financing that is performance-based. In contrast to conventional credit-based underwriting, we believe performance-based analytics can have significant improvement in assessing risk. This can lead to increased credit availability to borrowers and lowered cost of capital and default rates for lenders. In addition, our technology will make it possible for both traditional and alternative funders to extend into non-confirmed invoice financing (PO, inventory procurement, pre-shipment).


FitSenseFitSense (SINGAPORE)
FitSense is a Singapore-based analytics start-up that helps health & life insurance companies to personalise products & services by using app and device data. That means giving customers the option, transparency and control to use their app & device data to conveniently buy insurance products that are specific to their needs and wants.



TikkR offers simplified lifestyle insurance, by focusing on protecting all aspects of ‘moments’ in a person’s life rather than purchasing insurance for every single object they own. TikkR is unique in its ability to address the millennial market, which traditional insurers are unable to penetrate. This is accomplished through a six pronged approach – on-demand insurance, easy and quick mobile app, attractive pricing, short term contracts, innovative insurance products, and helpful & responsive customer support. TikkR’s ultimate goal is to understand and embed into an individual’s lifestyle, predicting when they will need protection, and protecting them at those important moments with no product research, no manual configuration, and just the right financial commitment for their needs.


identitiiIdentitii (AUSTRALIA)
identitii’s token technology provides banks with a platform to exchange detailed payment information with no change to legacy systems. identitii uses tokens and a distributed ledger to enrich traditional payments with attributes and documentation to a payment message, including originator and beneficiary records and attributes from Markit & Genpact’s


tradleTradle (SINGAPORE)
Tradle is looking to simplify and secure know your customer (KYC) requirements through blockchain technology. Tradle’s app enables users to talk to their bank, snap pictures of their documents, send them in a chat form to the bank, the bank’s representative then verifies these documents and the results of these verifications are put on the blockchain. These verifications can then be sent and shared with other banks and Telco operators for KYC verfication.


cardupCardUp (SINGAPORE)
CardUp enables customers to use their favourite credit card in new ways and rack up serious amounts of air miles, points or cashback. Examples include big recurring payments such as rent, property or school fees, income tax and more. Never write a cheque or fill in a GIRO form again and unlock amazing offers and rewards from payments you’re already making.


Ppaygilantaygilant (ISRAEL)
Paygilant’s technology is designed to protect growing mobile wallet transactions, either executed by NFC, QR code or online, against fraudulent attacks. Operating on the mobile device in an offline mode, Paygilant enables friction-less customer experience in more than 90% of the transactions, triggering an immediate authentication (biometric, challenge/ response, other) only upon a suspicious fraudulent attempt. The solution comprises a dynamic intelligence-based platform and an ultra-light SDK which is integrated with the mobile wallet app and operates with no dependency on the back-end operation.


tokenToken (UNITED STATES)
Token provides banks with open API technology that enables third parties to securely access banking services in real-time. Token’s open APIs provide a solid foundation for third party application developers to build hundreds of innovative FinTech products and services in Singapore. Token features include crypto-signed API calls, third party developer tools, an innovative new paradigm for payments (“programmable money”), instant cross border transfers using high performance shared currency ledgers hosted at central banks, and tools for banks to manage pricing to optimize profitability for both retail and corporate transactions.


huddlestockHuddlestock (UNITED KINGDOM)

Huddlestock is opening the Hedge Fund world for everyone.




capitalpreferencesCapital Preferences (NEW ZEALAND)
Today, client profiling is fundamentally broken. Capital Preferences replaces outdated profiling questionnaires with a suite of verified and engaging decision games that recover a client’s true risk, time and legacy preferences and goal priorities with scientific accuracy. This data is a client’s Economic Fingerprint(TM) and it empowers financial institutions to deliver customized and efficient advice, servicing, marketing and compliance monitoring.


aida-technologiesAIDA Technologies (SINGAPORE)

AIDA Technologies is a Singapore-based company that focuses on predictive analytics and intelligent systems. AIDA Technologies, through its AI Driven Analytics engine, provides solutions to address the key challenge of augmenting human experts’ ability to make decisions based on large amounts of heterogeneous information. This leads to improved productivity and enables high precision, data-driven decision-making.


aprivacyAPrivacy (Hong Kong)
APrivacy is a FinTech start-up that combines military-grade data security with seamless user experience on any platform, any device, anywhere. APrivacy’s enabling technology allows the financial services industry to confidently communicate and conduct business over their favourite channels (Dropbox, GMail, WeChat, Twitter etc.) leading to increased revenues and reduced costs while meeting regulatory requirements. APrivacy’s platform is based on a unique and patented data-centric approach to security that acts as a security layer that comes on top of any applications.



Helm Solutions, Inc. is a cyber-security and technology firm that develops legal and compliance RegTech solutions for government, enterprise and small businesses. The Helm Platform itself is a subscription-as-a-service compliance solution that works directly with regulators around the world to provide customers with real-time visibility into the cybersecurity and technology compliance gaps within their own products, policies and business operations, and then refers them to solutions to address those gaps.

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