TOPPAN IDGATE Deploys Facial Recognition Tech on Kiosks for Digital Onboarding

TOPPAN IDGATE Deploys Facial Recognition Tech on Kiosks for Digital Onboarding

by June 22, 2023

It can be difficult for financial institutions to rely exclusively on physical branches for comprehensive service for certain markets, particularly those spanning large territories.

In such cases, Modular Service Kiosks are the perfect alternative, extending financial and payment services to remote areas for the widest customer base.

But these convenient machines’ advantages are not limited to coverage alone. One of the best avenues to improve overall customer experience is to avoid unnecessary frustration by cutting long waiting times.

Toppan Gravity’s Modular Service Kiosks is designed for this exact purpose, streamlining commonly time-consuming processes such as onboarding while packing all the necessary equipment for instant issuance inside a compact box.

Toppan Gravity is continuously seeking to enhance their Modular Service Kiosk with new options and useful features.

This is demonstrated in the recent integration of proprietary AI-powered face recognition technology iDenFace to assist with the digital onboarding procedure.

The technology was developed in-house by TOPPAN IDGATE, one of Toppan Gravity’s subsidiaries focusing on mobile authentication solutions.

The new addition targets the identity verification process. Once an ID document or passport has been scanned, the system will display an interface requiring users to take a selfie.

The solution will encrypt the information with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) before transmitting it to the server.

iDenFace then performs selfie match with liveness detection against the photo from the ID document, completing the verification process.

By combining the Modular Service Kiosk with biometric face recognition, the machine offers convenience at no cost for security, with a wide range of functionalities contributing to its well-deserved moniker, your “Branch-in-a-Box”.

Toppan Gravity recently announced a partnership with Nouvobanq in the Seychelles to enable the bank to become one of the first to offer automated service kiosks in the country.

TOPPAN IDGATE will be participating in Seamless Asia (Booth No.25) from 27th June to 28th June in Sands Expo, Singapore.

Learn more about TOPPAN IDGATE here or TOPPAN Gravity here.